Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 11-22-12

Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. It’s the Thanksgiving edition of Impact Wrestling where we will see the return of the past Gut Check winners as it’s also Open Fight Night. Who on the roster will the Gut Check winners challenge? Tonight is the return of a Thanksgiving tradition; the Turkey Suit Challenge. Who will be the one that has to wear the Turkey suit tonight? Last week, “Aces & Eights” took out Magnus in a brutal beating. Who will be “Aces & Eights” target this week? After beating “The Cowboy” James Storm to become the Number #1 Contender to the TNA World Heavyweight title. What will Bobby Roode have in store for the TNA Champion; Jeff Hardy? Austin Aries has promised that tonight that he’s going to issue a challenge that will shake up the face of TNA. Who is Aries going to challenge?  So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”



Gut Check Contestant; Wes Briscoe pins Garett Bischoff in a Gut Check match

Chavo Guerrero defeats Joey Ryan by disqualification in an Open Fight Night match

Sam Shaw pins Alex Silva in an Open Fight Night match

Jeff Hardy pins Christian York in an Open Fight Night match

Tara pins Taeler Hendrix in an Open Fight Night match

Eric Young pins Jesse winning the Turkey Suit Match against Jesse & Robbie with Jesse having to wear the Turkey suit

AJ Styles pins Kazarian in an Open Fight Night match


No Impact

Are you F@ucking kidding me? Brooke Hogan is giving advice to Taeler Hendrix about dealing being nervous in front of the Impact Zone crowd. Just listening to Brooke Hogan’s voice gets on my nerves. Why couldn’t TNA have had a Knockout like Mickie James be the one giving encouragement to Taeler Hendrix? Brooke Hogan brings nothing to the product and takes away air time from other Knockouts. Unfortunately, long as Hulk Hogan is a part of TNA, we’re stuck with Brooke Hogan.

When did I fall into some kind of F@cuking cosmic bunny hole? Why is TNA having Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan challenge Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez for the TNA Tag Team titles? Wasn’t Ryan just feuding with Rob Van Dam over the X Division title? Yes it’s nice to see a new feud for the Tag Team title but I just don’t think that Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan are the right opponents for Guerrero and Hernandez. Morgan should be challenging for either the TNA or TV title while Ryan should be challenging RVD for the X Division title. Don’t be surprise to see Ryan and Morgan get a title shot against Guerrero and Hernandez at Final Resolution.

OK Impact

Normally I just do either “No Impact” or “High Impact” but for this segment since it’s Thanksgiving, I’m giving the Turkey Suit Match an “Ok Impact” Yes, it’s a stupid gimmick match but at least it had some kind of meaning. In a world where Thanksgiving is passed over like it’s “Hump Day.” The match was for pure entertainment only and the match accomplished that goal.

High Impact                                                                                                                          

The Wes Briscoe vs. Garett Bischoff was not bad and I was surprised at the chain wrestling between the two during this match. I was also surprised that TNA had Briscoe pin Bischoff as all previous Gut Check winners lost their Gut Check matches. I’m curious to see where TNA is going with Angle, Briscoe and Bischoff as a trio, especially Bischoff as Bischoff showed that he has improved in the ring.

The Gut Check winners returning to this week’s Impact Wrestling was great as we got a damn good match between Alex Silva and Sam Shaw. I thought it was great to see two young development talent given the time to shine on TV. I thought that Taeler Hendrix showed some improvement in the ring in her match with Tara. I don’t think it will be too long until we’ll see Silva, Shaw and Hendrix on the main roster as all three were better than their previous appearances.

Speaking of Gut Check winners, Christian York proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he not only does he deserves to be in TNA but to be on the main roster right now. York’s match with Jeff Hardy was awesome as York showed that he can hang with the big boys. York actually during one point during the match, York blocked the Twist of Fate and hits Hardy with Hardy’s own move. Despite not winning the match, I thin k that York earned the respect of the fans in the Impact Zone and needs to be on the main roster now. This was the best match of the night for sure.

I was surprised with Kazarian challenging AJ Styles and that Christopher Daniels went to the back before the match began. Styles and Kazarian put on a great match tonight as they went back and forth with control of the match. One point during the match while Styles was on the outside of the ring, Kazarian was doing that stupid Gundam Style dance. Styles came out of nowhere with the Pele kick to knock out Kazarian to win the match. This was the second best match of the night.

I thought it was interesting that TNA decided to setup a feud between Bully Ray and Austin Aries. Aries is one of the few who could start a feud with Brooke Hogan and make it interesting which is an amazing feat considering that we’re talking about Brooke Hogan. I’m hoping that Brooke will fall to the waste side and the feud focus on Aries and Bully Ray. Aries was golden on the mic I love it when Aries was ripping into Brooke Hogan. Aries really knows how to get heat from the crowd and had them eating from the palm of his hand.

Show Rating: 7 ¾ stars


Final Thoughts

Not a bad Impact Wrestling for it being the Thanksgiving edition and also being Open Fight Night. We got some setup for Final Resolution as it was confirmed that it will be Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA title, AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels and Mickie James vs. Tara for the TNA Knockouts title. Also we got seven matches tonight which quite a lot considering Impact Wrestling is only a two hour show. We got start of some new feuds plus “Aces & Eights” stay somewhat fresh with “Aces & Eights” attacking random Superstars on the roster with this week being Eric Young. Next week, Impact Wrestling should be live so it will be interesting to see what’s going to happen next week. Happy Thanksgiving and hope you were safe out there during Black Friday.


Stars of the Night: Christian York & Jeff Hardy


Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly PIPE BOMB! And Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at

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