It’s Your Main Event: WWE Main Event Review for 07/03/13

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It’s Your Main Event

With Andrew B.

Welcome everyone, Andrew B back after a 2 week absence to look at everyone’s favorite Wednesday Night show, WWE Main Event. This week Christian will battle Damien Sandow. Plus in his first match since Extreme Rules “A Real American” Jack Swagger will be in action on the night before America’s Independence Day. Also former NXT Champion Big E Langston is in action against Curt Hawkins. So let’s get started right now.

We get the opening package & pyro & then see that Cody Rhodes & Josh Matthews will be calling the action tonight.

Match 1: Damien Sandow vs. Christian:

This was the match of the week so far as both wrestlers gave it their all in this 16 minute classic. It was fast paced with great action that saw both men prove that they are legit threats to win their MITB matches. It was very close at one point I thought Sandow won with his reverse neckbreaker but Christian kicked out. After the commercial the action picked up even though it was hot before the break. The end sequence was awesome as Sandow counters the killswitch but in the end Christian hit it to defeat the intellectual savior of WWE.

Winner: Christian

Match Rating: *** ½ out of 5

Zeb Colter & Jack swagger come out but no Cesaro & Zeb cuts a promo telling the truth about how Americans caring more about BBQ’s & having a good time on July 4th instead of remembering everyone that fought to get freedom for American Citizens. Zeb says people like Sin Cara take advantage of this country. He says Sin Cara needs to be punished & that he needs to learn English because he lives in America.

Match 2: Jack Swagger vs. Sin Cara:

It’s nice to see Jack back & this match was a story of Sin Cara’s speed vs. Swagger’s power. Swagger was in control early on as he threw Cara into the barricade & was content with a count out victory but Cara made it back in time as the match went to break. The 2nd half was back & forth with Cara having some offense but in the end it did not help as A REAL AMERICAN made Sin Cara tap to the Patriot Lock to give a win to WE THE PEOPLE.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Match Rating: ** out of 5

We then get a promo for the Wyatt Family who debuts Monday on RAW.

We then get a RVD Video Package who returns at Money In The Bank.

We then see CM Punk will be on this week’s SmackDown.

We then get a RAW Rebound looking at the video package on Mark Henry & then his promo.

Match 3: Big E Langston vs. Curt Hawkins:

First off why can’t Hawkins be on RAW once in a while? AJ Lee is on commentary for the match. The match was a squash that was all Big E. Hawkins did slap Big E in the face other than that it was all Big E. Hawkins had a small comeback with the crowd behind him but in the end Big E pinned him after the Big Ending to end this 4 minute bout.

Winner: Big E Langston

Match Rating: * out of 5


A good Main Event this week as the opener was a very damn good match & a match that is the one of Sandow’s top 5 in WWE. I would like to see a feud between Sandow & Christian. Also Christian has been on fire since his return & I look forward to his feud with Ambrose. The last 2 matches were okay as it was obvious who would win. Big E vs. Hawkins was a squash that did nothing except finally get some TV time for Hawkins. Sin Cara vs., Swagger was good but it was nice to see Swagger back & get a win right before 4th of July for WE THE PEOPLE. It was weird not seeing Cesaro with them but Swagger showed he is ready for the MITB Ladder Match.

Overall For 7/3 Main Event: 5 out of 10

Well that’s it for this week & I’m glad to be back so I will see you all next week.

Hope you enjoy your 4th of July and remember WE THE PEOPLE.

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