It’s Your Main Event: WWE Main Event Review for 06/12/13

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It’s Your Main Event

With Andrew B.

Welcome to another week of looking at Main Event & I’m Andrew B here to review it for you. This week Miz will battle Cody Rhodes in a rematch from this past Monday’s RAW. Also in tag team action Jimmy & Jey Usos will battle Tons of Funk. Plus 4 days before fighting Sheamus at Payback, Damien Sandow will be in action against Sin Cara. So let’s begin now.

We get the opening & pyro & then see that Josh Matthews & Wade Barrett will be calling the action tonight.

Match 1: Miz vs. Cody Rhodes:

I hate to say this but this was a bad match as it was boring. They were given 14 minutes but I would have preferred 5 like RAW. Even going outside did not do much & it saddens me that Cody is a jobber while Miz is getting title matches. I hate Miz. The last 2 minutes were the best with Cody escaping the SCF & hitting the Disaster Kick for a near fall. In the end Cody looked weak & tapped to the Figure Four Leg Lock as Miz moves on to his title match this Sunday at Payback.

Winner: Miz

Match Rating: ** ¼ out of 5

After a break Sandow cuts a promo about Sheamus & the crowd. He ends it by saying “Your Welcome.”

Match 2: Damien Sandow vs. Sin Cara:

They were given about 6 minutes to work but just like RAW Sin Cara showed he could put on a good match in a small amount of time. It was an exciting bout that saw Sandow being sent to the outside before break. In the end Sandow won the match with a new finisher possibly as he heads to Payback Sunday.

Winner: Damien Sandow

Match Rating: ** out of 5

We get a recap of John Cena & Ryback from RAW.

Match 3: Tons of Funk vs. Usos:

The match was a 5 minute match that saw Tons of Funk use their power to be in control & then the Usos made the hot tag. The Usos making a hot tag lead to them taking control & in the end hitting a double super kick followed by Jey jumping off Jimmy’s shoulders for a top rope splash.

Winners: Usos

Match Rating: * ¼ out of 5


This week was a bad week for Main Event as I don’t suggest watching the show at all. Cara vs. Sandow was MOTN & I would have liked to see them get 14 minutes& less time for Miz vs. Rhodes. I was shocked no recaps of the HHH Family Drama. Plus the tag match was not good either. Maybe if they had The Usos take on 3MB or PTP cause Tons of Funk are not good opponents for them. This show was used to help make Miz & Sandow look strong for Sunday & The Usos look strong for a future tag team title shot soon.

Overall Rating for 6/12 Main Event: 3.5 out of 10

Sorry for the short review as I have been busy with work but I will be back soon with some cool posts & reviews. I’ll see you all very soon.

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