Riley’s Corner: WWE Smackdown Review for 11-06-12

Riley’s Corner

With Riley Ross

Welcome to Riley’s Corner where I breakdown the matches for this week’s  Super SmackDown. At the end of the review I will grade the show. Please feel free to comment on my reviews on this site or look me up on Twitter @RileyRoss7 and or @dibiaseangel. Tonight’s Smackdown is live (taped) in Birmingham, England. Michael Cole and JBL are on commentary.

The show opens with Michael Cole in the ring to interview Sheamus. While he and William Regal were out in a pub enjoying a pint and they were attacked by Big Show. Footage is shown (naturally) and it clearly shows that the Big Show started it. Sheamus calls out Big Show for attacking Regal. Show doesn’t come out to the ring but is shown on the Titantron. Am I the only one tired of this feud? Here comes Wade Barrett to taunt the former World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus tells him to get his ass in the ring if he wants a fight; Barrett walks away. In my opinion this doesn’t make since as he is supposed to be a brawler. Why would he walk away from a fight?

SmackDown GM Booker T makes Sheamus and Regal versus Big Show and Wade Barrett as a match later tonight.

Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz—Miz is using his rematch clause to challenge Kofi again. The Intercontinental Title is on the line. Didn’t he use his rematch clause already at HIAC? Oh I forgot this is the WWE creative team and they apparently don’t give two shits about continuity. Kofi Kingston is dominating the Miz. Kofi is super talented and so is the Miz. The Awesome One (Miz) grounds the high flier Kofi before commercial break and still has the upper hand during the break. However Kofi pushes thru the pain and turns the momentum around. Hey Cena if the Miz can use new moves then maybe you can too. Kingston retains the title. Please use the Miz better than this. Use Zack Ryder and Heath Slater as the jobber squad not the Miz. Great showmanship from the Miz as he tries to shake Kofi’s hand but Kofi kicks him out of the ring. Way to be classy Kingston.

Prime Time Players vs. Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara— Haven’t we seen this match before? JBL if you are retired then go the fuck away. You fucking suck on commentary. Darren Young distracts Mysterio from hitting the 619 on O’Neil. Prime Time Players get the victory. This tag team works well together. Matt Striker gets in the ring to interview them but O’Neil takes the microphone away and the PTP interview each other. Every answer is millions of dollars.

Backstage segment with Booker T and Teddy Long; they are discussing the events that are taking place on RAW. Booker T fakes being angry at Teddy Long and then reveals that he is just joking around with him. Here’s an idea put William Regal as RAW GM.

Big Show/Barrett vs. William Regal/Sheamus— William Regal is extremely talented. I am glad to see that he is being used. This match is full of action between all four men. However I am loving the action between William Regal and Wade Barrett. Big Show delivers a KO to the toughest man in the business William Regal. Big Show and Barrett score the victory.

A recap of the backstage brawl last week on SmackDown between Del Rio and Orton. Matt Striker is interviewing Del Rio. Del Rio is promising that he can and will beat Orton. He will prove that Orton is a whiney little girl. Yeah right Mr. Del Boring. Cut to a backstage segment with Rosa Medes and Alberto Del Rio. She wishes him luck in the main event. He will face Randy Orton, the Apex Predator in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

 A recap of the Brad Maddox segment from last night at RAW. As I watch this, I am reminded of my harsh comments directed at Brad Maddox in my review of RAW last night and I stand by them.

Matt Striker interviews Orton about his upcoming match. Orton has shown improvement with his promos. The Apex Predator promises that this match will be brutal and sick. I know I will probably get hate for this but I want the psychotic Heel Orton back.  Give the fans what we want and we in turn will give you the ratings that you want.

Randy Orton vs. Del Rio (Falls Count Anywhere)—Randy Orton starts off by controlling the match and the match quickly goes to the outside of the ring. Ricardo is trying to help his boss by handing him weapons. Del Rio runs off through the crowd like a scared little girl. Del Rio gains control as they head to the merchandise area. The match is rudely interrupted by a commercial. We are back and Orton is back in control as he delivered a brutal boot to Del Rio’s face. Del Rio uses a chair and tries to get the pin. Orton quickly kicks out. The two competitors make their way back to the ring, Ricardo tries to jump on Orton’s back but gets dumped on his ass for his efforts. Orton pushes Ricardo into a phone booth and closes the door on Ricardo. Del Rio has the microphone what the hell is trying to do bore us to death? He puts the Cross Arm Breaker on Orton and he hits Del Rio in the head with the microphone. Orton hits the RKO on the steel steps for the win. RKO! RKO! RKO! Suck on that Del Rio, Orton has just proved that he is the WWE Apex Predator.

In closing tonight’s episode of Super SmackDown was excellent. Sure it might have been heavy on the replays and stale matches but it kept this wrestling fan glued to the edge of her seat. I give tonight’s episode an A. However, if the WWE creative/booking teams read this, I challenge you to stick with continuity and to give us fresh matches. Have a good night and a better tomorrow.

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