Ring of Riley: Ring of Honor Review for 06/16/13

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Ring of Riley

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Welcome back to Ring of Riley, where I break down each match of the night. In this review I will break down each segment and match in this week’s episode of Ring of Honor. I will have features called Riley’s Rewind which will be the standout match of the night and Riley’s Regret which will be the worst match/moment of the night. Also included is Star of the night, this goes to the wrestler that wowed me with their match. Steve Corino is hosting the show in place of Kevin Kelly. This is an episode of Road Rage that takes place in Richmond, VA.

Jay Lethal, Cedric Alexander, Caprice Coleman vs. Matt Taven and Red Dragon—Match is already in progress and Jay Lethal is making Kyle O’Reilly his little bitch. He goes up to the top rope and Matt Taven pulls him down. All hell has broken loose in the ring as all men are scattered about the ring. Fish and O’Reilly are working in Caprice Coleman. Winner: Lethal, Alexander and Coleman

Kevin Steen vs. Zombie Princess—Match starts off as Kevin Steen makes his way to the ring and Zombie Princess attacks him. Both men are trading punches but clearly Steen has the upper hand as he flings ZP into the barricade. ZP flings Steen into the barricade and charges at Steen but he moves out of the way and crashes into the barricade. Steen stares down Corino who is ringside for a brief moment. The fight is still going on outside the ring. Steen helps Zombie Princess in the ring but ZP uses a chain to choke Steen and the referee stops the match. Winner by DQ: Kevin Steen

Officials and security have to step in and separate both men but Steen refuses to be stopped as he grabs a chair. He gets in the ring and takes a swing at SCUM member Cliff Compton. He gets on the microphone and taunt Jimmy Jacobs. The match is back on ladies and gentlemen. Steen has someone’s shoe and is beating him with it. Jacobs spears Steen and is punching the stuffing out of him. He slams his head into the barricade repeatedly. Both men get in the ring and Jacobs is delivering a double foot stomp repeatedly before trying to gouge out Steen’s eyes. He slams Steen’s head into the steel chair. While Jacobs is setting up the chair in the corner this is giving Steen a chance to regain his breath. He gets in an offense but Jacobs takes him down again. He goes for the pin but Steen kicks out. Here comes the chain around Steen’s neck again but he counters by removing the chain. Jacobs throws him out of the ring and flies thru the ropes to take down Steen. Jacobs gets to his feet first and gets on the apron to launch himself at Steen. Steen counters with a hard punch to the midsection and slams Jacobs into the apron. He throws Jacobs into the ring and goes to the top rope. He connects with Jacobs. Steen goes for the pin but Jacobs kicks out. Steen goes for the chair but Jacobs jumps on his back and Steen slams him into the corner. Steen cannonballs at him but Jacobs moves out of the way. Jimmy is trying to move Steen but he isn’t budging. Steen puts him on the ropes and connects with the cannonball. Holy shit Jacobs comes backs with a helluva maneuver that slams Steen’s head into the chair. Jacobs is slamming him with the chair. Jacobs goes out of the ring and comes back with a piece of the barricade. Steen wraps the chain around his fist while he is playing possum. Jacobs is wasting time as he sets up the barricade. Steen nails him with the fist that is encased in the chain. Somehow Jacobs counters and slams Steen into the barricade. He grabs the chair and swings but Steen dodges. Steen nails him in the balls and piledrives him into the barricade.     Winner: Kevin Steen

BJ Whitmer vs. Jay Briscoe—Match starts off with a handshake. Mark Briscoe is on commentary. BJ and Jay start off with a lockup and Whitmer backs him into the corner. They go for another lockup and Briscoe puts him in the corner. Both men go flying thru the ropes and start trading brutal sounding chops. Whitmer sends Briscoe flying into the barricade but it doesn’t even faze Briscoe who kicks Whitmer in the face. Whitmer is stunned as he is trying to get to his feet. Briscoe slams him into the barricade repeatedly. Briscoe helps him up and punches him then slams him into the barricade again. Honestly the barricades needs to have their own little place on the roster page. Briscoe head-butts him and they get into the ring. Briscoe charges at him but Whitmer nails him with an elbow. Whitmer throws him out of the ring and does a suicide dive which plants Briscoe into the barricade. Back from commercial and Whitmer has a reverse chin lock on Briscoe. Briscoe powers to his feet and is throwing brutal left jabs. He goes for a right hook but Whitmer counters and starts throwing punches of his own. Whitmer powerslams him and goes for the pin but Briscoe kicks out. Briscoe sidesteps out of the way when Whitmere comes charging at him. Briscoe nails him with a neckbreaker from the top rope. He goes for the pin but Whitmer kicks out. Whitmer nails him with a kick to midsection and goes for the pin but Briscoe rolls out. Whitmer goes for a suplex and a bridge pin but Briscoe counters. Whitmer tries to grab him but Briscoe is holding onto the ropes for dear life. He picks Whitmer up and tosses him over the top rope which causes Whitmer to crash thru a table. Holy shit! As JR would say ‘he killed him’. Briscoe goes to the outside and tries to get at him but the referee tries to stop him. Briscoe grabs him and throws him in the ring. He goes for the pin but Whitmer kicks out. Briscoe delivers another neckbreaker. He goes for the pin but Whitmer kicks out. Briscoe goes for a pile driver but Whitmer counters. Holy shit he nails him with the Jaydriver. He goes for the pin but Whitmer kicks out again. Briscoe cannot believe it. He goes to charge at Whitmer but he kicks him. WHitmer nails him with the Exploder and goes for the pin but Briscoe kicks out. Whitmer helps him to his feet but Briscoe is nailing him with elbow after elbow. He follows up with a brutal kick to the head. Briscoe delivers another kick and does it again and again.  Holy shit another kick to the head and Whitmer is still in the fight. He puts BJ in the Dragon Sleeper and has it locked in. Whitmer is knocked the fuck out. Winner: Jay Briscoe

Riley’s Rewind: This honor goes to Jay Briscoe, BJ Whitmer, Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs. These men put on two of the greatest matches that I saw tonight. Words cannot even do their awesome matches justice.

Riley’s Regret: I have no regrets with Ring of Honor.

Superstar of the Night: Kevin Steen. He gets this honor because every time he wrestles he blows my mind. The man can wrestle and shows that he puts his heart and soul in all his matches.

In closing, I’m even more in love with RoH than ever before. From their commentary, promos and matches this company knows how to appease their fans. If you don’t watch Ring of Honor, you are really missing out on a wonderful product. Thank you Ring of Honor for giving me hope for the future of wresting. Make sure you all check out http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-shark-attack-live. We’ll be airing Tuesday at 10pm ET Call in at (347) 945-6363. Have a good night and a better tomorrow!

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