Riley’s Corner: WWE Smackdown Review for 06/14/13

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Riley’s Corner

With Riley Ross

Welcome back to Riley’s Corner where I will break down each segment and match of SmackDown. This is the go home show before the grand debut of the Payback PPV!!!  We are live from Greensboro, North Carolina.  On commentary tonight we have Michael Cole and the always loud and obnoxious JBL. I miss Josh Matthews already.

Daniel Bryan is kicking off the show as he comes down to the ring. I’m not judging or anything but I think I saw a squirrel peek out from his beard. He goes on to say that Team Hell No is one of the best tag teams ever. He calls for Kane to come out. Kane comes out and says this isn’t the time nor the place to take care of their issues. Oh lawd, DB is delusional if he thinks him and Orton are going to take the titles from the Shield. He goes on to say that he will no longer tag with Kane when he wins the tag team titles with Orton. Kane counters and says when he takes the title from Ambrose (keep dreaming) that he will no longer tag with DB. This comedy shit has gone on long enough, Team RKO No. I don’t think so. Kane says he doesn’t think that it will happen. DB is like a chick who refuses to let things go as he references him being the weak link again. Holy shit Kane is about to chokeslam DB for calling him the weak link. Here comes Orton to be the voice of reason.  He threatens Kane by saying if he hurts Daniel, then he will hurt Kane. DB turns on Randy Orton and they share a war of words. As all three men argue like little girls, the Shield is shown laughing on the Titantron. Another magic promo from the Shield. I am so in love with the Shield. Sorry Orton but you have been replaced as my number one favorite. Sorry boo but don’t take it personal.

Sheamus vs. Cesaro—Before the match can get underway, here comes Sandow to get in his head. The match starts off with a lockup and Cesaro delivers a brutal punch. He slaps Sheamus which was his mistake as this awakens Sheamus’ inner beast. Sheamus clotheslines him and follows up with a knee to the gut. Somehow Cesaro reverses it and throws some uppercuts. However his momentum doesn’t last too long as Sheamus scoops him up and slams him down. He goes for the pin but Cesaro kicks out. He is throwing some vicious punches. Cesaro fights his way out of the suplex and takes down Sheamus. He is making Sheamus his own little bitch. He knocks Sheamus out of the ring and goes to attack but Sheamus catches him. Sheamus slams him into the barricade. Back from commercial and Sheamus is still in control as both men trade punches. Sheamus nails him with the Irish Back breaker and follows it up with a pin but Cesaro kicks out. The fight goes outside and Cesaro knocks Sheamus into the steel steps. Both men get into the ring before being counted out. Cesaro is swinging Sheamus around by his neck, while I am not a Cesaro fan, I do admire his strength. Sheamus is cut open on his shoulder and is back in the fight. Cesaro slams into him and goes for the pin but SHeamus kicks out. Cesaro delivers a double foot stomp and goes for another pin but Sheamus again kicks out. Sheamus nails him with a high knee and takes Cesaro clubbering. Fucking hell that backbreaker was brutal. Sheamus goes for the pin but Cesaro kicks out. Sheamus goes for White Noise but Cesaro fights out with an uppercut to the back of the head. He goes for the pin but Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus kicks Cesaro in the head and scores the win. Winner: Sheamus 

Sandow comes out and attacks Sheamus from behind.

For all of those so called wrestling fans bitching about the Wyatt family, please sit down and shut the fuck up. Give them a chance before you automatically dismiss them. Y’all are so quick to judge without giving them a chance you might miss out on a great wrestler. So my advice to you all is sit down and enjoy the damn product. If you cannot then start watching something else.

A nice video package is shown for CM Punk who will be returning at Payback. You have been missed CM Punk.

Teddy Long is shown talking on the phone talking about the upcoming PPV. He is anxious to get off the phone and eat his meal from Hardees. Here comes Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee, and Big E to interrupt. He is pissed that he is booked for a tag match later tonight. Big E steals his food and takes a couple of bites while talking with his mouth full. He hands the burger back to Teddy Long and walks off. If someone ever does that to me they will be picking their teeth up off of the floor.

Great Khali vs. Heath Slater—Khali is accompanied to the ring by the severely under utilized Natalya and the annoying Hornswoggle. Heath ‘Wendy Spice’ is accompanied to the ring by Drew ‘Miami Vice’ McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. I’m sorry but Drew really needs a fashion makeover. He looks like a gigantic douche dressed like that while Heath looks like he robbed a Girl Scout of her merit badges. The match starts off with a lockup and Khali slamming Slater down to the ground.  Khali is owning Slater like the punk bitch that he is. Those chops sound brutal as hell. However that aren’t as brutal as Slater and McIntyre’s fashion choices. Khali delivers a big boot to Slater. Jinder and Drew attack Hornswoggle. While Khali is distracted Slater steals the win. Winner: Heath Slater

Jericho/ADR vs. Dolph Ziggler/Big E—ADR is accompanied to the ring by Ricardo Rodriguez while Big Boob E and Dolphikins are accompanied by the even more unstable AJ Lee. The match starts off with Ziggler and ADR.  Dolph quickly tags in Big E before any action starts. Big E is quick to deliver shoulder blocks to the midsection of ADR. ADR comes back with a series of punches and then a kick to the head. He tags in Jericho. Jericho is on FIYAH baby as he delivers chop after chop. He kicks Big E in the head and goes for the pin but Big E kicks out.  Big E plants Jericho into the corner and is delivering brutal shoulder blocks. He tags in Dolph who is delivering a series of kicks to Jericho. He follows up with a neckbreaker and then an elbow drop. He tags in Big E who goes charging at Jericho but Jericho moves out of the way at the last minute. Here comes ADR who delivers the Backstabber to Big Triple E. Dolph is screaming and whining again as we go to commercial. Back from commercial and its Jericho and Big E battling it out. Big E goes outside the ring and Jericho dropkicks him thru the ropes. He slams Big E’s face into the mat and AJ slaps Jericho. Big E takes advantage of this and slams Jericho into the barricade. Bitch better watch it because Dolph will get tired of your ass once he loses the title. Big E takes down Jericho and goes for the pin but Jericho kicks out. Here comes Dolph and he starts kicking again. He goes for the pin but Jericho kicks out. He tries to charge at Jericho but once again Jericho moves out of the way and Zigglypuff slams his head into the turnbuckle. Del Rio gets the tag in and delivers a backbreaker. He kicks Ziggler in the head and here comes Big Boob E to save his Zigglycakes. Del Rio rolls up Ziggler and steals the win. Winner: Jericho and ADR

That’s right Ziggles clutch your title tightly because you will lose it.

Renee Young is interviewing Chris Jericho about his match at Payback with CM Punk. He says that he and Punk will put on a helluva match. Jericho is magic on the microphone. Here comes Walrus Fucker Paul Heyman to wish Jericho good luck at Sunday. He extends his hand but Jericho ignores him. While Heyman is spewing his words, Jericho not so gently shoves the microphone in his mouth. “Pipebomb,” he says sweetly as the camera cuts to the action in the ring.

Aksana vs. Kaitlyn—So I guess this answers my question if Aksana is still employed by the WWE. She is pretty to look at but cannot wrestle if her life depended on it. A recap of Kaitlyn’s meeting with her secret admirer is shown. Seeing it again makes me cringe due to her bad acting. Although her acting sucks, she is a much better actress than any of the Kardashians. She attacks Aksana before the bell even rings. She is going all psychotic bitch on Aksana’s nasty ass as she spears her. The referee pulls her off of Aksana and gets attacked for his involvement. Kaitlyn has a temper tantrum in the middle of the ring. Girl, please take acting lessons in your spare time.

Curtis Axel vs. Wade Barrett—Curtis Axel is accompanied to the ring by Paul Heyman. Barrett gets on the microphone. He addresses Heyman as to why they are having this match tonight. He says that he could easily injure Axel tonight which would hurt his chances at Payback. Before Heyman could answer, here comes the Miz. Wow he fucking sucks on the microphone. You lost your mojo Mizanin. He gets the crowd to chant ‘fight, fight, fight’. The match starts with a lockup and Axel taking it to Wade Barrett. I;m sorry but this match doesn’t hold my interest as they are rushing Axel’s push. The fight goes to the outside of the ring and Axel slams Barrett into the steel steps. Miz gets slammed by Axel as Barrett moves out of the way. Hey dumbass don’t be ringside when it doesn’t concern you. Axel nails Barrett with the swinging neckbreaker. Winner: Curtis Axel Miz nails Axel with the SCF.

The Shield vs. Randy Orton/Team Hell No—Finally the match, I’ve been waiting for all night. Rollins and Bryan start off the match. Rollins is punching the squirrel family out of Daniel Bryan’s beard. DB comes back into the match and tags in Kane. Kane drop kicks Rollins and goes for the pin but Rollins kicks out. Rollins kicks Kane and then tags in Dean Ambrose. Ambrose is mounting an offense but Kane tags in Orton. Orton kicks Ambrose into the corner and is headbutting him. He suplexes Ambrose and then tags in DB. Ambrose gets him into the Shield’s corner and here comes the true beast Roman Reigns. Reigns does his damage then tags in Rollins. The Shield is brutally attacking him and then quickly tagging in the others. Ambrose goes for the pin but DB kicks out. Words cannot do this match justice as it is too poetic. It’s one of those matches that you have to watch over and over again. Orton tries to DDT two men from the second rope but fails to do so. Ambrose counters and viciously attacks him. Back from commercial and both men are fighting for control. Ambrose is working the right arm of Orton, holy shit Ambrose is more psychotic and vicious than Orton. Here comes Reigns and he tries to pin Orton but he kicks out. Reigns is using the ropes to choke Orton but the referee breaks it up. Reigns was going to slam Orton but Orton fights out. Reigns goes to charge him but Orton moves and Reigns slams shoulder first into the ring post. Ambrose and Kane are tagged in. Kane takes Ambrose down and goes for the pin but Ambrose kicks out. Kane goes to the top rope but Ambrose moves out of the way. Here comes DB to missile drop kick Ambrose. Rollins gets the tag and DB takes him down.  DB is on FIYAH as he dropkicks Rollins. He delivers a series of punishing kicks to Rollins before kicking Reigns. He goes for a pin but Rollins kicks out. He goes to the top rope and Ambrose tries to pull him down. Rollins moves out of the way. Rollins goes for the pin but DB kicks out. Ambrose gets in the ring but Kane throws him over. Reigns throws him over and Orton comes in. He tries to RKO Reigns but Reigns counters and spears Orton. Kane is destroying Ambrose and Rollins. Reigns throws DB into the corner spine first. Rollins comes in off the top rope but Orton meets him with an RKO and DB locks in the NO Lock. Winners: Team Hell No and Orton.

To those saying that the Shield is getting buried, please buy a fucking clue. Just because they lost this battle doesn’t mean that they are going to lose the war. It ain’t over yet babies.

Match of the Night goes to The Shield and Team Hell No with Randy Orton. This match is definitely building up to their matches at Payback. Plus The Shield is superior to any tag team the WWE has right now.

My WTF moment goes to Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater for their wardrobes. Sweeties stealing from Girl Scouts and copying Miami Vice isn’t going to make you trendsetters.

All in all, I really enjoyed tonight’s viewing of SmackDown. I think that SmackDown is improving and I would love to see it continue on this upward swing. I give the show a grade of an A+. Make sure you all check out We’ll be airing Tuesday at 10pm ET Call in at (347) 945-6363. Have a good night and a better tomorrow!

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