Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 06-06-13

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. It’s the Impact Wrestling after Slammiversary PPV where Bully Ray was able to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Sting in a No Hold Barred match. What will Sting have to say now that he can never wrestle for the TNA title again? At Slammiversary, it was announced that Kurt Angle will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame at Bound for Glory. After this announcement and his win over AJ Styles at Slammiversary, what’s next for Angle? This week, Dixie Carter announced that TNA had signed Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and debuts tonight on Impact Wrestling. How will the fans in Atlanta react to “Rampage” Jackson? Tonight in a Six Man Tag Team match, new TNA Tag Team Champions; “The Cowboy” James Storm and Gunner and new TNA X Division Champion; Chris Sabin take on the Dirty Heels (Bobby Roode and Austin) and Kenny King. Also tonight starts the road to Bound for Glory as the Bound for Glory Series starts off with two qualifying matches.  So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”



Hernandez pins Chavo Guerrero in a Bound for Glory Series Qualifier match

Samoa Joe defeats Robbie E. by submission in a Bound for Glory Series Qualifier match

“The Cowboy” James Storm, Gunner & Chris Sabin beat Bobby Roode, Austin Aries & Kenny King

Mickie James pins Taeler Hendrix

Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray in a Hammer Ladder match ended in No Contest


No Impact


If You Thought Joseph Park Was Gone Then You’re Mistaken Bitch!

Well so much for hoping that Joseph Park was going away. I swear Joseph Park is like a rash that won’t go away. To make matters worse, the punches that park was throwing were terrible. Devon didn’t help the segment either with the weak promo Devon cut which Devon can cut decent promo but just not this time. The whole segment was a total waste of time that could have been used for something else. Yes, we had the payoff with Abyss beating the shit out of Devon and Knux later in the show but it was ruin by this segment. Yes, I know that Joseph Park is Chris Park AKA Abyss; I just hate the Joseph Park character.


Drop Your Pants & Bend Over

Why TNA, why can’t you limit Hulk to only a five minute appearance? Hogan had his day and it’s done past Hogan. I understand that the point of having Hogan out there was to setup the main event match between Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy but it could have done quicker. Plus the end of the show with Hogan preparing to hit Bully Ray with the hammer was so predictable with Brooke Hogan showing up to stop Hogan. I promise you that I won’t go on a rant about Brooke Hogan because I know that the loyal readers of the Mayer Nation know how I feel about Brooke Hogan.

High Impact


 You Only Won Because I’m Turning “Heel” On Your Ass!

I was surprised that TNA decided to already go down the route of having Chavo Guerrero turning “Heel” on Hernandez. I knew that it was going to happen but I just didn’t expect it this soon. But since this was a Bound for Glory Series Qualifier match, it made sense to tease Chavo’s “Heel” turn here. The match is itself was good and I like how each man was countering the other’ move, including Hernandez blocking Chavo’s Frog Splash with the knees. I liked the roll through stacked up pin combination by Hernandez on Chavo because it’s the perfect reason to explain Chavo’s “Heel” turn down the road. I think TNA was right to put Hernandez in the Bound for Glory series as Hernandez can put on a good showing in the Series.


I Was The Real MVP of Last Year’s Bound for Glory Series, Bitch!!!

While the Samoa Joe vs. Robbie E match was more of a squash match, it did make Joe look like a total bad ass like he show be booked. Last year in the Bound for Glory Series, Joe had a great run and I hope Joe this year. Hell, TNA should have Joe win the Bound for Glory Series and face whoever is the TNA World heavyweight Champion at Bound for Glory.


This Is Damn Real & I Ain’t “Hannibal” Smith!!!

Ok, when I heard that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson sign with TNA the first thing that went through my mind was this was going to be an epic failure. But TNA surprised me while Jackson was talking to the crowd; Kurt Angle comes to the ring and interrupts Jackson. I like it because it reminds of when Angle first came into TNA and Samoa Joe came down and got into Angle’s face which led to an epic feud between Angle and Joe. If Jackson is as good in MMA as I’ve heard then a feud between Jackson and Angle will be awesome. I expect to see Kurt Angle vs. “Rampage” Jackson at Bound for Glory.


Fighting, Championships & Beer!!! Who Could Ask For More?

At Slammiversary, we saw three Champions crowned as “The Cowboy” James Storm and Gunner became the new TNA Tag Team title while Chris Sabin left Slammiversary with the TNA X Division belt after winning Ultimate X. Tonight the three teamed together take on Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Kenny King and these six men stole the show. This match had several awesome moments during the match including Roode hitting a Spin Buster on Gunner, a nice missile drop from the top rope by Aries onto Storm and Gunner hitting a hard suplex on King. Sabin hit impressive set of move hitting King with a jumping DDT follow by Hail Sabin to get the win for his team. I can’t to see to Sabin, Storm and Gunner defend their titles and to see how long their title reigns will be.


Yes, I’m Mickie James, One Who Is Going To Kick Your Ass Bitch!!!

Ok while tonight’s Knockouts match was not great, I’m giving this segment “High Impact” because storyline wise it further developed Mickie James “Heel” turn. I liked how Mickie before her match apologized to Velvet Sky for what happen last week but then gave Velvet a half ass excuse why she couldn’t have her rematch. During the match with Taeler Hendrix, Mickie faked a knee injury toward the end of the match, hitting Taeler with a cheap shot follow by a spin kick to get the win. I think even with the “Heel” turn, Mickie is going to keep her fanbase for the most part. The only thing that I wished that TNA would do with Mickie’s “Heel” turn is to have Mickie feud with Brooke Tessmacher as I think that a feud between the two would be great. However I expect that once Mickie is done feuding with Velvet, TNA will then have Mickie feud with Taryn Terrell which after Taryn’s performance at Slammiversary, I’m all for it.


I Guess He’s Not Getting Laid Tonight!!!

The Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray Ladder match was interesting as it wasn’t for the TNA title. Instead of a title belt hanging above the ring, the bell hammer was hanging instead. There were several high spots during the match including a high back body drop on Hardy by Bully Ray and Hardy nailing Bully Ray in the balls with the ladder which got the crowd chanting “No More Babies!” There were many time in the match where it looked like Hardy was going to get the hammer only for Bully Ray to knock Hardy off the ladder. In the end, even though Bully Ray retrieved the hammer. Hardy got it away from Bully Ray to use it on him only for Bully Ray for the back leaving this match a “No Contest.” The match itself was good but I don’t know if TNA is going to continue the Jeff Hardy\Bully Ray feud or this was just a match to make the Atlanta crowd happy.

Show Rating: 6 ½    


Final Thought

Well, this week’s Impact Wrestling was good but not as good as it should have been. Only three on the five match were really good and the Hulk Hogan segments totally sucked dragging the show down. I like that the Bound for Glory Series has started and I can’t wait to see who else is going to be in the Series. I like how we got more progress with Mickie James “Heel” turn and I’m sure we’ll be seeing Mickie vs. Velvet real soon. I think we’re going to see Kurt Angle vs. “Rampage” Jackson down the road and hope that we’ll see more interaction between the two next week. I’m going to go on a limb and pick AJ Styles to win the Bound for Glory Series this year. We’ll see if I’m right next week because it’s Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles in a Bound for Glory Series Qualifier match.


Star of the Night: Chris Sabin

Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at

Note: No picture captions right now as TNA has not posted any yet. I’ll update this “Making An Impact” when they are posted. But for now enjoy this dream match banner below.

Taryn vs. Brooke

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