Riley’s Corner: WWE Smackdown for 01-11-13


Riley’s Corner

With Riley Ross

SmackDown is coming at you from Miami Florida. On commentary tonight we have the usually loud and boring combination of JBL and Josh Matthews. Follow me on twitter @RileyRoss7 and tell me what you think of the current WWE product. Feel free to comment on the page as well.

Tonight’s show opens with a recap of the ADR and Big Show feud. They are really hyping this match too bad they already spoiled it on Tuesday night.  After the recap here comes Booker T to get the show started. He talks about the show on Raw and promises that whatever Raw can do Smackdown can do better.  We get Antonio Cesaro vs. Randy Orton, The Rock is back on SmackDown. I know way to bury the lead but it’s all good.  Here comes Big Show to whine about his match tonight with ADR. I am really sick of Big Show and his incessant need to complain about having to defend his title. Either accept it or shut up. Quit your whining and know your role dipshit; you don’t put your hands on the guy in charge. Here comes ADR to take on the whiney giant. The crowd is actually cheering for ADR.

Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro—Yes I get it that Cesaro is anti-America but is it really necessary for him to come down with the US Flag. As someone who served in the military I find it kind of disrespectful that he would do this. Then again why expect anything less from the WWE? The start of this match looks weak as hell. Figure out what to do before you get in the ring and not before the bell starts. Nice clothesline from Orton to Cesaro outside the ring. Back from commercial and Cesaro is dominating Orton.  Orton is trying to mount a comeback the elbows to the midsection. Cesaro denies him this opportunity and slams Orton to the mat.  Orton gets a pin but the champ kicks out. Randy delivers a nice kick to Cesaro’s shoulder too bad it didn’t take his head off. Nice uppercut from Cesaro and Orton counters with a neckbreaker. He goes for the DDT from the second rope and it connects. Hell yea let’s go psychotic Orton.  He goes for the RKO and here comes the Shield to attack.   I love you Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns but please do not interrupt another Orton match ever AGAIN!!

Matt Striker is shown backstage with 3MB. They are really going to enter the Royal Rumble. I hope these three buffoons are eliminated as soon as they enter the ring. Two out of three lack charisma and talent. Yes Slater and Mihal I am looking at you two.

CM Punk is at Sun Life Stadium to taunt the Rock. He even has the Rock’s football jersey for when he played for the Hurricanes. It’s so nice to hear Heyman say smackdown. He tells the Rock that this isn’t the old WWE that this is Punk’s WWE now and there is nothing the Rock can do about it.  Cannot wait for the Rock’s response.

Matt Striker is in the locker room to get ADR’s response to what happened at the beginning of the show. ADR calls Show insecure and says that he will teach Show a few things.

Dolph Ziggler/AJ vs. The Great Khali/Natalya—AJ and Dolph are escorted to the ring by Big E. Khali and Ziggler start off the match. Khali delivers some nasty and painful sounding chops to Ziggler’s chest. Ziggler tags in AJ and while Khali goes to tag in Natalya; AJ jumps on his back. Natalya goes to put the shrieking harpy into the Sharpshooter but AJ bit Natalya. Its wrestling not the fucking schoolyard. Learn how to fight with the big people or go home you delusional nutjob. AJ gets the pin. Big E Langston attacks Khali. Ziggler follows up and Hornswoggle comes into the ring like he can do something. Really? Really? Gee Langston you have talent wrestling but stay the hell away from a microphone.

Another Punk promo from the Sun Life stadium; yes we get it Punk you are godlike now prove it by backing up what you say.  I am not trying to be mean but holy shit can they just fight already. I don’t think I can take another two weeks of them whining about each other.

Finally it’s time for the Rock’s return to his show SmackDown! The crowd is on fire and hey there was a close-up of his wrists and nary a cheat sheet on them. Suck on that Rock haters.  He points out the goose bumps on his arm and I seriously got chills. This man whether he has been away for a long or not still has the ability to cut a promo. To the boys in the back that cannot cut a promo sit back and take notes. Flo Rida is in the house to show support. The Cookie Puss chants start. He says that we will kick Cookie Puss’ ass at the Royal Rumble. Here come the Rhodes Scholars to hopefully get verbally owned for interrupting the Great One. Cody says The Rock isn’t allowed to become champion but they are allowed to. He goes on to say the Rock doesn’t deserve this time but they do. He tells the Rock to get out of the ring before the choice is taken away from him.  Rock just owned Cody with the reference to the dead caterpillar on his lip. Yes Damien that was funny. He keeps referencing the thing that is on Cody’s lip, Rhodes’ response to that was childlike and stupid. Sandow challenges the Rock to answer three questions correctly.  I love it he called Sandow bitch. I love the Gremlins references he keeps throwing at Sandow. The Rock still has it the way he is owning their asses.  He turns it around to ask them the final question, Sandow answers Rock Bottom and that is exactly what he got. Sorry Rhodes but you don’t stand a chance against the Brahma Bull. Welcome back to the WWE universe Rock.

3MB vs. Sheamus—Can someone please explain to me what 3MB brings to the table? If you do please know that I don’t dislike all three. Drew has talent it’s the other two that sucks. Of course Slater runs like a little girl when Sheamus charges at him. They act like they are going to run but charge at Sheamus. Slater was welcomed with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus wins.

Team Hell No vs. PTP—Young and Bryan start it off. Young is taking it to Bryan in the corner. (Sorry that sounded dirty) Short match as Kane gets the win with a chokeslam.  Cannot wait to see what Dr. Shelby has in store for them on Monday night!!!

ADR vs. Big Show— As this is a Last Man Standing Match for the WHC there are no disqualifications. Anything goes in this match. ADR has already been put thru a table but he is still coming after the giant with a steel chair. We are back from commercial and ADR is still going after the Big Show’s shoulder. Screw that Del Rio go for the knees as they are pretty much vulnerable. Show brings out more tables but ADR is fighting like hell. ADR knocks over the announcers table on an already injured Show. ADR wins and is the new World Heavyweight Champion. In my opinion it would have meant more if it wasn’t spoiled.

In closing SmackDown was awesome as hell from Punk’s promos to the Rock’s response. I give this show a strong B+. Now I am a fan of Orton’s so calm your jets before attacking me for saying this but his match with Cesaro was weak as hell. Match of the night goes to Big Show and ADR, yes hell probably froze over because I am giving this honor to those two. It was a solid match even though the ending was spoiled but what can you do about it? Make sure you all check out  We’ll be airing Tuesday at  10pm ET Call in at (347) 945-6363. Have a good night and a better tomorrow.

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