Ring of Riley: Ring of Honor Review for 04-14-13

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Ring of Riley

With Riley Ross

Welcome to the first ever Ring of Riley.  In this review I will break down each segment and match in this week’s episode of Ring of Honor. I will have features called Riley’s Rewind which will be the standout match of the night and Riley’s Regret which will be the worst match/moment of the night. Also included is Star of the night, this goes to the wrestler that wowed me with their match.  What I love about Ring of Honor is that their wrestlers show their passion for it and this passion shows during their matches and interviews. Granted that they might not have a packed house but their fans have a passion for the sport. More than I can say for the WWE universe as their fanbases will fight their own grandma if they don’t like their favorite wrestler.

This week’s episode takes place in Manhattan Center, New York, NY. The show opens with Nigel McGuiness is in the middle of the ring with the wrestlers surrounding him. They are celebrating their victory of SCUM. He introduces the new RoH champion, Jay Briscoe. The newly crowned champ has the microphone and the crowd is cheering for him. What I like about RoH is they let their wrestlers be themselves on the microphone. He does say that he will defend his title and Adam Cole gets in the ring with him. Cole congratulates him and thanks him for beating Kevin Steen. He says that in Toronto he will take the championship from Briscoe.

A promo from Bobby Fish talking about his upcoming match with Eddie Edwards.  He references their upcoming tour in Japan where they have to work together as a team. He warns Edwards that he better prepare himself.

Eddie Edwards gets a chance to respond before their match. He says that the past doesn’t matter and the only thing that should matter is what happens in the ring tonight.

Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Fish—  Kyle O’Reilly accompanies Bobby Fish to the ring. Davey Richards is accompanying his tag partner to the ring.  Richards decides to join the commentary team. They actually calls the matches. Holy shit this is nice to be able to watch a match and hear intelligent wrestling commentary. Match starts up with a Hammerlock from Fish and Edwards quickly slips out of it. Edwards and Fish are both fast on their feet and tell a story with their moves. They go with a lock up in the middle of the ring and Fish delivers a boot to the midsection. Edwards counters with chops to the chest. Edwards goes for the pin and Fish kicks out. He has Fish in the counter as he delivers brutal and punishing chops to the chest. He follows up with a sick sounding head butt. The crowd is calling for chops and Edwards gives it to them. The fight goes to the outside of the ring and oh my god the crowd gets to interact with the wrestlers. They hold Fish back so Edwards can chop him some more. They get back into the ring and Fish kicks him and Edwards kicks him in the head. Back from commercial and the action is just as fast paced before the break. Fish delivers a high knee to the midsection. Holy shit both men are down as Edwards flipped off the apron. It looks like he cracked his knee on the guard rail. Edwards continues on despite his injury and delivers a fucking brutal dropkick from the top rope. Holy amazing balls a Backpack stunner, I think I am in love with RoH. Fish is working on Edwards apparent injured leg but Edwards isn’t giving up. He is living up to his nickname ‘Die Hard’. Fish slams him with the Falcon Arrow and barely kicks out but he does. Fish goes up to the top rope and misses his opponent.  Edwards hits him with a Tiger Suplex and Fish kicks out at 2. Both men are on the ropes, Fish is trying to superplex him but Edwards knocks him down and follows up with a double stomp. Fish counters with a rollup. Winner of the match is Bobby Fish.

Alabama Attitude vs. QT Marshall/RD Evans—RD Evans is greeted with chants of ‘Power Ranger’. He talks about how he found the perfect tag partner in QT Marshall. I would laugh at RD’s costume but it works for him.  Marshall takes on Corey Hollis. Hollis delivers a beautiful dropkick and Marshall goes for the tag. His partner denies it until he knocks Hollis to the ground. Here comes Hollis’ partner Posey with a leg drop on Evans.  The Alabama Attitude work well together as they take on Evans. Marshall throws Posey into the ring post And Evans does a push up in the middle of the ring. Here comes Marshall and  holy fuck him and Evans work better together. They are the heel tag team to beat. Posey knocks Evans in to his corner and Hollis gets the tag in and he is on fire as he slams his opponent around. Marshall goes to break up the pin but hits his partner instead. Shit Hollis is the man to reckon with as he power bombs Evans off of the ropes. Marshall comes in and slams him around like he is a rag doll. Winners of the match are RD Evans and QT Marshall.

Roderick Strong comes out to say that he deserves a title shot more than Mondo. He and Mondo get into a scuffle which security and other wrestlers break it up.

Mike Mondo vs. Mark Briscoe vs. Caprice Coleman vs. Cedric Alexander vs. BJ Whitmer—This match starts off with Briscoe and Whitmer and after a few moments of grappling they tag in Alexander and Coleman. These two should have a match all of their own. Mondo comes and in becomes the legal man and he goes for a quick pin.  Caprice is out and here comes Whitmer. I would hate to be in the ring with Whitmer, he is the type who will knock you the fuck out and then smile in your face. Next in are Caprice Coleman is quick on his feet as he delivers one of his moves.  Mondo goes to the top rope and slams into the three men on the ground. Here comes Briscoe with a baseball slide to take out Mondo.  Briscoe seems lethal with that Dragon Suplex. Coleman has Briscoe pinned but he kicks out before the three count. Whitmer fails to pin Coleman and here comes Mondo. What a fucking dropkick from Alexander. Briscoe hits the Froggy Bow on Alexander and scores the pin. Winner of the match is Mark Briscoe. He gets a World TV title shot at their next iPPV which is Border Wars.

For Riley’s Rewind, that honor goes to the main even match with all five men. This match was fast paced and with a lot of holy shit moments packed in there. This match had me biting my nails and my ass glued to the seat. Kudos to all five wrestlers.

For Riley’s Regret, I can honestly say that there wasn’t a bad match or promo to be had in this week’s episode of Ring of Honor.

Star of the Night honors go to Mark Briscoe for keeping pace with the four other men in the match. This type of match was action packed and if you blinked you missed a lot of action. Kudos to Briscoe for being the standout in this match.

To close out this column, I have to say that I am head over heels in love with RoH. The fans get to interact with the wrestlers and they get to throw streamers into the ring. How awesome is that? This is how wrestling should be with ‘to the point promos’, action packed matches, and commentators that care about the matches. Another thing that stands out with Ring of Honor is that the wrestlers shake hands before the match and sometimes after the match. That kind of respect is missing from the other companies.  Ring of Honor, I think that you and I will get along just great.

Make sure you all check out http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-shark-attack-live. Special episode this week as JP from Mayernation will be cohosting the show and there will be a special guest Eric Tapout from PWS. We’ll be airing Tuesday at 10pm ET Call in at (347) 945-6363. Have a good night and a better tomorrow.

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