Riley;s Corner: WWE Raw Review for 10-29-12

Riley’s Corner

With Riley Ross

Welcome to Riley’s Corner where I discuss Monday Night Raw and give my completely biased opinion on a few things that I saw tonight. Tonight’s show was from Charlotte, North Carolina. On a side note I am hoping that everyone on the east coast is safe from Hurricane Sandy. My condolences to the families that lost loved ones.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman opened the show by talking about Punk’s title match against Ryback at HIAC. Apparently the referee Brad Maddox delivered a low blow to Ryback costing him the title. CM Punk was protesting that he was innocent in all of this. I skipped the PPV last night so I honestly don’t know about everything that happened last night. Mick Foley comes out to the ring and it quickly becomes a war of words between the two men. Punk challenges Foley to a traditional survivor series match at Survivor Series. Each man will captain their own teams. I am drooling over the prospect of this match. FUCK YEA Foley is a wrestling god. Ryback comes down to the ring which causes CM Punk and Paul Heyman to make a hasty retreat like two scalded cats.

Ryback vs. JTG—This does not bode well for the talented by severely underused JTG. The devastating slams that Ryback delivers to JTG are making me cringe. Poor JTG never stood a chance as Ryback delivers his patented finisher for the victory. Josh Matthews interviews Ryback to see if he is going to seek revenge against Punk. Ryback started chanting “Feed ME PUNK” to end the segment.

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett—I would like to say that I miss Orton’s hair. These two superstars always put on a good match. Orton hit a sweet dropkick on Barrett and owns him up until the commercial break. Once we are back Barrett is dominating the match as he is working on Orton’s left arm and shoulder that Del Rio injured the night before. Orton hits the RKO out of nowhere for the win. To those that think Orton has lost his edge, I politely say go punch yourself in the nuts.

Backstage segment with Vickie Guerrero and AJ Lee. AJ is defending herself by saying that she didn’t have an affair with John Cena. Vickie keeps taunting AJ while stating that she has the power to reinstate AJ as a wrestler. This was the first of many segments involving the two ladies and I am already sick of this shitty ass storyline. I want wrestling not a fucking soap opera.

Team Hell No vs. Prime Time Players—I am happy that Daniel Bryan and Kane retained their titles at HIAC. This match was decent as Team Hell No worked well with one another. Daniel Bryan gets the win with his submissive move the No Lock. I will say this much for the Prime Time Players they are slowly winning me over.

Vickie Guerrero is in the ring and calls out for John Cena to join her. He is quick to defend his and AJ’s honor. Vickie showed the proof of their alleged affair and all I can say is that this storyline is making a mockery of the fans. This is a bullshit storyline and if it keeps going on for too much longer I swear I will quit watching Raw. The only highlight of this was when Ziggler came out to taunt Cena. He ended up getting shoved on his ass before Superman Cena stormed off.

Kofi Kingston vs. Antonio Cesaro—The crowd came alive to taunt Cesaro with boos as he cut his heelish promo. I know he needs heat but can he get it by doing something other than the anti USA bullshit? The highlight of this match is the Miz is once again on commentary; apparently Michael Cole no longer loves the Miz as he mocked him endlessly tonight about his losing streak to Kofi. JR came to the Miz’s defense which surprised and pleased me. In the ring, there was lots of back and forth action between the two champions as they battled it out, Miz ends up helping Cesaro attack Kofi but R-Truth comes out to save his former tag partner.

Once again another segment involving AJ and Vickie; the managing supervisor tells her to admit that something happened and she can have her job back. However AJ refuses to do so.  Vickie reinstates her with the condition that AJ can never touch her or else she will be fired.

There was a skit involving 3MB. Worst interview ever in my opinion. What in the blue hell did Drew McIntyre do to ever deserve this treatment?

Santino Marella/Zack Ryder vs. 3MB—This match is a pure fucking tragedy. The only man that is talented in the ring right new is Drew. Santino and Ryder are talented but they are now jokes and stale jokes at its best. 3MB get the victory in this farce of a match.

AJ vs. Beth Phoenix—Beth Phoenix looks amazing as hell. She taunts AJ after the match starts and then AJ attacks Beth to no avail. Beth quickly gains the upperhand but loses as AJ uses an inside cradle for a quick victory. Vickie comes out and tells AJ that she needs to impress her so Vickie tells the referee to restart the match. Beth glam slams AJ and gets the victory.

Sheamus comes out to talk about losing the WHC title to Big Show at HIAC. He seems chipper as he says last night was the best fight of his life. Here comes the champion Big Show with a huge grin on his face. My favorite line out of their verbal sparring was when Show called Sheamus ‘ a redheaded ginger snap’. Sheamus then hits Show with White Noise. Holy fucking hell, Sheamus has a temper and isn’t afraid to show it.

Cena is shown comforting AJ backstage as Vickie spies on them. Beth and Vickie have a quick exchange before Vickie fires her. Really WWE? This is how you pay back a woman who helped redefine the Divas division?

Sin Cara/Rey Mysterio vs. Team Rhodes Scholars—Forgive me but I am still pissed off about the firing of Beth Phoenix. Yes I know she is retiring but she should have gone out with just a victory or a retirement ceremony of some sorts. But no you have to shit on the divas division while you have a certain wrestler who could botch his own entrance. Sin Cara is a liability in the ring but yet you continuously shove him down our throats week after week. Focus on the match Riley. Sandow and Rhodes are a perfect tag team who work well with one another. They continue to dominate their opponents and get the victory.

A nice backstage segment with Paul Heyman and Mick Foley; please show more segments like this instead of the crap with AJ/Cena/Vickie.

We are back from commercial as Vince McMahon introduces the guests from the Susan G. Kormen foundation. They are in the ring with John Cena. The WWE donated $1,000,000 dollars to the fight against breast cancer.

ADR vs. Justin Gabriel—The true stars of this match are Justin Gabriel, Jim Ross, and Ricardo Rodriguez. Del Rio lacks charm, personality, and charisma as he comes off flatter than stale bread. While he is talented as a wrestler, I think he is missing the above mentioned factors to be a superstar. Gabriel taps out to the cross arm breaker. Michael Cole said that this was an impressive victory but I beg to differ. My advice to you Del Rio is to learn some new moves and incorporate them into your move list.

Now its time to reveal the teams for CM Punk and Mick Foley. Paul Heyman introduces CM Punk’s team which consists of: The Miz, Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, and Alberto Del Rio. Four out of five isn’t bad at all. A tip of the hat to Heyman for making this stellar team.

Mick Foley comes out and introduces his team. His team consists of Kofi Kingston, Kane, Daniel Bryan, and last but not least the Apex Predator himself Randy Orton. Foley reveals that he will be ringside during the match but not wrestling. Taking his place is Ryback. Once assembled, both teams start brawling. Team Foley quickly eliminates Team Punk as Punk and Heyman make a run for safety. Ryback quickly and brutally delivers his finishing move to Cody Rhodes.

In closing, tonight’s show was excellent. I give it a B+, it would have been an A but the segments with Vickie and AJ went on too long. I have major respect to the WWE for the donation to the Susan G. Komen foundation. Have a good night and a better tomorrow.

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