Andrew B’s Wrestling Rewind: ECW One Night Stand 2006

Wrestling Rewind

With Andrew B.

Welcome everybody to another Wrestling Rewind as this time we look at ECW One Night Stand 2006. In the main event John Cena and RVD battle RVD for the WWE Title. Also Rey Mysterio and Sabu fight for the World Heavyweight Title. Plus Kurt Angle battles “The Viper” Randy Orton. So let’s begin now.

Live from the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC the show starts with an ECW chant from the fans in the crowd as Paul Heyman comes out to a nice pop. Heyman says on behalf on everyone who lived the dream & fought the fight without giving up hope & for everyone who wanted to be hardcore more than a superstar the tribe has rose again as an ECW chant starts. A “Thank You Pauley Chant” starts as Heyman says they are back on PPV & they return to TV this Tuesday Night as an ECW chants starts. Heyman says it didn’t happen because of himself or Vince McMahon (whose name was booed) but it happened because of the fans. He says on behalf on everyone & he gets on his knees and says Thank You. He says it is better the RAW (to a nice pop), this is better to SmackDown as this the rebirth of ECW.

We then get our opening video package for the PPV & then get welcomed by Joey Styles.

Match 1: Tazz vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler:

Tazz got a nice reaction while Lawler got huge heat & a “You Suck Dick” chant. On the way to the ring Lawler went over to the Announcer’s Table & slapped Joey Styles. In the ring Tazz & Lawler had a stare down but Styles jumped on the back of Lawler. Lawler flung Styles off & went to pile driver Joey but Tazz locks in the Tazz Mission & Lawler passes out.

Winner: Tazz

Match Rating: N/A

Joey is back at the Announcer’s Table as we get highlights of the ECW vs. WWE Show. After the highlights we see Joey is joined by Tazz.

Match 2: “Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton:

On the way to the ring Orton gets middle fingers & gets boos plus a little kid punches him in the arm. Security has to hold fans back as Orton walks down the ramp but Angle gets nice pop. The match starts with Angle trying to wrestle Orton but he goes to the outside as a “Pussy” chant starts towards Orton. Orton gets back in the ring & Angle takes him down with a single leg takedown & Angle goes for the Ankle Lock but Orton crawls to the outside. Back in the ring Angle takes Orton down with a side headlock as a “Fuck You Orton” chant begins. Orton fights out of the headlock but gets taken down by a shoulder block & he locks Orton back in the side headlock & Orton fights out & rolls to the outside. A “Pussy” chant starts as Orton yells for the fans to STFU. Back in the ring Angle hits Orton with a takedown & then slaps the back on his head followed by a body scissors & a rear choke. Angle lets Randy put a headlock on him but Angle pushes him off & Angle gives him another chance as Angle pushes Orton off again. Angle says again & Orton tries again but Angle hits him with a back suplex. Angle throws Orton into the corner & charges but Randy moves & Angle hits the ringpost. Orton takes control with kicks, punches and uppercuts. Angle comes back with a takedown slam & tries to fight back but runs into a back elbow from Orton. Orton is in control as a “Go Blow Cena” chant starts. Orton drops a knee on the back of Angle’s neck & he works on the neck with a headlock as a “You Can’t Wrestle” chant starts & Angle fights out but Orton gains control again & locks in a side headlock but Angle fights out & goes for a belly to belly suplex but Orton counters. They each go for a German suplex but the other counters & Orton throws Angle into the corner but Angle moves & Orton misses the charge. Angle then hits Orton with a German suplex. They trade uppercuts & punches until Angle hits a clothesline & then 3 German suplexes. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Orton counters & hits a dropkick for a near fall. A “Fuck You Orton” chant starts as Angle comes back & hits the Angle Slam for a near fall. Angle locks in the Ankle Lock but Orton fights out & hits his signature backbreaker for a near fall. Orton goes for the RKO but Angle counters & Orton goes to the top rope but Angle runs up but gets pushed down. Orton hits a cross body for a near fall. Orton goes for the RKO but Angle counters and locks in the Ankle Lock & Orton taps.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Match Rating: *** out of 5

 Orton gets helped to the back as a “You Tapped Out” chant starts but then turns into a “Pussy” chant.

Match 3: Tajiri & Super Crazy vs.  Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke:

Tony starts with Crazy & they lock up but Tony then goes behind Crazy but Crazy fights outs & locks in a headlock. Tony fights out & locks in a key lock with a bride. Tajiri comes in & breaks it up with kicks & then Tony charges Tajiri but Crazy trips him & locks in a front face lock but then switches to a head scissors but Tony fights out & locks in a headlock but Crazy fights out & hits a fireman’s carry slam for a near fall. Tony locks in a side headlock but Crazy fights out & hits a hip toss but then runs into a hip toss from Tony. A “Super Crazy” chant starts as Tony locks in a shirt arm scissors but Crazy fights out & hits Tony with a flapjack followed by a standing moonsault for a near fall. Tony & Crazy tag in their partners as Tajiri ducks a clothesline from Guido & then Guido blocks a kick from Tajiri & takes Tajiri down. He then goes to drop an elbow but Tajiri moves & levels Guido with kicks. He then throws Guido but Guido hits a tilt-a-whirl arm bar. Guido then levels Tajiri with punches but Tajiri fights back & levels Guido with kicks & then hangs him in the tree of woe. Tony runs in the ring but gets a dropkick from Crazy. Crazy puts Tony in the tree of woe & then Crazy & Tajiri hits dropkicks on the FBI. Tajiri tags in Crazy who hits Guido with a moonsault & goes for another but Tony pulls Guido out of the ring & they go to leave but Crazy hits them with a springboard moonsault as an “ECW” chant starts. Guido then pulls Crazy out of the ring & Guido rams Crazy into the apron & then the guardrail. Big Guido then clotheslines Crazy on the outside. In the ring Guido pins Crazy for a near fall. He tags in Tony but Crazy hits him with a backdrop for a near fall. Tony locks in a camel clutch & then Guido hits him with a dropkick off the ropes as he is locked in the camel clutch. Tajiri hits Guido with a running dropkick & then hits Tony with a kick. Guido drops an elbow on the back on Super Crazy but then runs into a flapjack from Super Crazy. Crazy tags in Tajiri who levels Guido with kicks Tony comes in but Tajiri takes it to him & Guido. All 4 men are fighting in the ring & they lock the FBI in a double tarantula. Big Guido runs in but gets kicked down & hit with a double dropkick. FBI then hit Crazy & Tajiri with a double clothesline. Crazy is sent to the outside & into the crowd. FBI hit Tajiri with a double Muscle Buster for the win after 12 minutes.

Winners: The FBI (Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke)

Match Rating: ** ½ out of 5

After the bout The Big Show comes out & attacks Super Crazy, Tajiri & the FBI.

JBL is then in the crowd & cuts a promo saying they are embarrassing this business in his hometown as a “You Suck Dick” chant begins but JBL replies with there are no women out here & you are referring to a male body part so who is the fruit booty. JBL talks about how everyone goes on the internet & says JBL is a bully. A “STFU” chant starts as JBL calls himself the king of hardcore & explains how RVD is a star in the WWE because of SmackDown & Vince McMahon. He then says Tazz is a household name because of WWE & he left them for ECW. An “Asshole” chant starts as JBL says that he is the “Voice of SmackDown” & will be the new color commentator of SmackDown. He says is a “Wrestling God” & to kiss his ass because this show sucks.

Match 4: Sabu vs. Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Title Under Extreme Rules:

Both men have chairs in their hands to start the match & as the bell rings they drop the chairs & Sabu takes down Rey but then runs into a drop toe hold from Rey & Rey locks in a side headlock but Sabu gets out & they have a face off. They grab their chairs & swing their chairs multiple times hitting the other chair & then Rey runs into a back drop. Rey is in the corner & Sabu runs off the chair & splashes on to him. Sabu then gets tripped & slams face first into the chair. Sabu is in the corner & Rey jumps off the chair onto Sabu & hits a hurricanrana. Rey goes for the 619 but Sabu ducks & hits Rey with a dropkick to the knee. Sabu then throws a chair into the face of Rey & they go to the outside where Sabu gets a table & puts it between the guardrail & the apron. He lays Rey on the table & sets a chair up in the middle of the ring. He jumps off the chair onto the ropes but Rey moves so Sabu just hops off the ropes & hits the guardrail. Rey throws Sabu into the ring step. In the ring Rey hits Sabu with a moonsault & then goes for a springboard move but Sabu catches him & lays him on the ropes & hits a leg drop off the turnbuckle for a near fall. Sabu locks Rey in the camel clutch as a “Sheik” chant starts. Sabu gets another table & then hits Rey with the Arabian Face Buster for a near fall. Sabu sets the table up in the entrance way& goes to get back in the ring but Rey stops him & he lands on the table. Rey then hits a seated senton off the ropes onto Sabu through the table. Back in the ring Rey hits a springboard leg drop for a near fall. Rey throws Sabu in the corner & sets up the chair he jumps but Sabu moves but he lands with his feet on the turnbuckle & goes for a moonsault but Sabu moves & Rey lands on his feet but Sabu hits him with a springboard back elbow. He then hits Rey with a triple jump moonsault for a near fall. Sabu goes for the Atomic Arabian Face Buster but Rey moves & sits Sabu in a chair as he goes for a springboard move but Sabu moves & Rey gets crotched on the chair. Sabu then throws a chair into the face of Rey & they go to the outside where Sabu puts Rey on the table. Sabu then hits springboard DDT through the table that ends the match in a no contest after 9 minutes.

Match Result: No Contest / Rey Mysterio Retains the Title

Match Rating: *** ¼

Both men get helped out to the back as we get a promo for our next match.

The match was supposed to be a tag match without the women but before the match Mick Foley comes to the ring & cuts a promo saying that he sold out MSG & apologizes for saying bad things about ECW. He talks about how he loved ECW when it was owned by Stephanie McMahon to huge heat. He then brings out Edge & Lita. Edge says don’t mess with the fans on their Christmas but there Santa is Jewish, fat, bald & gives out a bunch of bullshit. He says after the show they will text there imaginary girlfriend & then look at photos of his real girlfriend. Lita then says when she sat on Dreamer’s face that was more action in one night then the whole crowd in one year. Lita said it was better for Tommy then her which bring out Beulah, Dreamer & Funk. Beulah says she can’t believe what comes out of Lita’s mouth is worse than what she puts in her mouth. Beulah then makes it a 6 person tag & Lita slaps Beulah & then Tommy holds Beulah back.

Match 5: Edge, Mick Foley & Lita vs. Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk & Beulah in Extreme Rules Mixed Tag Match:

Tommy & Edge start & Tommy puts Edge in a headlock but Edge fights out only to get hit with a shoulder block. Dreamer takes it to Edge & then Edge tags in Foley as Tommy tags in Funk. Funk slaps Foley multiple times & Foley tells Edge he wants to leave & goes to leave the ring but Funk attacks him which leads to all 4 men fighting on the outside.  Funk throws a chair as Foley as Dreamer pours water on Edge. Dreamer hits Edge with a street sign & throws a trash can in the ring as Funk head-butts Foley & then back in the ring Dreamer hits Foley with a street sign & Funk hits Edge with a trash can. Funk holds a trash can in front of Foley’s face & Dreamer dropkicks the can sending Foley to the outside. Foley then drops the trash can on Foley on the outside. Dreamer throws Edge into the ringpost but Edge comes back hitting Dreamer with a cookie sheet. Foley & Funk fight in the entrance way as Foley throws Funk into the crowd. In the ring Edge rams a ladder face first into Dreamer as a “Fuck You Edge” chant starts. Edge goes for a spear but Dreamer counters & hits a hip toss onto the ladder. Funk slams Foley’s face into the ring steps.  Funk does the tilt a whirl with the ladder around his head knocking out Foley & Edge. Funk then sets up the ladder & climbs it but Edge tips it over. Dreamer then goes for the Dreamer Driver on Edge but Lita low blows Tommy as Foley throws Funk to the outside. Edge & Foley then grabs a barbed wire plywood board & bring that it in the ring. Edge & Foley drop the board onto Tommy. They go to drop the board on Tommy again but from the outside Funk grabbed the ankles of Foley & Edge & the board lands on them as Edge rolls to the outside. Funk then levels Foley with punches & then Tommy puts the barbed wire board leaning in the corner & Foley ends up in the board. On the outside Edge drops Dreamer crotch first on the guardrail. Foley then throws the barbed wire board into the face of Funk. Lita hands Foley some barbed wire & he wraps it around his arm & then punches Funk with it multiple times & Funks is bleeding as a “Terry” chant begins. Foley is stepping on Funk in the corner as Funk yells about his eye and is helped to the back leaving Dreamer alone. “We Want Sandman” is heard throughout the arena as Foley has a barbed wire baseball bat & hits Dreamer with it. They put the bat on the crotch of Tommy & Lita drops down with a leg drop. Foley then gives Beulah Mr. Socko & this angers Tommy who attacks Foley but Edge attacks Tommy & Foley gives Tommy Mr. Socko. Edge then spears Tommy & then puts Beulah in an abdominal stretch. Funk then comes through the crowd with bandages on his face & is carrying a barbed wired 2X4. Dreamer hits Edge & Foley with low blows as Beulah chases Lita. Funk hits Edge & Foley with the barbed wire 2X4 & then sets the 2X4 on fire as Dreamer puts the barbed wire ply wood in the entrance ramp. HE hits Foley 3 times with the barbed wire 2X4 on fire & ends up sending Foley into the barbed wire ply wood in the entrance way but Edge then sends Funk into the barbed wire ply wood as well. Dreamer then chokes Edge with a piece of barbed wire until Lita saves Edge which leads to Beulah & Lita going at it in the ring. Dreamer then hits Lita with a Dreamer Drive. Beulah & Dreamer then pose together but Edge pulls Dreamer down with barbed wire & then spears Beulah & pins her for the win after 19 minutes.

Winners: Mick Foley, Edge & Lita

Match Rating: **** out of 5

The fans then give Dreamer, Funk & Beulah a standing ovation.

Backstage Cena & RVD are shown preparing for their match.

Match 6: Balls Mahoney vs. Masato Tanaka:

They lock up & Balls puts Tanaka in a side headlock but Tanka fights out but Balls hits him with a shoulder block. Tanka goes for a hip toss but Balls hits him with a hip toss instead. Tanaka then hits Balls with an arm drag into an arm lock but Balls fights out but Tanaka hits Balls with a cross body & then some chops. Tanaka then hits Balls with a running flying forearm in the corner but then runs into a Samoan drop from Balls. Balls then hits Tanka with punches & then Balls charges Tanka but Tanaka moves & Balls goes to the outside. Tanaka then goes for a springboard into DDT on the outside but Balls catches Tanaka & levels him with punches. He then throws a beer into the face of Tanka twice & Tanaka comes back by throwing water on Balls & then throwing Balls into the guardrail. He throws a chair at Balls but Balls moves & it goes into the crowd. Balls then grab the chair & throws it in the ring. They go back in the ring where Tanka hits Balls with a superplex. Tanaka then goes to the top rope but Balls crotches him & hits Tanaka with a superplex for a near fall. Balls & Tanaka each grab a chair & then are swinging the chairs at each other & hitting chairs. Tanka chairs with the chair & goes for a shot but Balls moves and Tanka drops the chair. Balls then levels Tanaka with a chair shot for the win after 5 minutes.

Winners: Balls Mahoney

Match Rating: ** out of 5

We then get the video package for the main event & we think it is main event time but Eugene comes out. Eugene says he loves ECW & that he is hardcore & that he wrote a poem. The poem goes “ECW is the place to be, I love Terry Funk & RVD.” “Stevie Richards makes me howl, when I take a bath I want to use Tazz’s towel.” “ECW is not phony, I wanna hug Balls Mahoney” “I want to hug all of you & have a picnic with Sabu.” He goes on about how he wants to hug the fans & then Sandman is shown in the crowd. He walks through the crowd with a kendo stick & a cigarette in his mouth. Eugene goes to hug Sandman but Sandman just levels Eugene with a kendo stick shot. He then attacks Eugene with the kendo stick all the way to the back.

Main Event: RVD vs. John Cena for the WWE Title under Extreme Rules:

The crowd is 99% behind Cena as he gets a huge pop while Cena is booed badly as he walks to the ring. Cena throws his shirt into the crowd multiple times & every time it gets thrown back & then toilet paper is thrown in the ring as a “Fuck You Cena” chant starts. They lock up as a “Cena Swallows” chant begins & Cena pushes RVD into the corner & levels him with punches & then a suplex as a “You Can’t Wrestle’ chant begins. They lock up & Cena puts RVD in a side headlock but RVD fights out but Cena hits him with a shoulder block but RVD then kicks Cena out of the ring. They then trade punches in the ring & then Cena hits RVD with a power slam followed by a clothesline over the top rope as a “Same Old Shit” chant begins. Cena then goes to the top rope & hits a flying axe handle to the back of RVD. Cena slams RVD head first onto a table & then holds up his title but gets booed as an “Overrated” chant begins. RVD then hits Cena with a moonsault off the steel steps. Cena throws RVD into the guardrail but Cena then runs into a kick from RVD. RVD went for a springboard move but Cena pushed him into the crowd. Cena attacks RVD through the crowd but then they go back in the ring. RVD puts Cena on the guardrail & hits the spinning kick off the apron. They go back in the ring where RVD hits Cena with a guillotine leg drop & then RVD brings a chair in the ring as Cena is in the corner. RVD then hits the running dropkick with the chair into the face of Cena in the corner for a near fall. RVD puts the chair on Cena’s chest & then hits rolling thunder for a near fall. RVD then hits Cena with a scoop slam & puts it on the chest of Cena & goes for a split legged moonsault but Cena got his knees up & then he hits RVD with DDT on the chair for a near fall. A “You Can’t Wrestle” chant starts as Cena puts the chair between the turnbuckles. Cena then slingshot RVD & then hits his signature spinning back suplex as a “Same Old Shit” chant begins. Cena then hits RVD with a 5 Knuckle Shuffle & then goes for the AA but RVD counters. Cena then attacks RVD with punches in the corner & then charges RVD but RVD kicks Cena in the face & goes for a move from the turnbuckle but Cena grabs RVD & power bombs him. RVD then drops Cena on the outside & Cena gets on the apron but RVD dropkicks to the outside. RVD then brings a table in the ring & leans it in the corner but then Cena locks RVD in the STFU but RVD grabs the ropes. Cena & the ref get in a pushing war & then Cena clotheslines the ref. Cena then crotches RVD on the top rope & hits a superplex. Cena then brings the steps into the ring & hits RVD in the face with them. Nick Patrick then runs out as Cena pins RVD for a near fall. Cena goes for an AA but RVD grabs the ropes so Cena sends RVD to the outside & turns around & somebody in a biker helmet spears Cena through the table in the corner & then punches Nick Patrick. He takes the helmet off & it is Edge as a “Thank You Edge” chant starts. RVD then hits Cena with the Frog Splash & then Paul Heyman runs out to make the count giving RVD the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam Wins the WWE Title

Match Rating: *** ½ out of 5

RVD starts celebrating in the crowd with his wife as the locker room celebrates in the ring. The show ends with RVD celebrating with the locker room in the ring.


The show was pretty good even though it wasn’t as good as the 2005 edition. I enjoyed the hot crowd all night & there great chants plus every match was ** or over. The opening promo by Paul Heyman was very good as it warmed up the crowd and was very emotional. The Lawler vs. Tazz match was a joke but it made the crowd happy as Lawler hated ECW since the 1990’s & Tazz is an ECW Original. The Angle vs. Orton match was a solid 15 minute match as the crowd was behind Angle big time. The tag match between The FBI against Crazy & Tajiri was a good match featuring 4 good high flying athletes & the post-match attack with Big Show was good storyline wise as it showed that Big Show is unstoppable taking out 5 men. The JBL promo was a time killer but was also a very good promo as I find JBL to be a very good speaker. The Rey vs. Sabu match was short but very good and it’s a shame that it ended in a no contest & that they never had a rematch. The 6 Person tag match was the match of the night & had some sick bumps between all 4 men. Tanaka vs. Balls was a solid 5 minute match that the crowd enjoyed. The Eugene poem was dumb but watching Sandman attack Eugene was funny. The main event was a good match as the crowd hated Cena & having RVD win the title with the crowd going nuts was a cool moment.

Overall: 8 out of 10

Videos from the Show: – Heyman Promo – Tazz vs. Lawler – Tanaka vs. Balls – Rey vs. Sabu – JBL Promo – Orton vs. Angle – WWE Title

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