Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 06-20-13

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. We’re live from Peoria, Illinois as its Open Fight Night and the start of the Bound for Glory Series. Tonight either Jeff Hardy or Bobby Roode will get the first chance to make the first open challenge in the Bound for Glory Series. Will it be Hardy or Roode that will get to make the first challenge? Last week, Sting said that he was bringing back the family in the form of the Main Event Mafia to take down “Aces & Eights” Who will join Sting in the new Main Event Mafia? Tonight Brooke Hogan will give the “State of the Knockouts” address concerning the current state of the Knockouts division. Plus the Bound for Glory Series starts off with open challenges on the road to Bound for Glory. Who will make an impact tonight and take the lead in the Bound for Glory Series? So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”



Mr. Anderson of “Aces & Eights” pins Joseph Park in a Bound for Glory Series match

Austin Aries pins Jay Bradley in a Bound for Glory Series match

Christopher Daniels pins Hernandez in a Bound for Glory Series match

Magnus defeats Kazarian by submission in a Bound for Glory Series match

Samoa Joe wrestles AJ Styles to a Draw in a Bound for Glory Series match

Jeff Hardy pins Bobby Roode in a Bound for Glory Series Qualifier match


No Impact


You’re In The Bound for Glory Series? You’re Kidding Right?

Once again is it a surprise that a Joseph Park match makes the “No Impact” list? Why does TNA think it’s a good idea to use Joseph Park in the Bound for Glory Series is beyond me? The match was terrible and was a total waste of time despite the match not being long. There no flow to the match and even what few moves Joseph Park did were not impressive. I feel sorry for the other eleven men in the Bound for Glory Series that have to wrestle Joseph Park because everyone had to wrestle the other at least once during the Bound for Glory Series. Far as this match goes, follow my suggestion from last week and skip this match.


I’m Mickie James Brooke & Even I Couldn’t Save This Segment!

What’s worst then having to see Brooke Hogan on TV? Seeing Eric Young and ODB making out was pretty F@cking disturbing, sorry John. Brooke Hogan was just annoying during this segment and seem like she couldn’t get her lines right even though she had her F@cking lines in front of her. One good thing come out of this segment was that the Knockouts Tag Team titles were vacated as Eric Young and ODB gave up the titles as Eric Young finally realized that he’s a man. At this point TNA needs to just retire the titles as they have no value now and the fact that there are not enough Knockouts to warrant keeping the titles active. One thing that didn’t make sense to me was Brooke Hogan calling all of the Knockouts to the ring but only six of the nine showing up. I know that Madison Rayne is out on maternity leave but where were Brooke Tessmacher and Tara at?  Mickie James is working her new “Heel” persona and it’s great. Next week, we will see the rematch between Mickie and Velvet Sky for the TNA Knockouts title which will be interesting to see as this time, Mickie will be in full “Heel” mode.

High Impact


You Might Be Bigger But I’m The Greatest Man To Ever Live Bitch!!!

At first I was thought “You got to be kidding me?” when Jay Bradley challenged Austin Aries who earlier in the night talked about how he has a strong fan base which is very true because I’m one. Aries was on fire tonight as he kept the bigger Bradley rocking especially with a great missile drop kick from the top ring corner. I like how Bradley was over powering Aries but couldn’t hit the Boomstick to finish Aries off. It was impressive to see Aries to lift Bradley up and hitting the Brain Buster on Bradley to get the win. Aries was getting some great pops through out the match and wouldn’t be surprised if TNA has Aries turn “Face”


I’m Bad, I’m Sexy & I’ve Got Seven Points!!!

Christopher Daniels was awesome tonight as he took on Hernandez one on one with Daniels going right after Hernandez’s legs. Earlier in the night, Daniels cut a sweet promo on Hardy telling Hardy not to call him or Kazarian out as they would give him a demoralizing loss in the Bound for Glory Series. Hernandez used his power to keep Daniels rocking with clothslines and ax handles and a great Air Mexico. However Daniels catches Hernandez surprise with a low blow while distracting the referee and hitting the BME on Hernandez to get the win. I am curious to see how far Daniels will go in the Bound for Glory Series.


This Is Why Dixie Carter Thinks That I’m The Future of TNA!!!

When Dixie Carter that she sees Magnus as the breakout star on the TNA roster, Dixie actually got something right as Magnus showed why that statement is true. Magnus was to hold his own against Kazarian especially after Kazarian hit a nice swinging neck breaker on Magnus. Again while the match was short, it did put Magnus over as a big threat in the Bound for Glory Series as Magnus forced Kazarian to tap out to the Texas Cloverleaf, getting the first ten points in the Bound for Glory Series. I believe that Magnus is going to have a great showing in the Bound for Glory Series.


Bitch, Superman Has Nothing On Me!

I would have thought that TNA have saved Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles for down the road in the Bound for Glory Series but this match was great for several reasons, the first being that Styles made it clear that he’s only looking out for himself and that there is no place for “Heroes” in TNA. The match was great because it went back and forth as in the beginning; Joe had control of the match until Styles hit a great drop kick out of nowhere as the match gets to closer to the time limit. Joe and Styles both pick up the pace with each going for submission moves as Joe goes for a crossface while Styles goes the Calf Killer. I liked that the match ended in a time limit draw because it adds to the importance of the Bound for Glory as it shows that each man in the Series will give it their in every match to win.


It’s Going To Be A Strange Twist of Fate

I enjoyed seeing Hardy vs. Roode as these two put on a hell of a match with the time they were given. Roode went on the offense before the match began attacking Hardy as he was coming to the ring and started working on Hardy in the ring until Hardy came back with his own offense taking Roode out with a splash from the second rope and later with a Twist of Fate. Hardy tried to go for the win with the Swanton Bomb but Roode moves out of the way and gets Hardy into a crossface. Hardy is able to get out of the submission and hits another Twist of Fate to get the win. Another short match but a damn good one.


Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In

Tonight we found out who is the first member of the new Main Event Mafia and it was no surprise to me that it was original member; Kurt Angle. I thought that the segment over all was good as Sting came across as someone was is not afraid of anything because he has nothing to loose. I liked Sting just being silent as he took his tie and shirt off to go medieval on Bully Ray’s ass. I think that it makes sense for Kurt Angle to be a part of the new Main Event Mafia as Angle has a beef with members of “Aces & Eights” plus the fact that Angle was a member of the original Main Event Mafia. I have read on the web people bitching about TNA bringing back Main Event Mafia and having Kurt Angle as a member of the new Main Event Mafia and I think that Angle being in the new Main Event Mafia is a good thing. I can’t wait who’s going to join the Main Event Mafia.

Show Rating: 7 ¾     


Final Thought

This week’s Impact Wrestling was damn good over as TNA jump full force in starting the Bound for Glory Series as we had six matches in the Series tonight. It’s hard to say which match was the best as most of the matches were but they were with the exception of Mr. Anderson vs. Joseph Park. If I had to choose the best match of the night I would have to say was Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles as their match went 15 minutes and the action kept you on the edge of your seat. It’s about time that TNA actually remembers the Knockouts Tag Team titles and strip ODB and Eric Young of the titles at they haven’t defended them in over a year plus the fact that Eric Young is a man, not a Knockout. Brooke Hogan was terrible in the Knockouts segment and not even my sweet and very naughty Mickie James could have saved that segment. I thought that Sting was very good tonight and finding out who is going to be the next new member of the new Main Event Mafia is going to be very interesting. Also next week, we get to see Chris Sabin defends the TNA X Division title against Kenny King and Suicide in a triple threat match and Velvet Sky get her rematch against Mickie James for the TNA Knockouts title. I can’t wait to see these matches next week for sure.


Star of the Night: Samoa Joe & AJ Styles

Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at


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