Riley’s Corner: Smackdown Review For 12/28/12


Welcome back to the ever so snarky Riley’s Corner where I discuss this week’s SmackDown. This is the last SmackDow of 2012. I hope that in 2013 the show gets better especially with the commentary. Once again we are stuck with Josh Matthews and the ever so annoying JBL.

Sheamus opens the show by coming down to the ring to say that he will be the World Heavyweight Champion again in 2013. He is calling out the Big Show for a title match tonight. Here comes the champ to answer the challenge. Show insults Sheamus and says that he will never get a chance to gain the title back. Sheamus says that he came to fight and tosses his shirt into the crowd. Here comes Booker T to restore order. Show says that no one is worthy of his title. The GM announces that Show will have a match tonight for the WHC. He is going to put all the ‘losers’ in a tumbler and draw a name for his opponent. The lucky winner is Santino Marella.  Big Show laughing sums it up for this match.  Seriously? When I made the comment about wanting fresh matches this is not what I was talking about.

Brodus Clay vs. Primo—Primo is accompanied to the ring by Epico and Rosa. While Brodus brought Cameron and Naomi with him. God bless Cameron and Naomi. Brodus is owning Primo’s ass throughout the match. Brodus Clay gets the victory. Here comes Rosa to bitch and moan but the Funkadactyls take her out.

Santino is shown in the back talking to Sheamus. He wants Sheamus to show him how to bring down Big Show. Sheamus shows him how to do the Brogue Kick. Santino tries but goes down screaming like a little girl.

Team Hell No/Kofi Kingston vs. Team Rhodes Scholars/Wade Barrett—Rhodes and Daniel Bryan start it off. Kofi finally gets his hands on Wade Barrett.  This match has lots of action between all six men. Kofi gets the Trouble in Paradise on Rhodes but too bad Wade Barrett was the legal man. Good to see Kofi showing off his aggressive side. Wade Barrett gets the pin on Kofi Kingston.

Booker T is backstage with Big Show. They are discussing Santino as he cannot compete tonight as he pulled a muscle. Booker T says that he will pick another opponent for Show to face later tonight. He tells Show that he will find out who his opponent later. Teddy Long brings in Ricardo Rodriguez and Show laughs. Show puts the title on Ricardo and demands that he announce himself as the WHC. Show knocks him out and walks out after having angry words with the SmackDown GM.

Zack Ryder vs. Antonio Cesaro—Cesaro is making quick work of Ryder. That was a nasty ass stomp that Cesaro delivered to Ryder’s midsection. Ryder does deliver some offense but fails to connect the Broski boot. Cesaro connects with the Neutralizer and scores the win.

Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler—Dolph Ziggler is accompanied to the ring by the Unstable AJ and Big E Langston and the most popular ever guest the MITB briefcase. Miz is kicking ass so far. Nice takedown of Ziggler by the Miz.  Ziggler tries to turn it around but Miz throws him out of the ring. Ziggler was caught by Big E.  The Show Off turns it around and dominates the Miz. Back from commercial and Ziggler is still in control of the match.  This is hands down the match of the night in my book. AJ tells Big E to distract Miz because he blew her a kiss. Bitch please sit your ass down and count butterflies. Ziggler gets the win due to the distraction. Miz grabs the microphone and insults AJ. Ziggler attacks him until Langston comes in and lays him out.

Booker T is backstage with a medic and Ricardo. We learn that poor Ricardo cannot compete tonight and lo and behold the lurker Brad Maddox appears begging for a shot. Booker T caves in and gives him a match. ADR comes in and threatens the Big Show for destroying his friend. Booker T offers him the WHC title shot. ADR accepts and dedicates it to Ricardo.

Brad Maddox vs. Sheamus—Maddox tries to walk away but Sheamus stops him. Brad Maddox is so bad at wrestling that he makes David Otunga look good. Need I say more when I say that Sheamus wins with a Brogue Kick.

The Usos vs. Prime Time Players—Nice team work from both tag teams. Young accidentally kicked his partner in the head. The Usos use twin magic to score the victory. Hells yeah if it worked for the Bellas then it can work for the Usos.

Matt Striker is backstage with Big Show. Show says that if ADR wants to get knocked out he will be more than happy to oblige him.

Big Show vs. ADR for the WHC—What no car for ADR? I am sadly disappointed by this. ADR is taking it too Big Show but Show pushes him off. This match is about as interesting as watching paint dry. I would rather watch clothes spin around in a dryer. ADR delivering kicks to the champ and goes for the pin but Show kicks out. I am not going to say how dirty that move looked when ADR tried to put the Cross Arm Breaker on Show. Big Show walks away but Sheamus comes down to assist him back to the ring. The bell rings and I am not sure if Show won due to DQ or ADR due to count out. The locker room comes out to help Show into the ring. ADR kicks him in the head and Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick.

In closing the only match worth watching was between Ziggler and The Miz. I give the show a B+ because it could have been so much better. Hopefully in 2013 the WWE will up the ante and give the fans what they want. Have a good night and a better tomorrow.



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