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*NOTE FROM JOHN* Christian Michael gave me my start writing 2 years ago on his site. When I started my own site I received his blessings. Recently I asked Christian if he would want to write Main Event for my site as he does it for TJRwrestling.com. Christian gave me his approval to use his article from there on my site as well. This will be a new weekly column from us. I hope you all enjoy

Hey peeps. Another week down and that means it is time for THE Main Event Review. In a shocking turn of events, WWE actually announced a match ahead of time as this episode will feature a Battle Royal in which the winner will face Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship later in the show. I’m always up for a good Battle Royal so let’s get this bad boy started.

The show kicks off with some pyro. I only mention this because they have stopped doing pyro for RAW and SmackDown. No pyro for your two big shows but you do it for Main Event? Head scratching, no? Moving along, Michael Cole and JBL are the announcers this week as they have been for the last couple of weeks and I hope it stay that way.

The Battle Royal participants are in the ring, all ten of them. They are The Usos, Yoshi Tastu, Justin Gabriel, Alex Riley, Epico, Primo, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre and Santino Marella. Wow, really? That’s the best they could come up with? That’s pretty embarrassing. The Intercontinental Champion makes his way out. He says he was upset that he had to defend his title again but then he saw the competition in the ring, a who’s who of Jobberville and before he could finish his thought, The Great Khali comes out. Like that makes this any better. So, now we have an 11 man Battle Royal. Way to take the fun out of everything.

Justin Gabriel won an 11 Man Battle Royal to become #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship (**)

The final four came down to Primo, McIntyre, Santino and Gabriel. No, the uber threat that is Khali didn’t make it. He got dumped out by six men. Drew tossed out Santino after he hit the Cobra on Primo. Primo fell to the floor. Gabriel head scissored McIntyre out of the ring and then Primo tried to sneak back in but Justin backdropped him out of the ring to win the match after 13 minutes.

As far as the match goes, it was ok. The crowd got excited for the final four and all 11 guys (yes, even Khali) worked hard to entertain the fans. The match’s flaw was that none of these guys are credible threats to Wade’s title. The match hurt because The Miz and Kofi Kingston and guys like that were missing. They scrapped so far down the bottom of the barrel in this one that they didn’t even use Zack Ryder in this match. A match he would have been perfect in and the fans would have wanted him to be in. For the guys they did use, Gabriel was the right choice to be the winner.

Matt Striker hops in the ring and wants to know if Justin is ready for a title match with no time to prepare. He says of course and is ready to put an abrupt ending to Wade’s reign.

Next, they show the story revolving around the World Heavyweight Championship. You know, the one that saw the Champion, Dolph Ziggler lose on Monday Night? I can’t even begin to explain how much that pissed me off.

At Extreme Rules, Dolph will defend the World Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat Match against Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger.

Then, they show CM Punk walking out on RAW last Monday. If you don’t already know, Punk will be taking time off to heal some injuries and there are reports that he could be out until SummerSlam. I sure hope not. He is the unquestioned best performer in WWE and the company will miss him.

Next, on the show they should just rename “RAW Replays For An Hour” they show Brock Lesnar’s totally awesome mauling of 3MB and then Paul Heyman laying down a challenge for Triple H at Extreme Rules where Brock wants to face Hunter in a Steel Cage Match.

Wade Barrett is in the back with Matt Striker. Striker wants to know if Wade’s luck was turning for the worse after he lost to R-Truth on Monday. Wade’s response to this was making fun of Striker. I think Wade Barrett is my new favorite WWE Superstar. Wade says other things but all that matters was that he made fun of Matt Striker.

I had forgotten about R-Truth. Why wasn’t he in the Battle Royal? Oh yea, they are saving that for the PPV. We have to pay for a match of that quality.

Before the match starts, I must say that I love the concept for this episode. A match to determine a number one contender and then the title match later in the show. It’s a good way to spend an hour watching WWE programming. It just sucks that they stuck no one of any real value in the battle royal killing whatever interest or intrigue may have been in this show.

Intercontinental Championship Match- Wade Barrett pinned Justin Gabriel to Retain the Championship (**3/4)

This match was a very solid, pro-wrestling bout. I say this every damn time I watch a Justin Gabriel match, this kid could be a star in the WWE, a new Jeff Hardy. They need to give this kid a chance to run with the ball. With CM Punk out, now is the time to create a new star or two. Why not him?

The two men worked hard but the matched never moved into another gear to make it special. Gabriel showed good fight in kicking out of several pin attempts and had one good near fall attempt after a springboard moonsault. Gabriel went for his second 450 Splash of the match but Wade rolled away and stood on the apron. When Gabriel went over to get him, Wade raked his eyes and then drilled him with the Bull Hammer to retain the title after 14 minutes.

After the match, the announcers played it up like this was a star making turn by Gabriel. It’s likely been forgotten already but I hope it is the beginning of a push for Justin.

The show ended with a RAW rewind. (SHOCKER!) This time it was the ongoing John Cena/Ryback saga. I am actually a Ryback fan. I like his style and the character. I think it is way too early to pull the trigger on a heel turn just because they need someone to face John Cena. Although, that promo he did detailing why he attacked Cena was excellent. I guess this is WWE’s way of restarting the Ryback character but it is their own damn fault he really fell flat as a babyface. They shot him into the main event way too soon and then after the match he had to lose (Hell in a Cell) the proceeded to make sure he lost every other PPV match he had. They could have had a real superstar in him but terrible booking cost them that. Hopefully they’ll have the chance to make him into that star again.

Before the show went off the air, the hyped RAW’s Main Event which will be The Shield vs. Team Hell No and The Undertaker which should be a lot of fun.

The Verdict- SKIP IT


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