Riley’s Corner: WWE Smackdown Review for 11-02-12

Riley’s Corner

With Riley Ross

Welcome back to Riley’s Corner where I do a breakdown of each segment of the SmackDown and give my opinions of what is working and or not working for the WWE. Tonight we are stuck with the lackluster on commentary duo of Josh Matthews and the overbearing JBL. For the love of wrestling or sports entertainment please go back to playing golf in a retirement community.

Tonight’s show is opened up with a recap of the past week’s events; such as the controversial match between CM Punk and Ryback. Brad Maddox has been suspended indefinitely and will be at the show on Monday to discuss what happened? Also up on the replay playlist was the AJ/Cena/Vickie Guerrero saga. Please just end this shit now and put someone else in charge of RAW! Paging John Laurinaitis, please come back Funkhauser and I swear I will behave.

Miz is going to officially open the show by hosting another riveting edition of MizTv. He quickly gives his spin on the events mentioned in the recap. His first guest is Sheamus, as he insults Sheamus about his loss to the Big Show, The Ginger Snap turns it around and not so gently reminds Miz about his string of losses to Kofi Kingston. Kofi comes down to the ring and hot on his heels is Big Show. Sheamus tells Show that he wants to deliver the White Noise to the current WHC champion but Show declines and leaves. Miz goes to attack the IC champ Kingston but gets launched out of the ring; as the Miz furiously glares at Kofi, SmackDown goes to a commercial break.

Booker T has made a tag match between Big Show/Miz and Sheamus/Kofi for later tonight.

Sin Cara vs. Darren Young— Darren Young pretty much owned Sin Cara during the action packed match. Young gets the victory after tossing his opponent up and drops him across the knees. After the victory Titus O’Neil cuts a promo on Mysterio and Cara. He taunts Rey into match.

Rey Mysterio vs. Titus O’Neil—Titus tries to maintain the upperhand during the match but Rey gets the victory after a roll up for the win. Best part of this match was when Sin Cara/Rey mocked the PTP.

Backstage Teddy Long is warning Booker T of the shit storm that is about to rain down on them due to Vickie G. reign of terror. Natalya enters and asks for the opportunity to take over Eve’s job while Eve is overseas. Of course the power hungry David Otunga rudely interrupts. He is put into a match with the Great Khali. Otunga spits his coffee on Natalya and snidely tells her it is an improvement. She slaps him which causes the coffee to be spilled  and spit on Teddy Long.

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett—Oh yay the charismatic ADR joins JBL and Matthews on commentary. (Heavy Sarcasm) Del Rio charges the ring during Orton’s entrance and attacks the Apex Predator Orton.  I have said it before and I will say it again Barrett and Orton always put on a hell of a match but it’s starting to get stale as this is the third time we have seen this match. For fucks sake use someone else against Orton, Ted DiBiase is back. Please stop shoving certain superstars down our throats and give us fresh matches. There was tons of back and forth action between the two brawlers. Orton gets distracted by Ricardo Rodriguez being on the apron and Barrett rolls him up for the win.

Backstage Del Rio and Ricardo are interviewed by Matt Striker as Orton is watching from afar. A brawl breaks out in the catering area and Orton throws a hot beverage on Ricardo. Also as Ricardo sits on the floor, he gets either chili or some sauce tossed on him. Orton decimates Del Rio. Matt Striker tries to interview Orton after the carnage but gets his face viciously slammed into a cake for his troubles.

The Great Khali vs. David Otunga—Quick match between the two and when I say give us fresh matches, this is not what I was talking about. Khali drops Otunga with a chop to the head.

R-Truth vs. Justin Gabriel—Truth and Gabriel put on a great match. There was lots of moves proving how talented both truly are. Truth gets the win. To show great showmanship Truth extends his hand to the high flier Gabriel and they shake hands.

Disturbing backstage segment with Big Show and Miz. Do we really have to see the Miz be Show’s bitch. I am sorry but not really sorry for saying this but Show doesn’t bring shit to the table.

Big Show/Miz vs. Sheamus/Kofi Kingston—ShowMiz shows that they can work well together as the match is quick paced. The Show hits the KO punch to Kofi and Miz covers him for the pin. As Show leaves the ring, Miz stays to gloat over Kofi and as they say karma is a bitch; Miz gets a Brogue kick to the face.

In closing I give the show a B. The show was heavy on the replays and the commentary once again was pure shit. The true highlight of the evening was when Natalya smacked David Otunga. Also the brawl in catering was one of the best segments of the show.  Have a great night and a better tomorrow.

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