Andrew B’s Wrestling Rewind: WWE TLC 2012 Review

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Andrew B’s Wrestling Rewind

With Andrew B.

Welcome everyone to the Andrew B’s Wrestling Rewind: WWE TLC 2012 Review as I went to the show last Sunday night with my cousin. It was my first time seeing a ladder match or chairs match or TLC Match. It was a great show & I am here to tell you about my experience at TLC. It was also the first time seeing many of the current superstars for me in action. So let’s begin right now as I take you through my trip to TLC 2012.

I went to TLC with my cousin & we took the train in to Jamaica & then transferred to Brooklyn & the trip was not bad at all even though it was an ugly rainy night. When we got there the line was long but we got to go to a short line because we had to pick up tickets at the box office. The new Barclay Center is so next & had an elevator which took us to the lobby on the floor we were on. I had on my pink Dolph Ziggler shirt & was going to buy a shirt but I thought $30 was too much for a shirt. They had the TLC shirt, YES Daniel Bryan shirt, the Miz shirt, the yellow CM Punk shirt; I’m a Paul Heyman Guy & the Ryback shirt plus a few other things like masks & belts. On the TLC shirt it said Miz & Rey Mysterio vs. Rhodes Scholars which I thought was funny.

Eventually we got to our seats & the first match was a dark match between JTG & David Otunga. The match was short & average but the crowd was behind JTG as he was from Brooklyn even though he has not been seen in forever. After Matt Striker & Scott Stanford came out & Striker got a little pop while nobody knew who Stanford was.

The pre-show was very weird live because it was mostly talking by the commentators & we could not hear anything they said. The Divas battle royal was okay & I was shocked that Naomi won the match.

Before the show JBL & Jerry Lawler came out to nice reactions but then Michael Cole came out & got mostly boo’s but a few cheers. Lilian Garcia got a nice reaction. Then this is where the PPV started as they rang the bell & it was a sad moment as people had tears in their eyes except one also ruined it. When it got silent right before the first bell rung an idiot yelled nobody will remember in a week & that got me so angry.

The opening bout of TLC was the tag team tables’ match. Mysterio got a nice reaction as did Sin Cara but Rhodes Scholars got a good reaction also. The crowd was very hot for this match & kept chanting Cody’s Mustache.  The match was very good & the crowd was into in rooting for both teams. The promo Sandow cut before the match about being a Brooklyn Hipster was very funny & I understand his point. The match was very good & I enjoyed the brawl around ringside. Also seeing Sandow for the first time in action was cool plus I liked seeing the cartwheel in person. After the match Sin Cara was helped to the back by Mysterio & a few referees.

Then there was a backstage promo by the shield which I thought was very good & I am a fan of them. I like Ambrose & Rollins more than Reigns but I like them all.

The US Title Match was good but the crowd was quiet except for some USA chants but it plus it didn’t help that Truth was in control for most of the match. Cesaro had some fans but crowd was mostly behind Truth. Seeing Cesaro in action for the first time was cool & seeing his finisher was awesome. After the match Cesaro cut an anti – American promo that got him mostly boos.

They showed Touts of many soldiers as the crowd cheered & chanted USA.

They showed Ziggler backstage which got tons of cheers foreshadowing the reactions for the main event. Ziggler cut a good promo that was not a surprise as he had the crowd behind him.

Miz TV was up next & Miz got a nice reaction but there were people complaining in my section about how PPV should only being wrestling & not talking like Miz TV. Miz introduced 3MB & everyone booed as I marked out & cheered. I tried to start a 3MB chant but nobody joined me. When 3MB mentioned Jay Z they got a lot of boos as I was cheering them the whole segment. I cheered when they said they were performing on the Slammy’s as everyone around me looked at me weird. 3MB then went over to the Spanish Announcers as everyone wondered why Miz did not help Ricardo who came out to a nice reaction. When Del Rio came out he surprisingly got a nice pop & when the 6 man tag was announced a We Want Ryder chant started. Many people in my area thought it was either Ryder or Mark Henry. One person said it would be Fandango who joined Del Rio & Miz.

The backstage segment between Kane & Daniel Bryan was funny & the crowd was hot for Bryan chanting yes.

I missed most of Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett match because I went to the restroom & security led me to the wrong spot many times but I saw the start & it started well with the crowd split 60 – 40 in favor of Barrett. I caught it on YouTube & it was good but I did make it back it time for the end to see Kofi win with Trouble in Paradise.

After Kofi left & Barrett left there was one part of the arena cheering & then the lights came on & we saw Punk in the skybox. Punk got a mixed reaction & had many fans even though he was talking shit about Brooklyn. I did like Punk’s new shirt that said knees to faces & I thought he cut a very good promo about Ryback. Also for those wondering he was in the skybox the whole night.

The 6 Man TLC Tag Match was next & there were complaints in the crowd about how it was not on last. Kane got a nice reaction as did Ryback but Bryan got the biggest reaction also the Shield got a mixed reaction as they entered through the crowd. The match was insane & the match of the night with many great spots. It was a great brawl that awesome spots like Ryback getting put through the Spanish Announcer’s table & Kane getting put through the barricade. There were many chants through the match such as YES; Goldberg, We Want Tables & This is Awesome plus some Feed Me More chants. There was also a small we want fire chant in our section but not many people caught on with it. The spot with Seth Rollins by the stage was insane when he went through the tables. When Bryan had the No Lock on many people thought the match was over. The match was insane & is a must watch plus it is in the Top 10 WWE PPV Matches of 2012.

After the 6 Man TLC Tag Match the Divas Title was next & you could see many people leaving to use the bathroom or buy food but the match was not bad. Naomi impressed me with her in ring abilities but in the end Eve won& not many people cared.

Big Show had an interview backstage & was booed when he was shown on the screen.

The Chairs Match for the World Title was next & the crowd was behind Sheamus big time. The match was not bad but the crowd was not into in the beginning but woke up & by the end of it was into it. At one point an Ole song broke out which was very funny. The best spots of the match was when Sheamus hit Big Show with White Noise & when Sheamus kicked out of the KO Punch. When Big Show pulled out “The Big Chair” there were many laughs in the crowd but when he uses it everyone cringed. After Big Show won the match many people were expecting Dolph Ziggler but it didn’t happen. The match was good but not as good as I & many others in the arena though. People were let down that Dolph didn’t cash in.

Cena was backstage & the crowd hated it when he showed up on screen but AJ got cheers. Nobody heard what Cena said because he was getting booed badly.

Then the other 6 Man Tag was up & 3MB got booed as again I was the only one cheering & tried to start a 3MB chant but it didn’t happen again. Miz & Del Rio got nice reactions but when they announced their partner as Brooklyn Brawler the crowd went crazy with Brooklyn chants. The crowd was happy when Brawler made Mahal tap as the crowd was behind all 3 baby faces.

A Royal Rumble promo was shown & there were many cheers for The Rock with a few fans booing & trying to start a Rocky Sucks chant but it didn’t happen.

The main event was awesome as Cena was hated by the crowd & the crowd was behind Ziggler but eventually the kids got a let’s go Cena chant but it was responded with let’s go Ziggler or Cena Sucks. The match was very good with nice spots like both men going through a table after falling off the ladder. There was also a You Can’t Wrestle Chant to Cena which he responded with a hurricanrana which was cool but the crowd didn’t care. Vickie came out & brawled with AJ & then the pop of the night came when AJ pushed over the ladder with Cena on it. The crowd gave that the loudest pop of the night as Ziggler then pulled the briefcase down to end the PPV.

After the show Cena grabbed a mic & said that the Brooklyn crowd was loud tonight & can hang with a crowd from Madison Square Garden any day. He thanked everyone for coming & told them to get home safe. Justin Roberts then thanked us for coming & said WWE will come back to Brooklyn very soon.

Best Match of the Night: 6 Man TLC Tag Match

Worst Match of the Night: JTG vs. David Otunga – Dark Match

Loudest Pop: Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan

Most Heat: John Cena



TLC 2012 was a great show & being there live made it even better. I am glad I got to go & it is definitely worth buying the DVD when it comes out.

I’m Andrew B so until next time everyone enjoy the holidays.

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