Riley’s Corner: WWE Raw Review for 10-22-12

Riley’s Corner

With Riley Ross

Welcome to another edition of Riley Corner , your weekly place for WWE Raw reviews. Tonight Raw is coming at you live from the Izod Center in Meadowlands, New Jersey.  At the beginning of the show we learn that AJ was called to an emergency meeting with the Board of Directors. Hopefully, this will mean the end of her tenure as RAW GM. I like her better as a wrestler than someone in charge of the company. Tonight on commentary it’s the winning combination of Jim ‘JR’ Ross and Michael Cole.

Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara vs. Team Rhodes Scholars—This is the final match in the single elimination tag team tournament. Tonight will determine who will face the tag team champions Team Hell No Sunday at Hell In A Cell. As the match gets underway, Kane and Daniel Bryan are shown watching the match in the ring as Mysterio has control of Sandow.  There is lots of fast paced action between both teams. Team Rhodes Scholars gets the victory. After the team gets the victory, the reigning champs tell them Hell NO.

Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillcutty—Please let Joe Henning use his given name. He has proven he has talent. Miz has joined the commentary team consisting of Michael Cole and Jim ‘JR’ Ross. He is still quite pissed about losing his title to current IC champ Kofi Kingston.  McGillcutty pretty much dominates the match until Kofi hits his signature move Trouble In Paradise for the victory.

‘Superman’ John Cena comes out to talk about HIAC, he surprisingly puts over Ryback. While he is talking out comes reigning Champ CM Punk and his manager Paul Heyman. Punk notices that some of the football team NY Giants are sitting ringside, being the heel that he is Punk insults them. He then brags about being the champion for over 330 days. Cena reveals that he is now medically cleared to wrestle and wants a piece of Punk tonight. Punk and Heyman then hightail it out of the ring.

Justin Gabriel vs. Antonio Cesaro—Surprisingly this is a decent match as it is a rematch from last week. This match had me on the edge of my seat with its back and forth action. Justin Gabriel gets the win after delivering his 450 splash to Cesaro. Gabriel gets the victory in this non-title bout.

As we come back from commercial we see Vince McMahon and RAW GM AJ Lee standing in the ring. Finally it is time to reveal the outcome of her emergency meeting with the Board of Directors. AJ Lee looks teary eyed as she tenders her resignation of RAW GM. She was asked to resign due to fraternization with superstars. Paul Heyman comes out to ask Vince for the role of the recently vacated GM position. Vince tells him no and names Vickie Guerrero as Managing Supervisor of  Monday Night Raw. Vickie taunts AJ with insults and accusations. AJ snaps and tackles Vickie. As Vickie screams her way up the ramp, AJ skips her way to the back.

Ryback vs. Miz—Miz is clearly not happy with this match. As he is hesitant to enter the ring, Ryback decides to help him in by pulling him over the top rope and viciously tossing him to the mat.  Clearly Ryback is dominating the former IC champ with numerous slams to the mat. Ryback gets the victory with his finishing move Shellshocked.

Eve is shown backstage talking on her phone badmouthing AJ while Kaitlyn quietly lurks behind her.  Kaitlyn then confronts Eve with evidence of her being behind Kaitlyn’s attack a few months back. Eve and Kaitlyn brawl and Layla tries to break it up. She is shoved by Eve which causes Layla to attack her.

Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan—Ziggler is solo tonight as since Vickie has been named ‘Managing Supervisor’. Sometime during their match, Bryan is thrown outside the ring and seems to cradling his leg. Kane makes his way down ringside to check on his partner. Back from commercial and Bryan seems to be doing better. While Kane and DB are arguing, Ziggler gets the victory. After the victory the tag team champions resume arguing as Matt Striker tries to get their attention. Once he has their attention he lets them know that Vickie wants them to play the Newly Tag game which is a spoof of the Newlywed game. Their opponents are Team Rhodes Scholars. Surprisingly the wordy duo do not want to play this game so Team Hell No gets the victory after they forfeit.

Big Show vs. Kane—Big Show and Kane seemingly put on a quick and fun match. While Kane and his tag partner are distracted by  Team Rhodes Scholars. Kane gets knocked out by Big Show who took advantage of the distraction. After Show’s win Rhodes and Sandow viciously attack the tag team champs.

Santino tells AJ that she did do a good job as RAW GM. After he walks out here comes Cena to talk to her. During their talk she reveals that it was rumors of an affair with Cena that caused her to resign. While Cena comforts her he tells her that he will take care of it. Cena is shown backstage talking to Vince McMahon and tells him that the rumors aren’t true. Vince tells Cena that this isn’t the time nor the place to talk about it. The CEO implies that there is incriminating evidence to support the rumors.

ADR vs. Zack Ryder—Del Rio pretty much owns Ryder’s ass throughout this travesty of a match. The only saving grace is that it is quick. Ryder taps after Del Rio puts him in the Cross Arm breaker. After the victory Del Rio taunts Orton and then puts his submission move on Ryder again.

Cena confronts Vickie Guerrero about AJ. Guerrero not so nicely tells Cena that it is fault that AJ lost her dream job.

Sheamus vs. CM Punk (Lumberjack Match)—This is being touted as the largest Lumberjack match ever in the history of the WWE. Plenty of action between the two champions as they brutally wrestle one another. Big Show choke slams Sheamus and CM Punk picks up the victory. Out comes Ryback to face his opponent Sunday. Ryback delivers his finishing maneuver to Punk as RAW ends.

This show was pretty decent for a going home show. This is making me look forward to the PPV match on Sunday. Hopefully SmackDown will be just as good. I give the show an A+, I am looking forward to Vickie Guerrero being in charge of RAW. Have a good night and a better tomorrow.

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