Andrew B’s Wrestling Rewind: TNA December 2008 Final Resolution

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Andrew B’s Wrestling Rewind

With Andrew B.

Welcome everybody to another Wrestling Rewind as this time we look at the 2008 December Final Resolution. In the main event there will be an 8 man tag for the TNA World Title. Plus Feast or Fired is back giving 3 Wrestlers title shots & firing another superstar. Also Awesome Kong & Christy Hemme will battle for the Knockouts Title. Beer Money defends the TNA Tag Titles against Matt Morgan & Abyss. So let’s begin right now.

We get our opening video package & pyro as Don West & Mike Tenay welcome us to the show & run down the card.

Match 1: Consequences Creed vs. Curry Man vs. Hernandez vs. Homicide vs. Jay Lethal vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Lance Rock vs. Kip James vs. BG James vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Shark Boy in Feast or Fired:

The match starts as a huge brawl with everyone going at it. It is a huge brawl with everyone trying to take down a briefcase as Curry man crotches Lance Rock. Shark Boy pulls down the tights of Dutt exposing his ass as the MCMG double team Shark Boy. BG & Creed try to fight the MCMG but the MCMG take them both out & then double team Shark Boy & Curry Man but Shark Boy & Curry Man throws Sabin & Shelley into each other. Shark Boy & Curry Man go to climb but Dutt pushes them to the outside & is alone in the ring. He goes to climb but Hernandez stops him but Dutt walks on his back & hops on the apron but Lethal stops him but Lance Rock pushes them both to the outside. Jimmy Rave goes to climb & Homicide dives to the outside on top of everyone. Hernandez stops Rave & hits him with a border toss over the top rope on a group of people. Hernandez then climbs up & takes a briefcase down. Curry Man takes it to Kip in the ring & then BG attacks Kip & goes to climb but Shark Boy stops him & hits him & Kip & Creed with stunners. Lance Rock then hits Shark Boy with a boot to the face & then takes out the MCMG. Lethal goes to climb but Rave stops him & in the ring Homicide & Curry Man are climbing but Curry Man pushes Homicide down & he grabs the briefcase but & then dives on the outside on top of people. Rave hits Lethal with his finisher but Kip then hits rave with his finisher. MCMG takes out Kip & then Creed & Homicide take out the MCMG. Dutt takes out Creed & then Lethal takes out Dutt with a full nelson suplex. Lethal goes to climb but Homicide crotches him. He hits Lethal with a gringo cutter of the top ropes. Homicide climbs up but Dutt climbs up but Homicide crotches Dutt & grabs the briefcase.Kip & BG battle on the outside until Dutt takes them both out. The MCMG double team Rock and Rave Infection & then attack Lethal as he goes to climb. Shelley pulls down the case & he & Sabin go to leave the ring holding it together but Lethal hops on the ropes & grabs the case & leaves the ring.

Winners: Homicide, Curry Man, Hernandez & Jay Lethal

Match Rating: ** ¾ out of 5

We see replays of the action & then JB says it is time to open one case now but the rest will be opened on Impact. JB says if anyone wants to give up their case but they all say no. The MCMG are still in the ring bothering JB saying that Lethal’s case is their case. JB says Lethal’s case will be opened now. They open the case & Jay Lethal has won a TNA Tag Team Title Shot & this makes the MCMG angrier. Shelley yells at JB & then JB tells Shelley if he has a problem with what happened to go talk to Mick Foley. He says he is sick of the moaning, complaining, whining & bitching & that TNA stands for Total Nonstop Action not Total Nonstop Action. He says Shelley is the biggest pain in the ass he ever worked with.

Backstage Lauren is with Sharmell & the Beautiful People & Sharmell says under all this beauty there is ghetto in her. Velvet says the Knockouts call them the bad girls club because they do bad things to bad people. Velvet says they don’t start anything they just take out the trash they are put in the ring with. Love says they are beautiful & spoiled & then her phone rings & it is “Sarah Palin.” “Palin” says she will be on Impact this week as Velvet & Love freak out.

Match 2: ODB, Taylor Wilde & Roxxi vs. Sharmell & The Beautiful People:

ODB starts by taking out Love & Sky & they roll to the outside as Roxxi, Wilde & ODB stand tall in the ring. Love attacks Roxxi from behind but Roxxi takes control & tags in Wilde. Wilde & Roxxi make quick tags working on Love but Love comes back on Wilde & tags in Sky & they double team Wilde. Sky levels Wilde with punches but Wilde comes back with kicks & tags in Roxxi. Roxxi hits Sky with a body slam & tags in Wilde & Sky rolls to the outside. Roxxi then hits Love with a punch & Wilde tags in ODB. Kip runs in the ring & that allows Sky & Love to double team ODB. Sky hits ODB with chops but ODB comes back but Sky takes control & tags in Love. Love is in control over ODB ramming her back first into the corner. Love tags in Sky & they double team ODB. Sky tags in Sharmell & she kicks ODB & levels her with punches & then tags in Sky. Sky hits ODB with a dropkick & kicks & then tags in Love. ODB hits Love & Sky with a double clothesline. ODB tags in Wilde & she takes it to Love & Sky. Wilde hits them both with dropkicks &then a tilt a whirl slam on Love & then Roxxi attacks Sky & ODB is left in the ring with Sharmell. Kip goes in the ring to protect Sharmell but ODB slaps Kip & chases Sharmell to the back. In the ring Wilde & Love go at it. Love hits Wilde with a cross body off the top rope but Wilde rolls through for the win after almost 8 minutes.

Winners: ODB, Roxxi & Taylor Wilde

Match Rating: ** out of 5

Backstage JB is with Eric Young & EY says he is sick of Bashir & that he has more confidence now & this is a new EY. The MCMG walk up & EY says it is about the right decision not the popular decision & that the MCMG should join the frontline. Shelley says he is a team player but he does not trust everyone on the team. EY leaves & Shelley slams JB into a locker & says he was not thinking but he forgives JB & wants to know where Mick Foley is. JB tells them & they leave him alone.

Match 3: Eric Young vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir for the X Division Title:

They lock up & Sheik takes EY down & then they lock up & he takes EY down again. They lock up & Sheik rolls up EY for a near fall but EY comes back & hits a Thez Press & levels Sheik with punches & then attacks him in the corner but Sheik gets EY in the corner & levels EY with chops. EY comes back with a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. EY throws Sheik into the corner multiple times. Sheik throws EY in the corner & it sends EY to the outside. Sheik slams EY into the steps & then he throws EY into the steps. They go back in the ring & Sheik is in control but EY fights back with Sheik grounds him with multiple elbows. Sheik grounds EY again with a submission move but EY fights back. EY levels Sheik with punches & then a back suplex & then goes to the top rope. EY hits Sheik with an elbow drop for a near fall. EY then hits Sheik with a clothesline for a near fall. EY goes for a moonsault but Sheik moves & he goes for the WMD DDT but EY counters. Sheik throws EY to the outside & Sheik goes to go to the outside but the ref stops him. EY hops on the apron but Sheik knocks him down. Sheik pushes the ref & goes to go outside but EY goes for a sunset flip but Sheik holds the ropes. The ref kicks the hands of Sheik & EY rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Eric Young Wins the X Division Title

Match Rating: ** out of 5

After the match Sheik attacks EY & then pushes the ref & goes back to attack EY. The ref tries to stop it & Sheik slaps the ref & the ref then attacks Sheik. He hits Sheik with a backdrop but Sheik comes back with a title shot to the head. EY then goes pile drive Sheik but Sheik sends him to the outside & the ref is bleeding bad as Sheik continues the attack. He chokes the ref with his turban & then leaves with the title. Jim Cornette then comes out & takes the belt away from Sheik.

A member of the US Army does the ring introduction for Christy.

Match 4: Awesome Kong vs. Christy Hemme for the Knockouts Title:

They start with a lock up & Kong pushes Hemme down & they lock up again & Kong pushes Hemme into the corner. She goes for a punch but Hemme moves & levels Kong with punches. She goes to throw Kong but Kong throws Hemme into the corner & goes for a splash but Hemme moves. Hemme punches Kong & hits a dropkick but they have no effect. Kong charges Hemme but Hemme moves & Kong goes to the outside. Hemme then hits a cross body off the top rope on the outside on Kong. She goes for a kick but Kong catches her & takes control. She slams Hemme into the steps & then the ring apron. They go back in the ring & Kong just throws her around the ring. Kong locks in the torture rack & then slams Hemme down. Kong throws Hemme into the corner & charges but Hemme moves & levels Kong with kicks. She then locks Kong in a sleeper hold but Kong fights out. Hemme is in the corner but then runs into a boot from Hemme. Hemme hits a tornado DDT on Kong & then goes for the split off the top rope but Raisha Saeed pulls Hemme out of the ring. They brawl & Rhaka Khan helps Saeed but Hemme fights them both off & she goes in the ring but Saeed attacks Hemme but Hemme takes them both down. Kong then attacks Hemme & pushes the ref down. Hemme & Kong brawl until security tries to hold them back & security ends up separating the two females.

Winner: Christy Hemme Wins the Match / Awesome Kong Retains the Title

Match Rating: * ½ out of 5

Backstage JB is with Kurt Angle & Angle says it’s like when the hunter gets a kill & he is on the hunt but there is a Rhino in his way. He says he see fire in the eyes of Rhino that he never saw before. He says it is just a little puff of smoke compared to the fire that burns within him for wanting to hurt Jeff Jarrett. He says after Rhino next month at Genesis he will beat Jarrett within an inch of his life & he will show no mercy. JB asks Kurt about Foley & Angle says Foley is taken care of.

Match 5: Abyss & Matt Morgan vs. Beer Money for the TNA Tag Titles:

Abyss chases Beer Money before the bell rings as they pose in the ring & Abyss catches Storm in the ring & all four men brawl in the ring. Abyss & Morgan take care of Beer Money & stand in the ring alone. Abyss chases Beer Money into the crowd & Morgan is alone in the ring & stands on the top rope. Morgan hits Beer Money with a cross body off the top rope. In the ring Morgan & Abyss are in control over Beer Money. Beer Money rolls to the outside again & they go to leave & the ring announcer announces that Beer Money does not come back to the ring by the count of 10 they will lose the titles. Beer Money slide back in the ring & then go back to the outside. Morgan & Roode end up in the ring as the legal men & they lock up & Roode goes for a headlock but Morgan fights out. Morgan takes Roode down with a shoulder block & then a body slam & uses his power to take control. Roode counters a body slam & tags in Storm & they double team Morgan. Storm goes for a cross body but Morgan counters it & tags in Abyss & Storm tags in Roode. Abyss takes it to Roode & goes for a chokeslam but Roode counters butt runs into a side slam. Roode goes to tag Storm but he is not there & then walks into a clothesline from Abyss. Abyss tags in Morgan & they double team Roode & Morgan is in control. Morgan throws Roode into the corner & goes for a charge but Jackie grabs Morgan’s foot & Roode hits Morgan with a dropkick to the knee. Roode works on the leg of Morgan & tags in Storm who works on the leg of Morgan. Beer Money takes turns working on the injured leg of Morgan as Strom tags in Roode. Morgan comes back with punches but then gets hit with a chop block from Roode. Storm gets tagged in & locks in a single leg Boston crab but Morgan grabs the rope. Storm keeps on the attack & tags in Roode as they double team Morgan. Roode tags in Storm & they go for a double suplex but Morgan counters with a suplex to Beer Money. Morgan tags in Abyss & takes it to Roode as Storm rolls to the outside. Storm comes in to save Roode from shock treatment but Abyss takes it to Storm & Roode. Abyss hits Roode with a chokeslam & then hits Storm with shock treatment. Abyss charges Storm in the corner but Storm moves & grabs a beer bottle. Storm goes to hit Abyss but Abyss grabs the bottle & Jackie runs in the ring as Storm puts on brass knuckles & punches Abyss with them for the win after about 12 minutes.

Winners: Beer Money Retains the TNA Tag Team Titles

Match Rating: ** ½ out of 5               

Backstage Lauren is with Mick Foley & Foley says his job is to keep MEM out of the match between Rhino & Angle as the MCMG walks up. Shelley describes the differences between them & Foley & says they were robbed by Jay Lethal & Foley says his heart goes out to them. Shelley says they are going out to the ring & Foley should join them & do what is right. Foley says he is confused as to whether Shelley is asking him or telling him what to do but Shelley says he is telling Foley what to do & Foley says he will take it under advisement. Foley says the MCMG have it coming but it won’t happen tonight but maybe on Impact.

Don West & Mike Tenay hype up everything planned for the next Impact & the rest of the card as the MCMG come down to the ring. Shelley tells them to shut up & let him talk as tonight is special. He says the MCMG came out to the ring twice & nobody is getting charged double. Shelley says Foley is on the way to the ring soon so until then they are going to sit in the ring on two folding chairs. Shelley says they are sitting in the ring until Foley comes out & Jim Cornette comes out. Cornette says they should leave the ring & out of the building & stop delaying the PPV & Shelley asks if they don’t leave what Cornette will do. He asks if Cornette will hit them with a tennis racket but Cornette says he is going to get security & leaves. The lights go out & the music of Suicide hits & Suicide swings in the ring. The lights go back on & Suicide attacks Sabin & Shelley.

Backstage Lauren is with Rhino & he asks her to leave. Rhino says that sometimes people make each other bleed in the ring but the words Angle said recently on Impact are sick & who would talk about 3 little girls. He says when Angle talks about Jeff Jarrett’s daughter it is like he is talking about his own kids.

Match 6: Kurt Angle vs. Rhino with Mick Foley as the Special Enforcer:

They lock up & Rhino pushes Kurt into the ropes & then they lock up again & Kurt puts Rhino is a side headlock but Rhino fights out & takes Kurt down & Kurt rolls to the outside. Angle goes back in the ring & they lock up again & Rhino puts Kurt in a side headlock but Kurt fights out but runs into a shoulder block from Rhino. Rhino puts Kurt in a side headlock but Kurt fights out & goes for a hip toss but Rhino counters. Rhino slams Angle into the turnbuckle & attacks him in the corner. Rhino takes Kurt down with a clothesline for a near fall. Angle comes back with a kick & uppercut but Rhino comes back & goes to the top turnbuckle but Kurt knocks him down to the outside. Angle goes to the outside & takes it to Rhino. He throws Rhino into the guardrail & then they go back in the ring. Angle takes it to Rhino in the ring but he tries to come back but to no luck & Angle locks Rhino in a rear naked chin lock but Rhino fights out. Angle hits Rhino with a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Angle attacks Rhino in the corner with punches but Rhino comes back with punches but Angle regains control. They hit each other with a double clothesline & both men are down. They trade punches but Rhino wins the battle of punches & hits a shoulder block followed by a spine buster. Rhino throws Angle in the corner & hits a spear. Rhino goes for a belly to belly suplex but Angle counters & hits a German suplex. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Rhino counters & hits a belly to belly suplex. Rhino goes for the gore but Kurt moves & locks in the Ankle Lock but Rhino fights out. Rhino goes for the gore but runs into a kick from Kurt. Angle hits the Angle Slam for a near fall & then attacks Rhino in the corner with punches. Rhino throws Angle into the corner but Kurt stops & Rhino charges & hits the ref with a spear. Angle hits Rhino with a clothesline & then grabs a chair as Foley comes in the ring. Foley makes Kurt drop the chair & then goes to the top rope but Rhino crotches him & hits a superplex for a near fall. Al Snow then comes down the ramp & catches the attention of Mick Foley. Foley tries to talk to him but Snow slaps him &Foley chases him. Angle hits Rhino with the chair & then an Angle Slam for the win after 12 minutes.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Match Rating: ** ¼ out of 5

After the match Angle grabs the microphone & says that since he defeated Rhino at Genesis he will cripple that SOB Jeff Jarrett. He then says when he is done with Jarrett he will beat the shit out of Mick Foley.

Backstage Lauren is with Scott Steiner, Sting, Booker T & Kevin Nash & Sting says he is very confident about the main event & that they were all victims of disrespect. He says that his team has experience on it so & tonight Front Line will learn about respect & what the title means.

Backstage JB is with Samoa Joe, AJ Styles & Team 3D & Ray says that AJ & Joe can trust Team 3D. AJ says 10 years 3D was in the same spot as him & Joe. AJ says that they got through it & that he trusts them like family. Joe & AJ leave & then Ray says to Devon like brothers & family & Devon laughs & says he got this & they walk away.

Main Event: Team 3D, AJ Styles & Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash, Booker T, Sting & Scott Steiner in an 8 Man Tag for the TNA World Title:

Booker starts with AJ & they locks up & AJ pushes Booker on the ropes. They lock up again & Booker hits AJ with knees & chops & then goes for a kick but AJ ducks & levels Booker with punches & chops. Booker then hits AJ with a knee to the belly but AJ comes back & they trade punches until AJ hits Booker with a dropkick. AJ tags in Ray & Ray is in control over Booker working on his arm. Booker pushes Ray in the corner & levels him with knee & tags in Steiner. Scott attacks Ray with punches & kicks followed by a clothesline. He goes to drop an elbow but Ray moves & hits Scott with punches & then a rock bottom. He then tags in Joe & then hit Scott with a double shoulder block. Joe takes it to Steiner but Scott pokes Joe in the eye & tags in Sting. Joe levels Sting with chops & kicks & then punches in the corner. Sting pokes Joe in the eye & levels him with punches & then a body slam followed by an elbow drop. Sting tags in Nash & Nash takes it to Joe in the corner. Joe comes back with punches & tags in Devon & he takes Nash down with a shoulder block. Steiner & Booker run in but Devon takes them both out & then goes back to working on Nash. Devon runs the ropes but Sting hits him & he attacks Sting but then runs into a boot from Nash. Nash then hits a side walk slam on Devon for a near fall & tags in Steiner.  Steiner locks Devon in a bear hug & then turns it into a belly to belly suplex for a near fall & then tags in Booker. Booker takes it to Devon but Devon comes back but runs into a kick from Booker. Booker takes it to Devon & tags in Steiner who hits Devon with chops & goes for a belly to belly suplex off the top rope but Devon pushes him down & hits a flying head-butt. Devon makes the hot tag to Ray as Scott tags in Nash but Ray takes it to Nash & hits a splash in the corner & then a back suplex for a near fall. Ray tags in Joe & Joe takes it to Nash & Booker runs in but Joe takes it to him. The ref tells Booker to leave & Steiner trips Joe & crotches him on the ring post. Nash hits Joe with a clothesline for a near fall & then tags in Sting & he takes it to Joe with a dropkick. Sting tags in Steiner & Steiner takes it to Joe locking in a rear naked choke but Joe fights out. Scott tags in Sting & he hits Joe with a suplex & then tags in Booker. Booker takes it to Joe as he levels Joe with chops. They trade chops but then run into a kick from Booker. Booker then does the Spinaroonie & tags in Steiner. Scott puts Joe on the top rope & hits a belly to belly suplex off the top rope for a near fall. Steiner tags in Nash & he takes it to Joe. Nash tags in Sting & he goes for a splash but Joe gets his knees up. Sting tags in Booker & he stops Joe from making a tag & locks in an abdominal stretch. Joe fights out but Booker tags in Steiner but Joe comes back & tags in AJ as Steiner tags in Sting. AJ takes it to Sting with clotheslines. He then takes it to Scott, Nash & Booker as they come in the ring. AJ hits then all with splashes in the corner & then AJ tags Joe & all 8 men are in the ring fighting right now. In the ring Booker gets hit with 3D but Steiner hits them with a double clothesline. Nash hits Ray with a chokeslam but AJ then takes out Nash. Sting locks AJ in the scorpion death lock but Joe saves AJ & goes for the muscle buster but Nash throws AJ out of the ring & low blows Joe. Sting hits Joe with the scorpion death drop to get the win.

Winners: Scott Steiner, Sting, Kevin Nash & Booker T

Match Result: Sting Retains the World Heavyweight Title

Match Rating: *** ½ out of 5

The show ends as they celebrate in the ring but Sting leaves & goes up the ramp alone as Nash, Steiner & Booker celebrate in the ring.


The Final Resolution PPV was just average as everything on the card was either decent or bad. The Feast or Fired match was exciting & had some nice spots & was the second best match of the night. The 6 Knockout Tag was the better of the 2 Knockout matches. The X Division Title match was good but a little slow at times. The Kong vs. Hemme match was good but should have been given more time instead of the 5 minutes they received. The Tag Match was good & was the 3rd best match of the night. The in ring promo with MCMG was a good promo & it was cool to see the debut of Suicide as his attack on MCMG made an impactful debut plus his entrance & look were cool. Angle vs. Rhino was decent but slow at times but it was nice to see the TNA Debut of Al Snow.  Angle’s promo after the match was good as it showed anger. The main event was the match of the night.

Overall for TNA December 2008 Final Resolution: 5 out of 10

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