Ring Of Riley: Ring Of Honor Review For 5/27/13

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Ring of Riley

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Welcome back to Ring of Riley, where I break down each match of the night. In this review I will break down each segment and match in this week’s episode of Ring of Honor. I will have features called Riley’s Rewind which will be the standout match of the night and Riley’s Regret which will be the worst match/moment of the night. Also included is Star of the night, this goes to the wrestler that wowed me with their match. Steve Corino is on commentary with Kevin Kelly.

Colin Delaney vs. Mark Briscoe—is it just me or did Delaney look a little surprised by the flying streamers? The match starts off with a handshake and a kick to the thigh from Delaney. Briscoe doesn’t like this so he shoves Delaney down. He is working the right arm of Delaney before Delaney counters and flings him into the ropes. He tries to flip over Briscoe but he will not budge. Briscoe is showing why he is the more dominant of the two while Delaney leaves the ring. Briscoe drop kicks him thru the ropes and then he goes outside to throw a chair in the match. Briscoe delivers a beautiful vertical suplex on the apron. He follows up with a head-butt and then sends Delaney flying into the barricade. Both men make it into the ring and Delaney is trying to mount a comeback but Briscoe delivers another beautifully executed vertical suplex. He goes for the pin but Delaney kicks out. Delaney counters Briscoe with a kick to the head. Delaney is making his comeback. The men are trading blows and Delaney tries to suplex Briscoe but Briscoe counters. Delaney flings him into the ropes and Briscoe goes flying from the top ropes. He is using Redneck Kung Fu. He goes to launch himself at Delaney but he blocks him with his feet. Delaney is down on the ground and Briscoe goes back to the top rope and does an impressive elbow drop. Winner of the match: Mark Briscoe

Nigel McGuinness is in the ring with the Briscoe Brothers. He announces that it will brother vs. brother at June 22nd for the Ring of Honor title at the Best in the World iPPV. The American Wolves come out to interrupt. Corino gets in the ring and gets in Nigel’s face. Wow, he is getting kind of lippy with all the men in the ring. He says that whomever is champion will have to face his best friend, Matt Hardy. I like you Corino but do not ever say that Matt Hardy is the wrestling icon ever again. I will call it now in a few months Matt Hardy will screw up and blame Ring of Honor for it. That is how Hardy rolls in my opinion. Jay Briscoe goes to hit him but Corino ducks and he hits Richards. A fight breaks out between the American Wolves and the Briscoe brothers. Michael Elgin is watching as the brawl continues. Back from commercial and the ring has been cleared.

Veda Scott is pleading her case to get a match with MsChif. Sweetie, I love you but MsChif will destroy you in a matter of seconds.

Cherry Bomb vs. MsChif—the match starts off with a handshake and MsChif is dominating the rookie. I think I may have underestimated Cherry Bomb. My apologies, I keep forgetting that RoH hires females based on in ring ability and does not use the WWE method of hiring based on bra size. Cherry Bomb mounts an offense and goes for the pin but MsChif kicks out. MsChif is head-butting her like crazy and takes her down with a nasty clothesline. MsChif is using the ropes to her advantage but the referee keeps telling her to break it. I do believe that Cherry Bomb is fizzling out as MsChif knees her in the gut. MsChif goes for the pin but Cherry Bomb kicks out. The ladies are trading chops before MsChif locks in her submission move. She then goes for another pin but Cherry Bomb kicks out. Somehow, Cherry Bomb counters with a bridge submission move. MsChif gets her feet on the ropes and Cherry goes launching at her, MsChif moves out of the way and plants her knee in Cherry Bomb’s head. She goes for the pin but Cherry kicks out. Both women are on their feet and MsChif delivers a punishing kick. She is punching the stuffing out of her and here comes Veda Scott to distract MsChif. Cherry Bomb delivers a Missile Dropkick to MsChif and scores the win. Winner: Cherry Bomb

Kevin Steen is telling Nigel McGuinness to put him in a match with the members of SCUM over the next couple of months so he can prove to everyone that he isn’t working with SCUM. Nigel tells him that if he does that then he will regain his title shot.

Roderick Strong vs. Taiji Ishimori—This is Taiji’s television debut match. They shake hands and the match starts off with a lock up. Strong starts working on the left arm of his opponent. Taiji powers to his feet and starts to work on the left arm of Strong. Strong knocks him down and Taiji uses his speed to his advantage. Holy shit I blinked and missed a lot of action in this match. The fight goes to the outside and both men are giving it their all. Strong delivers a backbreaker on the apron. He starts delivering chops before the commercial break. Back from commercial and Strong is in charge of the match. He goes for the pin but Taiji kicks out. Strong has a side headlock locked in and Ishimori is fighting to his feet. Strong takes him down again and goes for the pin but Ishimori kicks out. Strong has a move locked in but Ishimori is working on getting to his feet. He then receives forearms from Strong. Here comes the chops and Strong locks him into the ropes and uses his shoulders as a battering ram to the gut. He then puts Ishimori in a waist lock and once again Ishimori gets to his feet. Strong then delivers a flurry of back breakers to his opponent. Holy shit that was a beautiful fucking counter by Ishimori as he plants Strong. Ishimori is a beast in the ring. That double foot stomp was brutal. He goes for the pin but Strong kicks out. He goes to the top rope but Strong kicks him. Strong goes to the top and Ishimori fights his way out of the plex. He drops down on Strong and goes for the pin. Strong kicks out. Holy shit that backbreaker from Strong looked brutal as fuck. Strong is making a comeback. Ishimori is proving that you shouldn’t count him out. Strong has him locked into a submission move and he tries to crawl towards the ropes. He locks onto the rope, forcing Strong to break the hold. Ishimori slams Strong to the mat and goes for the pin but Strong kicks out. Holy fucking amazeballs, Ring of Honor, I love you. Ishimori and Strong deserve match of the year for this. Ishimori hits him with the Shining Wizard and he goes for the pin but Strong kicks out. He goes for the 450 splash but lands on his feet. Strong tries to mount a comeback but Ishimori counters with a move that I have never seen before. Holy Shit. They are trading blows in the middle of the ring. Both men are fucking awesome. Ishimori goes to the top rope but takes way too long and Strong goes for the Superplex one more times. Ishimori counters and nails the 450 splash. Winner: Taiji Ishimori.

Riley’s Rewind: This honor goes to Roderick Strong vs. Taiji Ishimori. Words cannot do this match justice as it was AMAZING. Both wrestlers told one helluva story with their moves. This match made me a believer out of both men.

Riley’s Regret: Giving Matt Hardy a title shot. Seriously why does that gigantic crybaby deserve a shot? Sorry Hardy but you are all out of second, third and fourth chances for me.

Stars of the night: This honor goes to Roderick Strong and Taiji Ishimori. Both men put on a freaking fantastic match that will have asses glued to their chairs when they see it. Take notes WWE and TNA this is how you put on a main event.

In closing, I’m even more in love with RoH than ever before. From their commentary, promos and matches this company knows how to appease their fans. Thank you Ring of Honor for giving me hope for the future of wresting. Make sure you all check out http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-shark-attack-live. We’ll be airing Tuesday at 10pm ET Call in at (347) 945-6363. Have a good night and a better tomorrow!



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