Ring Of Riley: Ring Of Honor Review For 7/1/13

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Welcome back to Ring of Riley where I break down each segment and match of Ring of Honor. At the end of the review, I will talk about Riley’s Rewind which is the match that I cannot stop watching and Riley’s Regret which is the most cringe worthy moment of the hour long show. Also I will be awarding a top honor to a wrestler or wrestlers that stole the show; this honor is called Star of the Night. Tonight’s episode is highlights from the Best in the World iPPV.

Before I begin the review, I want to say that Jay and Mark Briscoe will truly be missed if they do not re-sign with RoH. I know that I am late bloomer when it comes to watching RoH but those two have truly made a believer out of me. I want to say that I wish them the best no matter which company they sign with. Jay Briscoe manned up and apologized for his actions unlike other superstars in another company that shall not be named. Also before I get off of my soapbox, shame on Sinclair and RoH for not re-signing them because of his actions but yet you bring in Matt Hardy. If he gets a third or fourth chance why doesn’t Jay Briscoe get a second chance?

Jay Lethal vs. Matt Taven vs. Jimmy “Zombie Princess” Jacobs—Jay Lethal kicks things off by super kicking Jimmy Jacobs. The fight goes outside the ring and Lethal sets up a chair. He is going after Jacobs while the referee is pleading with him to get in the ring. Taven tries to help Jacobs in the ring but Jacobs is blocking him until he slams Taven’s face into the mat. Jacob goes onto the apron and Truth Martini tries to interfere but Jacobs dodges him. Jacobs goes to launch himself but Taven power slams him down into the mat. Taven and Lethal battle it out in the middle of the ring while Jacobs recuperates. Lethal flings Taven into the corner and starts chopping him in the chest. Lethal delivers a sweet missile dropkick. He delivers the Death Valley Driver and Jacobs finally gets in the ring. Taven goes for the cross body but Lethal blocks him. Taven delivers a neck-breaker to both Taven and Lethal. Truth Martini distracts Jacobs by grabbing his ankle. While Lethal and Jacobs are down, Taven goes to pin Jacobs but he kicks out. Taven kicks Lethal out of the ring and Jacobs throws Taven thru the ropes. All three men are in the ring and Lethal tries to roll up Taven. Taven counters and shows his ass literally. Lethal delivers a double DDT to Taven and Jacobs. All three men are up on their feet and are trading blows. Lethal goes for the pin on Jacobs but Jacobs kicks out. Lethal puts Taven on the top rope and he goes for a superplex but Taven blocks by pushing him down. Taven flies and connects with a cross body. He goes for the pin but Lethal kicks out. Lethal is on top rope and delivers a flying elbow. While Taven rolls to outside, Jacobs and Lethal are fighting it out. Lethal does a flying tackle thru the ropes. He gets back in the ring and Scarlett gets in the ring. She slaps Lethal and he grabs her shirt and pulls it off. Sweetie wear a bra next time. Truth gets in the ring and distracts Lethal and Jacobs spears him. Truth pleads with him while the other lady gets in the ring. Truth Martini hides behind her and she scoops Jacobs up. She gets knocked down and Taven pins Lethal. Winner and still champion: Matt Taven

C&C Wrestle Factory vs. reDRagon vs. S.C.U.M—C&C go after S.C.U.M. automatically. Right now all six men are in the ring trading blows which is confusing as all hell. Redragon takes down S.C.U.M. and they act like they are going to help out the other team but they take him down. His partner Cedric takes them down with a dropkick. They are working well together to take down Kyle O’Reilly and he goes to the outside. Here comes Cliff Compton with a shove to Cedric Alexander. Alexander goes crashing to the floor. S.C.U.M. are working together to take down Caprice Coleman. Kyle is finally up on the apron now. Cedric is still working on getting to his feet. Caprice gets taken down by a big boot by Rhett Titus. Caprice goes for the tag but they pull him back. Here comes Cedric and Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. C&C fling Titus over the top rope and into his partner Cliff Compton. Cedric delivers a brainbuster to Kyle and here comes Bobby Fish to make the save. He takes down Cedric and pulls Kyle onto him. Winners and still champions: reDRagon

Matt Hardy vs. Kevin Steen—a recap of the battles between Steen and S.C.U.M. is shown. Sorry but not really Hardy sucks donkey tits and he just needs to take his ball (that is if he has any) and go the fuck home. The real reason why I dislike Hardy so much it’s because he thinks he is God’s gift to wrestling. Hardy why don’t you go drown your sorrows in some hamburgers and maybe cry about sour grapes? Steve Corino is out to hype up Hardy and here comes Kevin Steen. Steen is clearly the more talented of the two men. The crowd is clearly pumped and in Steen’s corner. Steen tells Nigel to make this a No DQ match and Nigel quickly complies. He makes a cheap verbal shot at Matt to start the match. He has Matt in the corner and goes to charge at him but the pussy ass bitch that is known as Matt Hardy hides behind the referee. Hardy goes after the leg of Steen. Steen comes back and power bombs Hardy’ worthless ass. Hardy rolls out of the ring to put some distance between them and Steen goes after him. After chopping him several times, Steen plants him in the barricade. He grabs a crutch from a fan and is beating Hardy with it. He picks up Hardy and slams him balls first into the steel ring post. Steen walks Hardy over to the other side and does the balls first to the ring post again. The crowd chants do it over here and Steen tries to oblige but Hardy fights back. Hardy slams Steen’s head into the barricade. Back from commercial and Hardy is in control of the match. Corino tosses a garbage can into the ring, he runs to the back and brings down a ladder. Steen is trying to fight back. Hardy delivers a neck-breaker. He does it again and he drags Steen closer to the corner. He launches himself at Steen but Steen outwits him and moves out of the way. Steen plants him in the corner and does the cannonball. He puts the trash can over Hardy and does the cannonball again. He goes for the pin but Hardy kicks out. Steen chases Corino around for a bit but changes his mind. He pulls out a table and sets it up outside the ring. He grabs Hardy and here comes Rhett Titus to save Hardy’s ass. Steen takes him down and Hardy takes him down. He goes for the pin but Steen kicks out. Steen blocks Hardy from doing the third side effect. Jimmy Jacobs moves the table out of the way and Steen piledrives his scrawny ass. Steen powerbombs Hardy on the side of the ring and Compton takes down Steen with a chair. Hardy grabs the ladder and hits Steen with it. Somehow Steen fights back and goes for the pin but Hardy kicks out. Hardy nails him with the Twist of Fate and goes for the pin but Steen kicks out. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate again but Steen nails him with a low blow. He goes for a pin but Hardy kicks out. Steen goes for the package piledriver but Hardy nails him with a low blow and he nails him with a Twist of Fate on the ladder. Compton slides a chair into the ring. Steen spits in Hardy’s face and Hardy nails him with a Twist of Fate thru two chairs. Winner of the match: Matt Hardy. After the match, S.C.U.M. attacks Steen.

Riley’s Rewind—this honor goes to Matt Taven, Jay Lethal, and Jimmy Jacobs. This match was full of twists and turns. It was a really decent match.

Riley’s Regret—this honor goes to Matt Hardy going over on Kevin Steen. Really? Hardy doesn’t deserve to be a jobber in any wrestling company but yet he gets to win one over Kevin Steen. I don’t fucking think so.

Star of the Night—well this honor goes to Kevin Steen. Despite his size, his moves flow smoothly and poetically. He is truly one of the best wrestlers in Ring of Honor. A tip of the hat to you Steen for making have hope in the wrestling industry.

In closing, I’m even more in love with RoH than ever before but I had to give you spanking for pushing Matt Hardy. From their commentary, promos and matches this company knows how to appease their fans. If you don’t watch Ring of Honor, you are really missing out on a wonderful product. Thank you Ring of Honor for giving me hope for the future of wresting. Make sure you all check out http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-shark-attack-live. We’ll be airing Tuesday at 10pm ET Call in at (347) 945-6363. Have a good night and a better tomorrow!


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One Response to Ring Of Riley: Ring Of Honor Review For 7/1/13

  1. Jason says:

    Impressive review I fully agree that Matt Hardy should not be rewarded for all his bad behavior but I also feel that he should not be punished if he hasn’t done anything wrong for a while. just because you have your name out there doesn’t not mean that you are a star.

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