Ring Of Riley Special Edition

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Ring of Riley

With Riley Ross

Welcome back to a special edition of Ring of Riley. Since there wasn’t a new episode this week, I am going to share with you why I think Ring of Honor is so damn amazing.

At first when fellow wrestling fans were telling me I should watch of Ring of Honor I was like thanks but no thanks. However I had a change of heart and I watched an episode and I have been hooked ever since. True the production seems like it is out of the ‘80s but the wrestlers and the commentators give their absolute 100%.

The wrestlers show with every single move that they do that they have a passion for wrestling. To them it’s not about the money but doing what they love. To me, you can see when someone has lost the passion for the business but I don’t see that with Ring of Honor. Their talents pour everything they have into making you believe in them and their opponents. They also give everyone on their roster equal time in the spotlight as you don’t see the same matches over and over.

The do not do gimmicky storylines such as the other big wrestling companies, nor do they do long drawn out promos that go on forever. They give you straight and to the point promos that take 90 seconds or less. You can tell that they don’t have someone in their ear screaming say this, don’t say that and that is what is believable about their promos.

Ring of Honor cares about wrestling and that truly shows in their matches and in their product. Their commentators do not sit there and take potshots at one another but they call the matches with a passion that rivals Jim ‘JR’ Ross. Also they care about hiring female wrestlers based on talent and not bra size.

If you are able to watch Ring of Honor, you know what I am talking about. If RoH doesn’t show in your area they do show it for free on their website. I highly recommend that you all check out Ring of Honor so you can see why I love it. Thank you Ring of Honor for making me proud to be a wrestling fan.



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31 year old wrestling fan and writer
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