Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 06-27-13

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. It’s the TV taping from Peoria, Illinois as last week, Sting revealed the first member of the new Main Event Mafia as Kurt Angle who left the TNA World Heavyweight Champion; Bully Ray screaming in pain after locking in the Angle Lock on Bully Ray. Who will be the next member of the new Main Event Mafia and how will “Aces & Eights” respond to the actions of Sting and Angle? Last week, Magnus put himself in the lead in the Bound for Glory Series as he scored a submission win over Kazarian. Who will leave tonight in the lead as Samoa Joe takes on Mr. Anderson in a Bound for Glory Series match. Also tonight Chris Sabin defends the TNA X Division Championship against Kenny King and Suicide in a triple threat match. Plus Velvet Sky gets her rematch for the TNA Knockouts as Velvet faces Mickie James. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”



Suicide defeats Chris Sabin & Kenny King to become the new TNA X Division Champion

Adam Ohriner pins Ryan Howe in a Gut Check match

Mickie James defeats Velvet Sky by submission to retain the TNA Knockouts title

Magnus pins Bobby Roode in a Bound for Glory Series match

Samoa Joe beats Mr. Anderson (Aces & Eights) by submission in a Bound for Glory Series match


 No Impact

1045166_10151576346376026_1458812515_n “Bromance?!?!?” Are You Serious Bro?

I’m trying to understand what TNA is thinking pairing Robbie E and Jessie as a tag team. When Robbie E and Jessie came down to the ring and interrupted Storm and Gunner, I kind of figured that TNA was putting the two together as tag team to feud with Storm and Gunner for the TNA Tag Team titles.  I just feel that the chemistry between Robbie E and Jessie is not good as I find Jessie to be annoying. I can handle Robbie E because the “Jersey” gimmick works for him. I had to sit there and listen twice to the tag team name that Robbie E up with and let me just that “Bro Mans” sucks I would have rather Robbie E paired with Joey Ryan because believe or not, I think that they would have better chemistry as a tag team. Also I didn’t like when Storm called Tara “Butterface” as Tara is fricking hot. Hell, Tara is a fricking  “Cougar!”


 High Impact


The Odds of Winning Is Suicide

You can never go wrong with an X Division triple threat match especially when its for the TNA X Division title. Overall the match was very good as the action was very fast as where you really had keep your eye on match. I liked the missile drop kick that Suicide hit on King from the top rope. Sabin had several good moments during the match including hitting Hail Sabin after hitting an enzuigiri on King only for Suicide to break up the pin attempt. I was surprised when Suicide pinned King while holding the tights and the ropes to get the win and become the new TNA X Division title. I know a lot of people thought that Sabin got screwed out of getting a TNA title shot but once I realize where TNA was going with this, I was cool with it.


You’re Now In My O Zone!!!

It was good to see Adam Ohriner get a chance to show what he can do on national TV. Most wrestling fans know Ohriner from Zack Ryder’s Youtube show; Z! The True Long Island Story. While I hadn’t seen Ohriner wrestle before, my good buddy John Mayer had and had nothing but good things to say about Ohriner. I thought that Ohriner did a good job during the Gut Check showed of charisma and ability for a big guy. I just wished that Ohriner would have had a better opponent as I was not impressed with Ryan Howe who like Taz said came out looking like a Van Hammer wannabe. (If you get the Van Hammer reference then congratulations on reaching middle age. Your Welcome!) Hopefully next week, Ohriner will win Gut Check and earn a TNA Development contract.


Mickie’s Been A Bad Girl & I Like It!!!

I had been waiting all week for Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James because I like Mickie being the “Heel” in this feud with Velvet as it works. I like how the match went back and forth with Velvet making comebacks during the match starting the match off going after Mickie at the beginning of the match. Mickie was great with her new aggression working Velvet as Mickie worked on Velvet in the ring corner. I was laughing when Mickie bailed out of the ring during the middle of the match asking Taz for a bottle of water. It was crazy during the match with crowd chanting “Let’s Go Velvet! Let’s Go Mickie!” and even a “Let’s Go ODB!” I thought the finish to the where Mickie locked in the Cross-legged STF on Velvet after taking out Velvet’s knee. I thought that the submission win makes Mickie look dangerous and vicious which as a “Heel” Mickie should. I’m curious to see where TNA with Velvet crying after the match as the crowd as chanting “You Tap Out!”


The New It Factor!

Once again Magnus shows why he is the future of TNA in his Bound for Glory Series match against Bobby Roode. The match went back and forth with several times where Roode thought that he won the match especially after hitting the spine buster on Magnus. Magnus also has a few close pin attempts including the elbow from the top rope. Early in the match, Magnus went for the Texas Cloverleave but Roode was able to counter it. I think everyone including myself were surprised when Magnus hit a sit down power bomb out of nowhere to pin Roode and the win. I figure that Magnus would have a good showing in the Bound for Glory Series but I didn’t expect Magnus to off on this good of a start. I can’t wait to see who Magnus is going to face next in the Bound for Glory Series.


I’m Getting My 10 Points, Bitch!!!

After wrestling AJ Styles to a draw last week, Samoa Joe came back in force this week as Joe was at the top of his game during this match. While this match was short, it helped to further the Main Event Mafia\ “Aces & Eights” storyline and advancing Joe the standings in the Bound for Glory. At first during the match, I thought “Aces & Eights” were going to interfere in the match when Knux and Doc came down to the ring but before they could interfere, Sting and Angle came down and chase “Aces & Eights” off which allowed Joe to block Anderson’s attempt at the Mic Check and lock the Coquina Clutch to get the win and the ten points.


They Made Me An Offer That I Couldn’t Refuse

Sting recruited Kurt Angle to join the new Main Event Mafia last week to the shock of Bully Ray and “Aces & Eights.” This week, Sting and Angle were able to recruit Samoa Joe into Main Event Mafia. I like that Joe is going to be used in a major storyline as Joe is one of the top talents in TNA in my opinion. I expects that the next new member will be new to the group as the other original members of the Main Event Mafia are no longer in TNA.  I look for a showdown between “Aces & Eights” and Main Event Mafia at Bound for Glory in October.


The Greatest Depiction That Was Ever Planned!!!

After Suicide won the TNA X Division title, we found out that the Suicide who won the title was imposter. Later in the show, Hulk Hogan demanded that the man pretending to be Suicide come down to the ring and reveal who he ready is or Hogan would strip him of the X Division title. Bully Ray comes to the ring to confront the Suicide imposter demanding that he take off his mask. To everyone’s amazement, the imposter Suicide turned out to be the man who came up with the idea that the X Division Champion could trade the title at Destination X for a TNA World Heavyweight title shot; Austin Aries. I love it! I know that everyone is upset that Sabin lost the title but in my opinion Aries deserves the title shot and could very well win the TNA title. I can’t to see what Aries is going to do next.

 Show Rating: 8 ¾


Final Thought

Well, this week’s Impact Wrestling was damn good as the action and promo segments were great. Again the biggest shock of the night was Austin Aries revealing that he was impersonating Suicide to win the X Division title in order to get a TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Mickie James was dominant tonight as she defeated Velvet Sky by submission with the Cross-legged STF which is cool to see Mickie using a submission finisher to win her match. Adam Ohriner had a good showing in tonight’s Gut Check and will hopefully earn a TNA Development contract. We got two very good Bound for Glory Series matches with Magnus having another great outing. Hopefully TNA can keep up the good work as this week’s had a lot of positives to it.


Star of the Night: Magnus


Bound for Glory Series Standings


Magnus          24 Points

Samoa Joe     12 Points

Austin Aries   7 Points

Daniels            7 Points

Jeff Hardy      7 Points

Mr. Anderson  7 Points

AJ Styles          2 Points

Jay Bradley     0 Points

Joseph Park     0 Points

Kazarian          0 Points

Bobby Roode   0 Points

Hernandez       0 Points


Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at


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