Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 02-07-13

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. It’s the second taping from Manchester, England as Sting and Bully Ray will face two members of “Aces & Eights” in a Tables match. After pinning Chavo Guerrero last week, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode get their title shot for the TNA Tam Team titles against Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez tonight. Will Aries and Roode be able to work together to capture the TNA Tag Team titles? After betraying Kurt Angle last week, will Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco explain why they turn on Angle and join “Aces & Eights”? Also tonight, Rob Van Dam defends the TNA X Division title in a Triple Threat match against Kenny King and Xema Ion and Brooke Tessmacher takes on Tara in a non-title match.  So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”



Rob Van Dam defeats Kenny King & Xema Ion to retain the TNA X Division title

“The Cowboy” James Storm pins Jesse

Austin Aries & Bobby Roode defeat Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez to become the new TNA Tag Team Champions

Brooke Tessmacher pins Tara in a non-title match

Sting & Bully Ray defeat “Aces & Eights” (Devon & Doc) in a Tables match


No Impact

I wasn’t impressed with neither Garett Bischoff or Wes Brisco’s promos explaining their reasons for turning on Kurt Angle. I thought that Bischoff’s reason of being disrespected as to why he joined “Aces & Eights” to be really lame. At least Wes Brisco’s explanation made a little sense but not by much with his reason being that Hulk Hogan never return his calls despite his father being Gerald Brisco. For me the promo fail to get Bischoff and Brisco over as “Heels” because they came across as jokes. Hopefully things will turn around as I think if TNA does it right, Garett and Brisco could be true “Heels.”

Ok, somebody needs to tell Brooke Hogan not to speak because the minute that she opens her mouth, you know the segment is going to suck. Seriously, the segment with Bully Ray, Sting, Hulk Hogan and Brooke Hogan was terrible because of Brooke Hogan’s acting. I’ve seen better acting in a Porn flick which is bad because we all know that Porn Stars aren’t Academy Award winning actresses. Sting and Hulk Hogan didn’t help the segment as they were just boring and over the top. Even Bully Ray couldn’t save this segment despite cutting a good solid promo. Hopefully Bully Ray can find himself a good divorce lawyer so he can divorce his way out of this shitty story.

Normally you wouldn’t find “The Cowboy” James Storm under “No Impact” but being stuck in a match with Jesse unfortunately lands him in the “No Impact” zone. This the second week in a row that Storm had to face Jesse in a match. This time it was mostly a squash match with Storm beating the shit out of Jesse. I think that Jesse does have potential to be a good Mid-Card wrestler but my biggest problem is Jesse’s gimmick which is very annoying. I hope once these UK tapings are done airing, Storm gets a real feud.

Last week, Robbie had to job to Joseph Park and now he’s interrupts the winner of the British Boot Camp; Rockstar Spud’s promo. While we didn’t hear that much from Spud, I’m not impress yet as I want to see what he can do in the ring. Robbie looked ridiculous hanging Robbie T’s back claiming that Robbie was holding him back. I guess that the whole point of the segment was to get Robbie T over with the fans as TNA has been teasing a “Face” turn for Robbie T but I wish it wasn’t at the expense of Robbie E.

Average Impact

Ok, while the crowd in Manchester England was into the Table match, I thought it was just an average match that shouldn’t have been the main event. I’m not saying that the match was terrible as Bully Ray really shined during the match especially when he slammed Devon into the tale. There were some good spots during the match including the table being moved out of the way before someone could go through it. The match had the usual interference from Mike Knoxx of “Aces & Eights” I will say that the crowd went crazy when both Sting and Bully Ray hit both Devon and Doc with the Stinger Splash. I wouldn’t mind seeing Bully Ray vs. Devon for the TNA TV title which would be a good main event if booked right.


High Impact

I have to say that the Triple Threat match for the TNA X Division title was a great choice for the first match of the night. All three men were awesome in this match with some great spots including Xema Ion doing a Sunset Flip Dive onto RVD and Kenny King on the outside of the ring landing on his feet. There were lot of near falls and I liked how TNA book the match to look like either King or Ion was going to win the match. The ending was booked perfectly by having RVD breaking up King’s pin attempt on Ion and RVD pinning Ion to retain the X Division title. I really think that TNA needs to pull the trigger and put the X Division title on either King or Ion as both men could be the “Face” of the X Division.

The best match of the night was Aries and Roode vs. Chavo and Hernandez as this was a  four star match with great action and storytelling. I like how during the first part of the match, Aries and Roode were trying to one up each other while not truly working together as tag team partners. It didn’t help with miscommunications like Aries missing a suicide dive on Chavo, hitting Roode instead.  The fighting continue throughout the match with Chavo and Hernandez having control for most of the match but Roode did breakup a few pin attempts on Aries. I thought TNA did a great with having Roode to walkout on Aries only to come back and take out Chavo so Aries could hit the 450 Splash for the win. With Aries and Roode winning the TNA Tag Team titles; Aries becomes the fifth triple crown champion.

The Knockouts had another great as Brooke Tessmacher and Tara face each in one hell of a good match which Brooke really got to shine as she and Tara have great chemistry in the ring. The crowd was really into the match especially when Brooke hit the Asstastic on Tara. I also liked the roll through into a pin attempt that Brooke did on Tara which I thought was impressive. Tara didn’t disappoint either hitting the Spider’s Web on Brooke for a near pin fall. I think what made this match even better was the fact that Jesse wasn’t at ringside which was a great thing. I thought that it was interesting that Brooke got the win over Tara with the Tess-Shocker. This is the second week that Tara has lost a match which leads me to believe that TNA is going to do a Triple Threat match with Brooke and Velvet Sky facing Tara for the TNA Knockouts title.

Show Rating: 6 ¼   


Final Thoughts

Well the second part of the Manchester, UK taping was good but not as good as last week’s show. The best part of the night by far was the TNA Tag Team title match which Austin Aries and Bobby Roode became new TNA Tag Team Champions. Also we had a great Knockouts match along with a great X Division title match. I think that TNA’s UK taping have been successful so far. I look for one of the matches on next week’s Impact Wrestling to be a Triple Threat match for the TNA Knockouts title with Tara defending against Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher.  It will be interesting to see what TNA has in store next week as it is the first of the two tapings from London, England.


Star of the Night: Austin Aries & Bobby Roode


Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at

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