Riley’s Corner: WWE Smackdown Review for 12-14-12


Riley’s Corner

With Riley Ross

Welcome back to Riley’s Corner where I breakdown SmackDown and give my opinions on each segment. To state the obvious this is the go home show before the TLC PPV on Sunday. Before I get start the article I want to send my heartfelt condolences and prayers to the families who lost loved ones at the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

R-Truth vs. Big Show—Antonio Cesaro and Sheamus are on commentary. Yes WWE we get it they have matches with the competitors on Sunday. After Big Show hit R-Truth, Cesaro walks over to him but Sheamus hits him. Big Show gets the win with the KO punch. Sheamus and Show have a staredown before Cesaro pushes the Celtic Warrior into the champ. Big Show starts whining that his arm is hurt due to Sheamus hitting him.

Big Show goes to the SmackDown GM Booker T and tries to convince him to call off the match Sunday. Essentially Booker T tells him to shut up and that the match is still on.

Team Rhodes Scholars vs. The Usos—Really glad to see that Cody Rhodes is back in action. Also I am really glad to see the Usos in action. Rhodes and Sandow work well with each other as they get the win over the Usos. Sandow gets the win with a roll up.

David Otunga and the Big Show are going over his no contact order. They are in the ring bitching that Sheamus violated the contract. Otunga takes the microphone and announces that Big Show was forced to sign the contract and that the GM will not honor said contract. He makes a threat to go to the Board of Directors to have Booker T removed. Booker comes out to defend himself while Show pouts that he cannot get out of the match on Sunday. Otunga announces that he is going to see about getting Sheamus fired too. Here comes Sheamus with a chair. If the match is off then he will kick Shows butt tonight. Show then cowards out and says the match is still on before leaving the ring. Otunga gets a Brogue Kick for his legal advice.

The Shield attack Randy Orton backstage. While I am slowly starting to like the New Nexus, I am a little worried that their over exposure will start to have disastrous results. ALSO stop going after Orton and Mizanin. If I may be so bold to make this recommendation go after Cena and destroy him.

Kaitlyn vs. Aksana—I am sorry but this match was terrible. While Kaitlyn has shown improvement, Aksana seems to be getting worse. Her movements were more sloppy than ADR’s as of late.  Kaitlyn gets the win with backbreaker across her knee.

Matt Striker updates us on the condition of Randy Orton. Orton, our beloved Apex Predator, has a separated shoulder and maybe a concussion as well. Sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery.

MizTv is up next with Team Hell No as special guests. All three are verbally sparring when the Shield appears on the Titantron. If you have seen one Shield promo then you have seen them all. This one says that justice will be served at TLC. Kane says why wait and they agree.  They start to make their way down thru the crowd and Ryback comes out to greet them. The Shield retreats. Why would they retreat as this is making them look weak and scared?

The Great Khali/Hornswoggle/Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel w/Natalya vs. PTP/Primo and Epico w/Rosa Mendes—When I said we need to see Natalya this is not what I had in mind. The valets do have a little skirmish when Rosa slaps Tyson. Kidd gets the win over Primo. Even having six talented men in the ring, this match goes down as one of the worst matches ever.

Kofi Kingston vs. ADR—This is match of the night in my opinion. There is lots of back and forth action and to be brutally honest this is the match that kept me in my seat. Kofi Kingston is extremely talented and has charisma and great work on the microphone unlike his opponent. Kofi gets the win.

Sheamus vs. Cesaro—Before this match starts, Sheamus is talking to William Regal about his match at the PPV. He is vowing to destroy Big Show with repeated chair shots. For the life of me I couldn’t enjoy this match. Although there was lots of action between the two superstars it just seemed like a filler match not the main event. Big Show comes out with a chair and a hostage. He throws William Regal down at his feet and Sheamus runs to save his friend. Regal is telling Sheamus to go away while Show hits him with a chair. Sheamus loses the match due to a countout.

In closing I found the show to be decent. I am a little hyped about the lineup on the PPV. My match of the night goes to Kofi Kingston and ADR. My what in the hell were you thinking match goes to the eight man tag match. I give the show a C because I feel as though creative didn’t try hard enough to build up hype for the matches at TLC.  Have a good night and a better tomorrow.

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