Ring of Riley: Ring of Honor Review for 06/09/13

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Ring of Riley

With Riley Ross

Welcome back to Ring of Riley, where I break down each match of the night. In this review I will break down each segment and match in this week’s episode of Ring of Honor. I will have features called Riley’s Rewind which will be the standout match of the night and Riley’s Regret which will be the worst match/moment of the night. Also included is Star of the night, this goes to the wrestler that wowed me with their match. Nigel McGuinness is on commentary along with Kevin Kelly.

Matt Taven vs. Pepper Parks—Taven is accompanied to the ring by Truth Martini (still scares me) and a couple of the ladies. Taven and Martini start trash talking Jay Lethal. We learn that the match between Parks and Taven has the condition that if Parks wins, he will receive a future shot at the RoH TV title. When Parks gets in the ring, he and Martini exchange words. Taven attacks Parks while they are exchanging unpleasantries. The match gets underway and Parks takes down Taven. He goes for the pin but Taven kicks out. Nice dropkick and arm drag from Parks. Taven fights back with a kick and a pin attempt. Parks kicks out. Both men are on their feet and they are trading blows. Parks delivers a sweet suplex. He goes for a spinning DDT but Taven counters. Taven goes flying from the top rope and misses badly. Parks then goes to the top rope but Taven kicks him. Taven tries to superplex him but Parks counters with a beautiful top rope powerbomb. Parks goes to the top again but Taven moves and nails him with his arm trap headlock driver. Winner of the Match: Matt Taven

Jay Briscoe is shown cutting a promo for the upcoming iPPV. He is clear that he will be kicking his brother’s ass.

RIP Impact vs. Tommaso Ciampa—This is Impact’s debut match in RoH. Impact starts striking away at his opponent. He is taking it to Ciampa before Ciampa reverses his momentum. Ciampa delivers a running knee to the side of the head. Impact somehow makes it back into the match and goes for a bridge pin but Ciampa powers out. Ciampa delivers a delayed standing suplex and before he drops it he locks eyes with Michael Elgin.  Umm guys please have your love story moment elsewhere. Impact takes advantage of the distraction as he mounts his comeback. Nice swinging neckbreaker from Impact. Ciampa comes back into the match with a vigor and delivers a brutal slam from the ropes. Winner of the match: Tommaso Ciampa

Elgin and Ciampa have a brief war of words in the middle of the ring. This is why I love RoH, their promos are short and to the point. They don’t waste time showboating with theatrics and cheap shenanigans.

Steve Corino, Rhett Titus, Cliff Compton and Jimmy Jacobs come down to the ring to start talking trash. Corino is magic on the microphone. Future wrestling stars should take lessons from him. He trashes Nigel McGuinness and goes on to say that Matt Hardy will be champion. Umm please no. He accuses him of leaving off members of SCUM at the Best in the World PPV. I take it this feud between Corino and McGuinness isn’t going to end anytime soon. Nigel stands up and makes his way to the ring. He is soon backed up by Jay Lethal and C&C. Shit just got real as Corino lets a racist comment fly. He gets up in McGuiness’ face and a brawl breaks out between their men. Nigel and Corino are face to face as all hell breaks loose around them. Others come out to break up the brawl.

American Wolves vs. The Briscoes—Mark Briscoe and Edwards start off the match. Holy shit these two are quick. Edwards gets him in the Head Scissors counter. These two are so quick that as soon as I type up one move they do six more. Mark tags in Jay and Edwards tags in Richards.  Richards shoves him and barely moves the Kung Fu Redneck. Both Briscoes takes down Richards and Mark is the legal brother in the match. Richards knocks him down, and tags in Edwards. The fight goes to the outside of the ring before Edwards helps him in. Edwards goes for the pin but Briscoe kicks out. Here comes Jay fresh off the tag.  Jay is a tough one. He is quick and strong. Edwards holds the ropes down so one of the Briscoes can go flying over it. Edwards nails one with the Missile Dropkick and goes for the pin but his opponent kicks out. Edwards is chopping the red off of Jay Briscoe. He follows it up with a kick to the head. Jay comes back with a spinebuster. Richards comes in off the tag and is on the receiving end of some Red Neck Kung Fu. Mark goes for the pin but Richards kicks out. The Briscoes work well together to take down Richards. Mark goes for Froggy Bow but Richards counters. Holy shit we got a fight on our hands. Winners of the Match: American Wolves

Riley’s Rewind: This honor goes to American Wolves and the Briscoe Brothers. This match was action packed and told a story with their moves.

Riley’s Regret: I have nothing as Ring of Honor always delivers an action packed match.

Star of the Night: This is a tie between the Briscoe Brothers. They put aside their differences and kicked ass in their tag match tonight.

In closing, I’m even more in love with RoH than ever before. From their commentary, promos and matches this company knows how to appease their fans. Thank you Ring of Honor for giving me hope for the future of wresting. Make sure you all check out http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-shark-attack-live. We’ll be airing Tuesday at 10pm ET Call in at (347) 945-6363. Have a good night and a better tomorrow!

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