I Like It Raw Holiday Tour From MSG: 12-27-12

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I Like It Raw Holiday Tour

With Andrew B.

Welcome everyone as I, Andrew B tell you all about my recent trip to Madison Square Garden for the WWE RAW Holiday Tour. In the main event John Cena battles Dolph Ziggler inside a steel cage. Also the New Age Outlaws return to the ring to battle Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes. Plus Kaitlyn battles Eve for the Divas Championship. In another big match Ryback battles Paul Heyman in a New York City street fight. So let’s begin right now.

I wore my pink Ziggler shirt because I don’t believe WWE shirts are worth $30 each even though they had nice ones like the Daniel Bryan Yes, Miz, Purple Ryder, Blue Ziggler, Yellow Punk, I’m a Heyman Guy, Blue Cena, Green Cena, Knees to Faces & the Ryback shirt.

I went to the show with my two friends & when we went to the box office & since I had my navy ID on me I asked if MSG gave a military discount & to my surprise my ticket was free. We were in section 113 which was good but we were behind the entrance so we could not see everything.

On the floor in front of our section my hero Big Johnny & Michael Hayes were doing production.

Vickie opened the show by telling us some of the matches that would happen later in the card. She stood on the ramp but we could not see her. Vickie got tons of heat.

Match 1: The New Age Outlaws vs. Team Rhodes Scholars:

The crowd was hot for the intro that BG James does on the way to the ring. In the ring Billy Gunn mentioned it was a PG show which got boos & then he says he does not care because they had 2 words for us & MSG yelled suck it. Rhodes Scholars got a mixed reaction & there were chants for Cody’s Mustache. New Age Outlaws won after a 10 minute solid opening bout. It was great to see BG James & Billy Gunn back in action.

Winners: The New Age Outlaws

Match 2: Brodus Clay vs. David Otunga:

Clay came out with the girls & they did the whole dancing thing without the pyro. Clay got a nice pop while Otunga got some heat & then this was new to his entrance. He wears his cape all the way into the ring & then poses to what someone near me called Lex Luger’s old narcissist theme song. The match was as good as you would expect from them but thank god it was short & Clay won with the splash in about 2 minutes.

Winner: Brodus Clay

After the match Jack Swagger came out with a beard now to a nice pop actually until he starting ripping on NY which got him boos. He said Clay danced as well as Mark Sanchez plays football which got a mixed reaction. Swagger then challenged Clay to a match with a former World Heavyweight Champion.

Match 3: Brodus Clay vs. Jack Swagger:

This match was better than the match vs. Otunga as this match but men were on offense even though it was short & Clay won in about 2 minutes also & then danced in the ring with some kids. It was nice to see Swagger back & hopefully he is used right when he returns.

Winner: Brodus Clay

Justin Roberts told us to tweet which Christmas song the loser of the Santino Marella vs. Tensai match should sing.

Match 4: Kaitlyn vs. Eve for the Divas Title:

But women are so sexy in person but we also learned that they know how to wrestle. They only had 5 minutes but they put on a good match in those 5 minutes. It was back & forth with many close falls & the crowd was behind Kaitlyn giving Eve heat & hoeski chants. In the end Eve won with her finisher. If a match like this was on a 3 hour Raw instead of a 2 minute match people would care more about the division.

Winner: Eve Retains the Divas Title

Match 5: Tensai vs. Santino Marella – The Loser Must Sing a Holiday Song:

Tensai got a small reaction while Santino was over big time & got a huge pop as did the cobra when he pulled out the sock. There was a small Albert chant but not that big. In the end Santino won with the cobra in a decent match. After Vickie Guerrero appeared on stage & we could not see her but she told Tensai he had to sing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Tensai said he was Jewish & didn’t know that song which got many laughs from the crowd. He then warmed up with a WWE Version of the Adam Sandler Chanukah Song & then sang Rudolph as everyone chanted what & he kept stopping to say shut up.

Winner: Santino Marella

 Match 6: Team Hell No & Miz vs. The Shield:

Miz got a nice reaction as did Kane but Bryan receive the loudest cheers & the Yes chants were loud. The Shield came through the crowd & it turned into a big brawl around ringside to start off. Early on the Shield took control & went for the triple powerbomb but Kane & Miz saved Bryan & then Bryan took them all out with a suicide dive on the outside. The match was good but not as good as the TLC match I saw. I think it was good but a street fight would have been better. In the end the Shield won after the Triple Powerbomb on Miz after an exciting 20 minute match.

Winners: The Shield

Justin Roberts then showed off some merchandise on sale & then said there was then a 10 minute intermission where they showed a promo for the Rock’s Royal Rumble Return & the WWE Holiday Music Video as well as other WWE promos.

Match 7: Prime Time Players vs. USO Brothers:

The crowd was behind the Usos brothers even though PTP got some cheers during their intros. The match was a very good tag team match even though it was only 4-5 minutes long. In the end the Usos hit a double splash on each member of PTP for the win. After their win they got the MSG crowd to chant USO.

Winners: The Usos

Match 8: Zack Ryder vs. Antonio Cesaro for the US Title:

I felt bad as the reaction for Ryder was not as loud as it used to be even though he got a nice pop it was not as loud as a year ago. Cesaro got mostly heat with a few fans cheering for him. The match started slow with the crowd waking up & getting more into towards the end. In the end Cesaro won with the Neutralizer.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro Retains the US Title

Match 9: Paul Heyman vs. Ryback in a NYC Street Fight:

Before the match Heyman who came out with no music & got a mixed reaction cut a promo saying he was in the front row of MSG as a kid watching WWE with his camera. He then mentions everyone that wrestled at MSG for WWE & they got all nice pops including Stone Cold, The Rock, and Bruno Sammartino & Hulk Hogan. Heyman then says they can all kiss his ass. Ryback then comes out to a huge pop. The Shield come out & attacks Ryback & brings a table in the ring. Team Hell No & Miz come out to scare off the Shield. Ryback then hit Heyman with Shell Shock for the win. After the match Ryback comes back & puts Heyman through the table & does the feed me more chant as he is over big.

Winner: Ryback

While the cage is being lowered Justin Roberts said that after the show for 1hour everyone can go to the box office & get tickets for the Hall of Fame at MSG.

Main Event: John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler in a Cage Match:

Ziggler got nice pops but Cena got a louder reaction as the crowd was 80 -20 in favor of Cena/ I had hopes that Ziggler could win after TLC nut Cena won but it didn’t matter as the match was great. It was nearly 20 minutes long & they had the crowd in the match. Many people in MSG didn’t know who Big E was & AJ looked so sexy in her shorts & Ziggler shirt. There was a ref bump so Big E went in the ring but Cena took him out in the end & then AJ slapped Cena but Cena kissed her. In the end Cena pinned Dolph after an AA.

Winner: John Cena



Overall it was not a bad show with the 6 man tag & the main event as the matches of the night. Everything else was good with the worst match of the night being Otunga vs. Clay. WWE house shows are good & are worth going but TNA house shows are better.

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