Riley’s Corner: WWE Smackdown Review for 10-26-12

Riley’s Conrer

With Riley Ross

Welcome back to Riley’s Corner where I do a breakdown of each segment of the SmackDown and give my opinions of what is working and or not working for the WWE. Tonight we are stuck with the lackluster on commentary duo of Josh Matthews and the overbearing JBL. For the love of wrestling or sports entertainment can JBL go climb another mountain? Tonight is the go home show before Hell In A Cell on Sunday.  

The show starts off with Randy Orton talking about how Del Rio has picked the wrong guy to mess with. Orton says that on Sunday he will give Del Rio the beating of his life. Here comes Del Rio with Ricardo to defend his honor.  After much verbiage Del Rio teases about stepping into the ring but says it will happen on Sunday. While Orton is distracted by the yapping Superstar Wade Barrett attacks Orton from behind. After the commercial break we learn that Booker T wants Barrett to face Orton tonight.

Cody Rhodes vs. Kane—Damien Sandow and Daniel Bryan are on commentary. Let it go on the record that I like them better on commentary instead of JBL and Matthews. Nice action from Rhodes but Kane hits him with the chokeslam for the victory.

Miz vs. Yoshi Tatsu—Good to see Tatsu back in action. He is a very talented superstar that we do not see enough of, the WWE should use him more. Miz is displaying lots of aggression tonight. Miz gets the victory with SCF.

Booker T has made a triple threat match between Layla, Eve, and Kaitlyn for Sunday at HIAC. However for tonight they will have a tag match between Layla, Eve, Kaitlyn and Aksana tonight.

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett—This match should have been for the PPV. In my opinion this was match of the night. These two superstars have great chemistry with each other when they are fighting in the ring. A tip of the hat to you two gentleman as there was lots of action in the ring. Wade Barrett hits the Souvenir for the win. After the match Del Rio gets in to attack Orton, the Viper tries to get the RKO on Del Rio but he wisely runs away.

Eve & Aksana vs. Layla & Kaitlyn—This match could have been more if Aksana could have been swapped out for Natalya. Nothing personal against Aksana but I don’t think she is ready to be a wrestler. She is better off being in the valet or manager role. Kaitlyn has improved greatly and I look forward to seeing her as the Diva champion. These ladies did put on a decent match even though the ending stunk. While Kaitlyn was holding Eve for Layla, the Divas champion ducked which caused Layla to kick Kaitlyn in the head. Eve got the win. Either improve the Divas division or scrap it completely. Vince, please hire people with TALENT and not because they fill out a bikini nicely.

Enough with the multiple Raw rewinds, one replay should be enough.

 Daniel Bryan vs. Damien Sandow—Kane and Rhodes are on commentary. I am loving the tag team of Kane/Bryan. I have said it before but they are pure comedic gold when on the microphone.  To be honest I was more focused on the commentary than the match. Sandow hits his finisher for the win.

When we come back from commercial Josh Matthews is in the ring surrounded by security as he introduces current reigning WHC Sheamus, and then his opponent for Sunday, the Big Show. Lots of taunting from both men as they try to play mind games with each other. I am not feeling this feud and I hope that it ends at HIAC, I would rather see John Laurinaitis have the title rather than either man.  They close the show with a stare down between the two men. I would rather have watched paint dry then to watched this.

In closing I give the show a C. The show was heavy on the replays and the commentary once again was pure shit. Come on WWE, I know you can put on better shows than this so please step up your game. Bring Johnny Ace back and we all know how much I despise him. Have a great night and a better tomorrow.

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