Happy Halloween Mayer Nation

Happy Halloween Mayer Nation

From The Mayer Nation Staff

Well it’s October 31th and it’s the scariest night of the year; Halloween. Lot of us old wrestling fans remember the sometimes cheese PPV that WCW did called Halloween Havoc which had some crazy matches like the Chamber of Horrors match and Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal match. Also Halloween Havoc had some crazy wrestling characters like the WCW Halloween Phantom, the Zodiac and Vampiro. Also the time of the year, WWE holds the Divas Halloween costume contest where the crowd would decide the winner. Mickie James holds the honor of winning this contest three years in a row at the Cyber Sunday PPV in 2007, 2008 and in 2009 on Smackdown. You can see below the costumes that Mickie wore.


Hopefully all of you are going to have a great Halloween and are going to safe out there tonight. For those who are dealing with the aftermath of Sandy, stay safe and be thankful to be alive. I know all about the damage that hurricanes are do so I feel for those up north who have to deal with Sandy.

If you’re staying home tonight, put on scary movie and scare yourself by watching Kane’s movie “See No Evil”, Randy Orton’s “That’s What I Am”, Triple H’s “The Chaperone” John Cena’s “The Reunion” or Hulk Hogan’s “Mr. Nanny.” I think that you get the hint. Also keep your rifle or gun handy just in case iyou open the door and find  zombies at the door. Just remember to do a double tap when you put them down.

Well, that’s it! I’ll be back on Friday with “Making An Impact” review and on Saturday, myself and John Mayer will be doing the Wrestling Debate podcast. Also check out Riley’s Corner, Riley Ross’s weekly WWE Raw and Smackdown review. Plus check my PIPE BOMBS! that I drop on the site. If you have any wrestling questions you like to have answered during the podcast or have comments about this PIPE BOMB! just email me at wrestlingdebate@hotmail.com. Also don’t forget to check out my Facebook where I have tons of pictures from live house of WWE and TNA at www.facebook.com/WrestlingDebate.

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