Night Before Christmas: Wrestling Style

Merry Christmas_5

Night Before Christmas: Wrestling Style

With Billy James

With Christmas upon us and the year coming to an end; I decide to write a take of the “Night Before Christmas” with a little wrestling twist. Yes, I know it completely cheesy and corny but hey it’s the Christmas season. So continue to read and enjoy “Night Before Christmas” Wrestling style.

(I wrote this piece last year on our other site but I decided to post it here for the entire Mayer Nation to enjoy. What a better night to post the Night Before Christmas: Wrestling Style as it’s Christmas Eve and it’s Monday Night Raw. So enjoy the Night Before Christmas: Wrestling Style)


‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house.

Not a creature was stirring, not even Vickie Guerrero and her annoying voice.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;

AJ and Kaitlyn were nestled all snug in their beds sucking their thumbs,

While Nikki and Brie were in the bunks dreaming of sugar-plums thoughts;

Suddenly I awoke to a noise and went downstairs to see what was the matter

Only to find Dolph Ziggler stealing the Christmas tree.

Before I could speak the next thing I knew, out from the chimney came John Cena giving  Ziggler an Attitude Adjustment .

 Before I could say thanks, next thing I knew; I was out like a light courteously of the Rock and a Rock Bottom.

A few minutes later I woke to another noise and ran to the window and looked to the sky.

  Brodus Clay driving Santa’s sleigh with Hornswoggle riding shotgun as his side.

 As they drove away who did I see, CM Punk and riding in the back with Paul Heyman holding the WWE title over his head.

 As they drove way, I could hear him say “I’m the Best in the World and Merry Christmas to all.”

What it year has been to be a wrestling fan, especially with this year of CM Punk.  Punk had entertained us all from his matches with John Cena, Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho to his “Heel” turn and aligning with Paul Heyman . 2012 was a great for serveal WWE Superstars including Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and AJ Lee. While it was the year of CM Punk in the WWE, in TNA it was the year of Austin Aries as Aries became the TNA World Heavyweight Champion after an amazing run with the TNA X Division title. Lot of TNA Superstars found success in 2012 as Bobby Roode has a great run with the TNA title while Jeff Hardy made his way back to the top winning the TNA title at Bound for Glory.

 I want to say thanks to those who supported me while I was writing and to those who listen to my weekly podcast.  I thank John Mayer, Riley Ross and Andrew B. who have help me improve and who work hard to make this site great.  Especially John who joins me every week on the podcast. In closing I can’t wait to we’ll see what will in the world of wrestling in 2013.

Christmas Card

 Please don’t forget to check out the 2012 WWE John John Awards hosted by John Mayers on Wednesday and  2012 TNA Glory Awards podcast with myself and John Mayer on Thursday. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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