Ring of Riley: Ring of Honor Review for 4-21-13

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Ring of Riley

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Welcome back to Ring of Riley, where I break down each match of the night. In this review I will break down each segment and match in this week’s episode of Ring of Honor. I will have features called Riley’s Rewind which will be the standout match of the night and Riley’s Regret which will be the worst match/moment of the night. Also included is Star of the night, this goes to the wrestler that wowed me with their match. 

Kevin Steen makes his way down to the ring and the crowd starts chanting ‘Thank you Kevin’, and here comes Steve Corino making his way thru the crowd. Corino says that losing the title to Jay Briscoe might have hurt but that SCUM’s mission to destroy RoH is intact. Steen counters that since Jim Cornette is gone, RoH will be just fine. He says that his only mission is to get another shot at the title. Here comes the rest of SCUM to surround the ring.  Corino tells Steen that maybe the focus needs to change to someone else in SCUM. Steen says that SCUM was perfect when it was just him, Corino and Jimmy, he goes on to say that he cannot get behind SCUM due to Matt Hardy being there. The members of SCUM get in the ring and Steen tells them to do what they gotta do. Corino says he will not let Steen walk thru the curtain and Steen attacks Matt Hardy but the numbers game work to SCUM’s advantage as the officials and security to break it up. Corino calls off the other members of SCUM so Hardy can attack.

Mike Bennett vs. Roderick Strong—Mike Bennett is accompanied to the ring by Brutal Bob. Mike Mondo is on commentary alongside Kevin Kelly. The match starts off with a handshake before going into a lockup with Strong trying to work Bennett’s left arm. Bennett pushes him into the corner and Roderick Strong follows that up with a missile drop kick. The fight then goes outside the ring where Strong is in charge of the match. He delivers a chop to Bennett’s chest and then tries to sling him into the other corner of the guardrail but Bennett reverses it and sends Strong flying into the barrier. Bennett removes some padding before sending Strong flying into the barrier again. Mondo tries to distract Bennett but the ‘Prodigy’ isn’t having it. Strong comes back into the fight and delivers chops to Bennett before they both get back into the ring. Bennett nails him with a brutal Spinebuster.  He then whips Strong into the ropes and knocks him down. He goes for the pin but Strong kicks out at 2. Bennett has him in a sleeper hold but Strong kicks out. Strong tries to whip him into corner but Bennett reverses it. Strong is delivering chops and then follows it up with a dropkick. He then tosses Bennett over the top rope and Strong comes flying down on him. He is whipping Bennett into the guardrails repeatedly before following it up with a punch. Bennett is fighting back and as he pushes Strong towards the announcer booth and he then pulls Mondo up. Mondo gets speared by Bennett into the guardrail by accident. He was aiming for Strong but he moved and let Mondo take his punishment. Strong then picks up Bennett and slams him back first into the ring apron. He then rolls his opponent into the ring and goes for a pin but Bennett kicks out. Strong delivers a high running knee to Bennett and then a backbreaker. They are trading blows before Bennett whips Strong into the ropes and then spears him. He goes for the pin but there is another a kickout. Brutal Bob gets up on the apron and Mondo pulls him down. Mondo hits Bennett which lets Strong hit his finisher and get the win. Winner of the Match: Roderick Strong. Mondo is attacking both men until security breaks it up.

Jorge Santi vs. Tadarius Thomas—Handshake before the action starts. They go with lockups and reversals. Santi gets TD on the ropes and the ref breaks it up. Santi is quick with his moves especially with the Hurricanranna. These two are putting on a helluva match. Both men charge at one another and here comes SCUM to attack. Match ends in No Contest

Corino is on the microphone to announce that the situation with Steen will not affect SCUM’s mission to destroy Ring of Honor. Here comes Nigel McGuiness to tell Corino to shut up because SCUM is fading away. Nigel brings out Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin to help Corino out of the ring. Corino compares himself to god and says that his spiritual son Matt Hardy deserves a title shot. Corino says he will leave on the condition that Hardy gets a title shot. Elgin and Lethal will face two members of SCUM and if SCUM wins they get a title shot, if they lose Corino has to leave RoH. Corino says no deal because he wants the deal to be sweetened, he will agree to the stipulations only if SCUM wins then he gets to sit at the announcer’s table. Nigel, Lethal, and Elgin are in the ring with SCUM. Challenge has been accepted.

A recap of Jay Briscoe winning the World title from Kevin Steen is shown.  A promo from the Briscoe brothers is shown. Jay shoots on Adam Cole for challenging him for the title. That’s all I understood from the screaming.

ACH cuts a promo on his upcoming match with Matt Taven. ACH said that he has the heart that makes him who he is. His promo seemed jibberish.

Mark Briscoe says he is looking forward to become the TV champion.  I need a fucking decoder ring. He will either face Matt Taven or ACH. ACH and Taven will be wrestling for the title tonight.

Matt Taven vs. ACH—This is for the RoH World Television Title—Taven is accompanied to the ring by Scarlett Bordeaux and the kooky, creepy Truth Martini. A recap of ACH winning the title shot is shown. Mark Briscoe is on the commentary. This match does not start off with a handshake as Taven shoves his hand down his tights before holding it out to ACH.  Taven starts it off with a side headlock before ACH gets to his feet and throws Taven into the ropes. Holy shit these men are quick and agile. Taven is knocked out of the ring and here comes ACH to take him down. Back from commercial and both men are inside the ring and both men are holding their own. ACH slides out of the ring to take out Taven. ACH goes to the top rope and delivers a HUGE CROSSBODY. He was running into the topes but Truth Martini holds down the top rope and ACH goes over and lands on his feet. Taven dropkicks him as he goes to attack Martini. Taven hits a Neckbreaker from the apron and holy hell this is why I love Ring of Honor. While ACH is trying to get to his feet the referee is counting.  He barely makes it in time. He goes for a rollup but Taven kicks out. He goes for a back slide but Taven counters again. Taven kicks ACH in the face and goes for a pin. Scarlett gets on the apron to distract the referee so Martini can trip ACH without being caught. Taven hits his headlock driver finisher for the win. Winner of the Match: Matt Taven

Riley’s Rewind honors goes to Mike Bennett and Roderick Strong. That match was spectacular and full of action and nail biting moments. Kudos to both men in this match.

For Riley’s Regret, once again I have nothing bad to say about this episode.

Star of the Night goes to ACH. He might not have won the title match but he put on one helluva action packed match. This match had heart, soul, passion and a story to tell.

In closing, the more I watch RoH the more I can say with pride that I am a wrestling fan. Everything that the big companies lack, this company makes up with heart and soul. A tip of the hat to everyone that makes RoH happen. Have a god night and a better tomorrow.

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