PIPE BOMB!: I’m Back!!!

PIPE BOMB!: I’m Back!!!

With Billy James

Hey there loyal followers of the Mayernation, I’m back!!! It’s me, Simply Sensational Billy James here and it’s been a while since I’ve dropped a PIPE BOMB! and as CM Punk would say; boy do I have a lot of things that I want to get off my chest. I’m back and I’m pulling no punches so everyone is free game. Lot of things going on in the wrestling world and of course I have plenty of PIPE BOMBS! to drop. Just a warning that this PIPE BOMB! is going to be different in the sense that I usually don’t take shots at other wrestling bloggers or writers of wrestling fan sites but it’s time that I call some of them out on their Bullshit! So if you get easily offended then this isn’t the article for you. So get ready as I do what I do best and that’s dropping some PIPE BOMBS!  

Ok, on the top of my list is “Big Hungry” Ryback. Unless you have been living in a cave with Daniel Bryan arguing over who’s the Tag Team Champions while eating some wonderful Vegan food; then you know that at Hell in a Cell, CM Punk will defend the WWE title against Ryback in Hell in a Cell. While on paper, this looks to be a great match, in reality it’s got some major problems and I’ll tell you why. First, Ryback has not had any big matches on PPV against major opponents and to suddenly thrust Ryback into the main event is a big mistake in my opinion. Ryback has no major singles main event experience and could crack under the pressure of being in a major main event on a PPV. Recently, John Canton of tjrwrestling.com; posted a comment on his Facebook page about how it amazes him that people still consider Ryback a rookie. I agree with John Canton as John pointed out, Ryback has been a part of the WWE system for 8 years. Well that’s not exactly true as Ryback was released from his first development deal in 2007 and wasn’t resigned until late 2008. Also Ryback as spent the most his time in the WWE in the development territories which is not great.

With that being said, Ryback should be able to work matches without fellow wrestlers not wanting to be in the ring with him. When I say this I mean from an actual stance of fellow wrestlers feeling that Ryback is not safe to work with in the ring. That’s a major problem in my book when your fellow wrestlers don’t want to work with you in the ring because they feel that you’re unsafe to work with. Granted CM Punk can work with just about anybody in the ring but is it safe to work with Ryback? Now I’ve heard some good things about some house show matches that Ryback and Punk have had but I have also heard that Ryback also botched several moves too during some of these matches.

Bottom line is that Ryback is not ready for this type of main event match and certainly is not ready for a run with the WWE title. I would have no problem if WWE put the Intercontinental or US title on Ryback and gave Ryback a run with one of those titles. That’s the way WCW did it with Goldberg and it worked out pretty well.

(Note: I wrote this piece about Ryback before Hell in a Cell PPV as I planned on posting this before the PPV but due to some other things that came up, I wasn’t able to. I did watch the Ryback vs. CM Punk and I have to say it was not bad, better than I expected. The match was shorter than other Hell in a Cell matches as this match went about 12 minutes. Punk did great job carrying Punk but I don’t think that Ryback would have looked good if Punk hadn’t been his opponent. I still believe that WWE management needs to give Ryback a run with Intercontinental or US title first. Time will only tell if I’m right.)

Now on to my next bitch which is with these wrestling bloggers and writers for wrestling fan sites who review TNA Impact Wrestling and don’t have a clue what the hell they’re talking about. I’ll give you a prime example what I talking about with an article about Bound for Glory PPV about two weeks ago. Thomas Briggs wrote an article on tjrwrestling.com called “Bound for Glory Takes TNA Backwards” where he complains about former WWE who have for the most part, have been a part of TNA two to three years or even more in some cases. In the case of Jeff Hardy, Hardy has spent a fourth of his career in TNA and never won the TNA\NWA title during his first run in TNA. So what’s wrong with Hardy winning the title? Hardy has spent a year and half proving that he’s cleaned up his act and has some great matches. Hey I’m not a Jeff Hardy fan as I’m an Austin Aries fan but there’s no mistake that Hardy is worthy of being the TNA Champion. Yes, I have rather had Austin Aries retain the TNA title at Bound for Glory but I also see TNA’s logic in putting the TNA title on Hardy.

Ok, this now leads me to other bloggers and writers who review Impact Wrestling and constantly put down the show even when show has good matches. I see this MO all the time on bleacherreport.com and especially on tjrwrestling.com where writer Marc “Fozzy” B. does writes a weekly Impact Wrestling review called “WTF! Impact Wrestling.” In case you’ve been hit in the head too many times with a steel chair, “WTF” stands for “What The F@CK!” Hey that’s a nice way to show how much you care about the show you’re reviewing. In his review two weeks ago, Marc talks about the TNA title match at Bound for Glory having a questionable finish. Did you even watch the PPV Marc? Jeff Hardy pinned Austin Aries clean in the ring after hitting the Swanton Bomb from the top. Is it because Hardy won the TNA title that makes it a questionable finish? If you would actually read and keep up with things going in TNA, you would know that TNA is trying to get Jeff Hardy to resign as his contract is up in March 2013. So TNA decided to give Hardy a major push and put the TNA title on Hardy hoping that they get Hardy to resign. So with that logic, it makes sense for TNA to put the TNA title on Hardy. Also having the Bound for Glory series winner actually win the TNA title at Bound for Glory makes the Bound for Glory series even more important to those completing in the series.

Yes, there are several things in TNA that suck. Having Hulk Hogan constantly in even other segment of the show is terrible and Hogan should be limited to a five minute segment and that’s it. TNA’s tag team division right as it stand sucks and TNA needs to bring in some actual tag teams to fix the problem. Marc also complained that Devon should have wrestled Bully Ray instead of Sting because that what the fans in the Impact Zone wanted. But if you think about it, TNA did the smart thing by doing Devon vs. Sting because TNA can now setup Bully Ray vs. Devon at Turning Point. TNA needs to highlight the X Division more as it is one cornerstones of what set TNA a part from the WWE. However TNA has a much better Women’s division where the women get to wrestle longer matches on TV and have on a couple occasions have had main event matches.

In Marc “Fozzy” B. latest Impact Wrestling where he said he got an email from a reader that called him out on being bias and too negative toward. I loved his comment as it proves what I’m saying which was “Now, I have dealt with this criticism before, and the best way I could answer right now is by saying that I don’t look for the negative, it just kind of presents itself to me.  When Impact was doing well in the beginning of the summer, I really enjoyed it, and my reviews reflected it. I enjoy watching TNA because it is different than WWE, and I have always said that I would love for it to get better. They have a lot of young talent, plus some veterans, that could really make the show very entertaining, but they insist on sticking with people like Hogan and Sting that do nothing but bring the product down.”

If that isn’t the biggest piece of Bullshit that I have ever heard as Marc contradicts himself with his next statement of “So now that I got that out of the way, onto the bashing!” To borrow a phrase from the Miz; “Really?!?! There were several positive things in last Thursday’s Impact wrestling that Marc completely ignored like the fact that four of the five matches were title matches and that Samoa Joe is defending the TV title every week. It’s things like that Marc ignores and just focus on complaining about Hogan and Sting which I agree with Marc about Hogan but Sting is a different story. The big difference between Sting and Hogan is Sting puts over other talent. Prime example is Bound for Glory 2009 when AJ Styles defended Sting to retain the TNA Championship. Plus even at Sting’s age he can still do 15 to 20 plus minute matches.

Now let me make it perfectly clear that I love WWE much as I love TNA. I watch Raw and Smackdown every week and I go to every WWE house show that comes to my area. Also John Mayer and I do monthly podcasts giving predictions for all of the WWE PPVs well as TNA PPVs. When TNA has something on Impact Wrestling that sucks or has a bad match, I say so. I just judge thing fairly with an open mind and without being bias. The bottom line is this, if you have hate TNA then don’t waste your time reviewing or writing about TNA. I want to say that John Canton is one the most knowledgeable people writing about wrestling on the web but hardly ever writes, covers or even give predictions for a TNA PPV. John has a great site with tjrwrestling.com but the site is WWE bias site. It would be nice to see actual TNA PPV predictions from John and his staff. So if you hate or have a bias toward TNA then nothing I’ve said is going to change your mind.  

Recently I read that WWE is once again looking to hire models according to PWInsider. My first thought when I read was “You have got to be Shitting Me!” Why would you hire models to be WWE Divas when you have talented independent Women wrestlers out there that you could hire instead.? I would have that WWE would have learned their lesson about hiring models to be Divas; cough Kelly Kelly! I mean there have been very few of these models who were hired and actually learned how to wrestle. The two that come to mind are Michelle McCool and Layla with Michelle being the best. I’m not a fan of Michelle McCool what so ever but I respect the fact that she learned how to wrestle and became a damn good female wrestler.  Speaking of great independent female wrestlers, why not hire someone like Leva Bates, Jessicka Havok, Mercedes Martinez or Cheerleader Melissa for example. Instead, the WWE wants to hire models who only sees the WWE as a stepping stone into the entertainment world and not because they loving wrestling although they’ll claim they do.

Now one female wrestler who joined the WWE from a model search; aka the Diva Search was Brooke Adams or better known as Brooke Tessmacher. Brooke Tessmacher who was simply known as Brooke in the WWE hardy wrestled and was used as eye candy being a part of Extreme Exposé. Brooke only wrestled a few matches in the WWE before being release in November 2007. Brooke would return to the wrestling world in 2010 when Brooke joined TNA as Miss Tessmacher and would start wrestling in the ring in December 2010. Brooke would go on in 2011 to win the TNA Knockouts Tag Team title with Tara who helped Brooke improve in the ring. Brooke would wrestle and keep getting better until she won the TNA Knockouts title in June 2012 at Slammiversary when Brooke pinned Gail Kim in Brooke home state of Texas. Brooke Tessmacher is one of those rare exceptions where a model learns to become a good wrestler. Too bad the WWE hires the ones who learn or don’t care to learn.


Well, that’s it for this week’s PIPE BOMB! I’ll be back on Friday with “Making An Impact” review and on Saturday, myself and John Mayer will be doing the Wrestling Debate podcast. So you have any wrestling questions you like to have answered during the podcast or have comments about this PIPE BOMB! just email me at wrestlingdebate@hotmail.com. Also don’t forget to check out my Facebook where I have tons of pictures from live house of WWE and TNA at www.facebook.com/WrestlingDebate. Just remember, “I’m The Tag Team Champ

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