Riley’s Corner: WWE Smackdown Review for 10-12-12

Riley’s Corner

With Riley Ross

Welcome back to Riley’s Corner where I will review the matches and backstage segments for this week’s Friday Night Smackdown. Tonight we are live from the beautiful San Jose, California with JBL and Josh Matthews on commentary. Apparently we get a night off from Michael Cole!!!!  Feel free to follow me on twitter @RileyRoss7.

Opening the show we are treated to a Big Show and Sheamus specialty match set by Booker T. It’s a WMD vs. Brogue Kick. There are lots of taunting from Sheamus and copious amounts of whining from Show.  Whoever hits and or kicks the punching bag the hardest is the winner and obviously the Big Show wins. However as Sheamus is talking to the SmackDown GM Tensai comes out and attacks Sheamus from behind. A match between the two superstars is set for later tonight. In my opinion this segment could have ended a few minutes earlier.

Sheamus vs. Tensai—the men viciously attack one another before the match officially starts. Once underway the match is brutal as both grapplers unleash their anger upon one another. Sheamus gets the win after hitting the Brogue Kick on Tensai.

Cute backstage segment with ADR and Ricardo Rodriguez as ADR demands that Ricardo be the one to find Orton. Randy is there tonight to address ADR from his actions on Monday. Comedic moment as RR runs into Santino and his ‘cobra’.

Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre vs. Santino Marella and Zack Ryder—Seriously how many times do we have to see this match? I really want to know if the creative team gets paid for this crappy booking. I am sure there are many fans out there that want to see Drew ‘The Chosen One’ McIntyre get a push but do we really want to see him being used like this?  Would it be difficult for you Mr. McMahon to give the fans what they want? Slater and his fellow teammates get the victory over Ryder and Marella.

Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler—Ziggler issued the challenge to Kane earlier on social media. Awesome match between the two as there was lots of back and forth action. Yes we get it Ziggler, it’s not showing off if you can back it up but a lot of the greats wrestlers before you don’t do handstands to get attention. Knock it off with the showoff shit and prove that you are a great wrestler. Kane gets the win after Ziggler uses his MITB briefcase.  Matt Striker tries to interview Kane and Daniel Bryan but gets the No Lock submitted on him by Daniel Bryan and then gets chokeslammed by Kane for his efforts.  Why do they always go after Striker, Matthews and JR? For fucks sake they are announcers and should be shown respect. If you want to go after an announcer then by all means have a go at Michael Cole. But then again I think Vince doesn’t know the meaning of this word.

Show vs. Kofi Kingston—Miz is on commentary during this bout.  Big Show dominates Kofi during the match. After Big Show gets the victory, Miz cuts a promo on Kofi. Apparently the Miz is holding a grudge over his scuffle with Kofi on Monday.

Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow—Sandow is accompanied to the ring by Rhodes while Sin Cara’s tag partner Rey Mysterio is nowhere to be seen.  The match was interesting as Sin Cara surprisingly didn’t botch any moves. The masked Luchador picks up the win and Sandow and his tag partner are in shock.

ADR vs. Daniel Bryan—ADR gets the win by submission. From the beginning of the match ADR has dominated Bryan. After getting the win, ADR decides to cut a promo mocking Orton that is when Orton comes out to the ring to face him. Orton! Orton! Orton! Randy beats the shit out of ADR. Hey if you are going to call out Randy then be prepared to pay the Viper.  Orton looks good with hair. (fangirling moment over) Randy then RKO’s Ricardo thru the announcer table  as ADR runs like a little girl. The show closes as Randy stares down ADR.

In closing I thought the show was okay. The only segment that stood out to me was Miz on commentary. Hearing JBL on commentary makes me miss Michael Cole. I know earlier I was happy that Cole had a much needed night off but dear wrestling gods please do not have JBL back as a commentator ever. In my opinion JBL sucks doing commentary, he botches more on commentary than Sin Cara does in a match. Tonight’s episode gets a B due to commentary and not having anything spectacular.

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