Get Ready To Fly; From Knoxville, TN: TNA Impact Wrestling Live House Show 11-16-12

Get Ready To Fly; From Knoxville, TN: TNA Impact Wrestling Live House Show 11-16-12

With Billy James

Hey Mayer Nation, while most people go vacation to see family or to get away from everyone, I go to see a TNA house show 500 miles from home. No I’m not crazy, it just worked out that way while I was visiting family up in the Knoxville area and this house show just happen to be schedule for the time I was going to be in Knoxville. So I order two ring seats for me and my cousin who went with to the event. I have to say that this was an interesting house show and I have the pictures to back it up.

Before the event started, we went to the local Direct Auto Insurance where “The Cowboy” James Storm and Mr. Anderson were there signing autographs and taking pictures. We wait about 20 minutes in line before we got in and got our picture with Storm and Anderson. I told Storm and Anderson that I came over 500 miles which will be the running joke in the rest of this review. Storm was sort of taken back and said “Damn” as he and Anderson shook our hands and thank us for coming. I also scored two 8 x 10 autograph pictures of Storm and Anderson before we left.

So we arrive at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum at 4:30 PM where I start chatting with some other fans there from WWE and TNA copying each other to CM Punk. Shortly before getting to the Civic Coliseum, I discovered that one of my two camera batteries was dead and the other one was only ¾ of the way charged. So I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted as I normally take about 500 plus pictures. Close to 5:30, Jimmy Jay comes out to hype up the crowd with three hot deals of the night. First of course was the Brown Bag special which had a TNA shirt, 4 DVDs, an action figure and the tour book. The second big deal was a Rob Van Dam action figure from Series 8 for $20 but you got to go backstage and RVD would autograph it. The last big deal was a TNA Championship belt which included the Brown Bag special and the RVD figure plus the end of the night photo op for $300.

We first went to the merchandise stand where I bought the Brown Bag special for $30 which is $5 more than what I’ve paid at prior house shows. I also brought the Austin Aries t-shirt for $25. I didn’t buy the RVD figure because I saving my money for the VIP pass which to my disappointment they never did offer. My cousin also bought the Brown Bag special so he would have something to get autographs with.

So we went down to the arena floor and got in line to get autographs from the following Superstars who were setup at a table; AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, Xema Ion, Matt Morgan, Austin Aries and TNA Knockout; Madison Rayne. As Styles was autographing my two books, I used my cheap and I will admit lame line “I came 500 miles to see you wrestle” which he jokily replied that he feels like he’s under press to perform. When I got to Xema Ion, I told him that I loved his match against RVD at Bound for Glory which I said that I saw at the theater. I told Ion that DDT he hit on RVD at the Bound for Glory PPV was sick which Ion smiled and said that I thought that was sick, wait until I see what he does tonight. I got Austin Aries who I told that I loved his match at Bound for Glory and loved that cheap shot he took at CM Punk a few weeks ago. Aries was in full “Heel” mode and said what cheap shot? I mention “Best in the World” line which Matt Morgan stuck his two sense in which I thought he was being sort of a dick head. While my cousin was getting Aries, Aries told my cousin nice try with the “squirrelly moustache” which was “Classic Heel.” I got Madison Rayne to sign an 8 x 10 that I had plus my tour book that came in the Brown Bag special that I had just bought.

Next after finding our seats which were front row in section A, we went back up to the merchandise stand where Brooke Tessmacher would be signing autographs. So we get in the beginning of the line where I hand my older tour book to my cousin to have Brooke to sign which I have Brooke sign an 8 x 10 and my current tour book. So while we’re waiting, one of the guys from the merchandise stand had a box where he tells that if you buy the Brooke Tessmacher banner, you can not only get it autograph but you can also go around the table and get you picture with Brooke. I asked how much which the guy said $10 which I replied if he’s got change for a $20. So me and my cousin both buy the banner and get our pictures with Brooke. I mention to Brooke that last year in the TNA Glory Awards podcast, me and John Mayer named Brooke Tessmacher as the Knockout to watch in 2012. I also told her that I said that she would be TNA Knockout Champion by October of the year which she was falter.

We got back to our seats where at 7:15 we got a special Gut Check match with two local Indy wrestlers facing each other from the NWA Smokey Mountain promotion. I can’t remember what their names were but it was an ok match. Nothing to get excited about as neither opponent was that impressive to me. It was kind of cool to see Gut Check used at live house shows.

Christy Hemme was the ring announcer and hostess for the night and started off the show off by singing the National Anthem which Christy wasn’t that bad. Christy was very energetic and had the crowd pumped throughout the night. Christy is very beautiful and is very good ring announcer.

Xema Ion vs. Rob Van Dam

Ion came out first spraying his hair spray as he walked around the ring which I have to say that the hair spray that Ion uses is strong. RVD was out next to a very good pop from the crowd including some guys sitting in our section. The match was slow getting started as there was a lot of smack talking going back and forth. Ion told RVD not to touch is his hair as he spent four hours curling it. I normally don’t shout at the wrestlers in the ring but I couldn’t help but shout back “Hey Ion, what’s your secret so I can tell my finance.” The match was very good but not as good as their match at Bound for Glory. One point during the match, Ion hit the DDT nearly pinning RVD. However RVD was able to make a comeback and hit Rolling Thunder followed by the Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam


Madison Rayne vs. Brooke Tessmacher

Oh yeah it’s Knockouts action with Madison coming out first with that “fake wave” as she walking around the ring. Brooke comes out and stands up on the ring apron and takes off her t-shirt which was side of the ring where I couldn’t get a good picture. I have to say that Brooke is impressive live as she is on TV. I have seen Madison wrestle live before and Madison didn’t disappoint as Madison hit the Push up facebuster on Brooke. Brooke didn’t disappoint her male fans as she hit the Asstastic on Madison followed up by the Tess-Shocker for the win.

Winner: Brooke Tessmacher


Matt Morgan vs. AJ Styles

Morgan came out to the ring wearing the cape that he stole from Hulk Hogan and went to cut a promo looking straight at our side of the area like he was talking to the camera. Styles came out to a great pop from the crowd as the match started with Styles trying to set the tone of the match but Morgan used his size and power to ground Styles for most of the match. One during the match Styles look like he was going to make a comeback when he hit the Pelé Kick on Morgan and tried for the Styles Clash but Morgan blocked it. This allowed Morgan to hit the Carbon Footprint and pinned Styles for the win.

Winner: Matt Morgan


Bobby Roode vs. “The Cowboy” James Storm

I was surprised that this was the fourth match on the card but it was a damn good match. Roode came out first with the crowd booing the hell out of him. Storm came out next and got the second biggest pop of the night which didn’t sit too well with Roode. Roode quickly reminded Storm that he beat Storm on this past Thursday’s Impact Wrestling to become the new Number #1 Contender to the TNA title. Roode also talked trash about the Tennessee Volunteers which really got Roode some heat from the crowd. Storm told Roode that Roode lost a few letters off his tights coming out to the ring as the letters “S” and “H” were missing. This got a great pop from the crowds with everyone chanting “Shit Factor” This match was fought in and outside of the ring with Roode getting into it with a fan sitting ring side. While fighting on the outside of the ring, Storm used the feet of several fans to ram Roode’s head into including a guy who was sitting two seats to my right. It was even throughout most of the match but in the end, Storm hits the Last Call to get the win over Roode to the cheers of the crowd.

Winner: “The Cowboy” James Storm


Well, not much happen during intermission time as there was not VIP pass to go back stage. Earl Hebner was signing autographs at the merchandise stand and they were selling his “Damn Right I Did” t-shirts for $10 which I passed on.

Mr. Anderson vs. Devon

Mr. Anderson comes out and tries to do mic entrance but of course there’s no mic to drop from the cell. So Anderson gets Christy Hemmer involved by having her hand him the mic standing behind him on a chair. Anderson went with the whole Asshole gimmick even calling some little fans “Buttholes” Devon came to the ring through the crowd with a baseball bat with Hebner telling Devon to get rid of the bat or leave the ring. It was a back and forth match with some of the action spilling to the outside of the ring. When Anderson tries for a Senton bomb, Doc (Luke Gallows) came down while the ref was checking on Devon and pushed Anderson from the top rope. This allowed Devon hit the Thrust Spinebuster for the win.

Winner: Devon


After the match, Anderson tries to get even with Devon and Doc but another member of “Aces & Eights” comes down to the ring to make it three on one. Devon prepares to hit Anderson with the baseball bat while Doc and the mask guy hold Anderson but Jeff Hardy comes to the ring, chasing off “Aces & Eights” saving Anderson. Anderson heads to the back while Hardy poses for the crowd until Austin Aries comes out and attacks Hardy from behind and the main event starts.

 Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries

This was a damn good match that I wish I could have gotten more pictures of but the batter on my camera had died. Aries dominated the beginning of the match but Hardy made a comeback while he and Aries fought on the outside of the ring. There were a few pin attempts by Aries on Hardy but Hardy was able to kick out to Aries dismay. Hardy was finally able to win the match by hitting two Twist of Fates on Aries.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, there was the photo op in the ring with Jeff Hardy for $20 which I wasn’t planning on doing but my cousin wanted to so we did. After we got our picture, I shook hands with Hardy and told him it worth coming 500 miles to see the house show which asked where I was from. I told him Panama City, FL which Hardy said wow and thank us for coming. As we were leaving, Earl and Brian Hebner were signing autographs at the merchandise stand. So I got both of my tour books signed by Earl and Brian before we called it a night.

Over all, a damn good house show despite not being able to go backstage. I got to knock off a couple of people off my “I want to see wrestle live” bucket list as I got see AJ Styles and Brooke Tessmacher for the first time. Also I got to see my favorites in the ring with “The Cowboy” James Storm, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. The most important thing is that my cousin had a good time. This house show was well worth the $100 I spent on tickets. If you’ve never been to a TNA house show, you need to get off your ass and go. Believe me it’s worth it.

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