Riley’s Corner: Smackdown Review for 10-19-12

Riley’s Corner

With Riley Ross

Welcome to Riley’s Corner where I breakdown the matches for this week’s SmackDown. At the end of the review I will grade the show. Please feel free to comment on my reviews on this site or look me up on Twitter @RileyRoss7 and or @dibiaseangel. Tonight’s Smackdown is live from Memphis, TN.         

Miz TV opens the show and he doesn’t seem happy that he lost the IC title to Kofi Kingston on Wednesday night. Miz is invoking his rematch clause at HIAC! His guests tonight are Team Hell No and they come out to separate entrances.  Miz is taunting Daniel Bryan by saying that Daniel Bryan would be the reason why they will lose the tag team championship at HIAC. After much comedic bickering between the three men, here comes Big Show. After much mouthing off from the Big Show, here comes Dolph Ziggler accompanied to the ring by Vickie Guerrero. Booker T, the SmackDown GM comes out to make a match between Team Hell No and Big Show/Dolph Ziggler. Since the Miz was running off at the mouth to Booker T, he gets a match with Randy Orton.

Randy Orton vs. The Miz—This is a difficult match for me to watch since I am a fan of both men. Orton is dominating the Miz as ADR and Ricardo Rodriguez watch from one of the arena’s guest suites. To be honest this match seems kind of lackluster. I really hate JBL and Josh Matthews on commentary, I am sure two braying donkeys would do a much better job. ADR is not the new ‘Apex Predator’ of the WWE that honor belongs to Randy, not you.  This match did pick up after a few minutes. Orton gets the victory with the RKO.

Backstage Sheamus is talking to Teddy Long about how he wants a rematch with Wade Barrett. A Lumberjack match for later tonight is set between the two men. Eve is shown lurking in the shadows with a creepy smirk on her face.

Team Rhodes Scholar vs. Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd— Rhodes and Kidd start off the match but Kidd tags in Gabriel quickly in the match. Rhodes and Sandow work well together as does Kidd and Gabriel. The crowd in Memphis seems dead during this match. Team Rhodes Scholar gets the win after a quick match.

Eve is shown backstage with Teddy Long and Booker T. This storyline between Eve and Teddy Long is stupid and lame as hell. Either be the assistant to the GM or a DIVA.

Team Hell No vs. Dolph Ziggler and the Big Show – This is a great match since we have seen it like a million fucking times.  Great moments where Daniel Bryan locks up with Show. Show does drop Daniel Bryan outside the ring. To be brutally honest, I wish creative would come up with fresh ideas for matches and or storylines.  Ziggler taps out to the No Lock. I do like Team Hell No, I just want to see them face other opponents. Team Rhodes Scholars come out to attack Kane and Daniel Bryan from behind.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Ted DiBiase—Thank you wrestling gods! Ted is back and I am so happy to see him back on television.  Cesaro is talented but I just don’t like him. So he can speak multiple languages well yippy skippy. The match is decent with lots of offense moves from DiBiase. Unfortunately Cesaro gets the victory. Oh and JBL, DiBiase doesn’t have ring rust you overgrown idiot. Shut your piehole and stick to playing golf. Glad to see you back in action Teddy!!!!

Heath Slater vs. Brodus Clay— Slater is accompanied by his fellow stable members Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre. They are calling themselves 3MB.  It’s like they pulled their names out of a hat and that is how this stable started. Thank God for Cameron and Naomi as they have made this match somewhat bearable. Clay gets a near pinfall but Slater kicks out. After a quick match, Slater gets the victory. Is it wrong that everytime JBL said to ‘start a band’ I wanted to punch him in the balls.

Wade Barrett is interviewed by Matt Striker. He seems cocky by saying that he will destroy Sheamus tonight and that he is doing Big Show a favor. I am sensing that if Big Show wins that Barrett will go after him.

Layla vs. Natalya—Eve is on commentary since she is the current Divas champ. Layla got distracted by Eve as Natalya nails her from behind. Natalya has got Layla twisted like a pretzel but somehow Layla gets out of the submission move. Layla picks up the win in what seems to be the shortest match ever.

Kaitlyn is shown backstage with Teddy Long. Somehow Teddy has Eve’s iPad and it has some incriminating evidence on it. Why not show it to the camera instead of taking a picture of it on your phone?

Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett (Lumberjack Match)—This match starts off good with Barrett dominating from early on. What in the hell why did the lumberjacks save Wade Barrett? That isn’t their job. Their job is to beat the hell out of whoever gets tossed out of the ring. A huge fight has broken out ringside hells yeah. Here comes Team Hell No and the fight outside continues while the match continues inside the ring. Sheamus gets the victory. Here comes Ziggler to attack and cash in his MITB briefcase. Before the referee could start the match Show knocks out Ziggler with his huge fist.

In closing I really enjoyed tonight’s episode for the wrestling content, I wasn’t happy with the two idiots on commentary, I would rather listen to Michael Cole read an instruction manual. Please give us new matches. Looking back over my review of previous shows we have seen various combinations of Team Hell No vs. Ziggler and Show numerous times.  Also bring back JR full time because if I have to listen to JBL for another week on commentary, I might punch someone. Tonight’s episode gets a B- due to lackluster commentary and stale matches.  Have a good night and a better tomorrow.

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