Riley’s Corner: Smackdown Review for 10-05-12

Riley’s Corner

With Riley Ross

Welcome back to Riley’s Corner where I will review the matches and backstage segments of this week’s Smackdown. Tonight we are live from Tulsa, Oklahoma with Michael Cole and Josh Matthews on commentary. Feel free to follow me on twitter @RileyRoss7.

Big Show is out to open up the show and of course talk about his upcoming match with Sheamus at Hell In A Cell.  A video homage is shown for the victims of the Show’s WMD.  Here comes Sheamus to have a war of words with Show. Sheamus has said ‘let the best man win’ and offers his hand to Big Show to take but Show walks out of the ring. Sheamus shows the video of Show’s 45 second title reign until Daniel Bryan cashes in and wins the belt. Show heads back to the ring and holds out his hand but Sheamus walks out of the ring. To me this segment went on too long.

Darren Young/Titus O’Neil vs. R-Truth and Kofi Kingston—This match is part of the tag team tournament for the number 1 contender. O’Neil and Young are destroying R-Truth as they work together to prevent him from getting the tag to his partner. Kingston does get the tag in and works on destroying Darren Young. He gets the Boom Drop and goes for Trouble in Paradise but gets distracted by O’Neil and the Prime Time Players get the victory. Congratulations PTP you made it to the semi finals. They will take on Mysterio/Sin Cara next week.

Ryback vs Primo—It’s nice that Epico and Rosa are with Primo as he faces the undefeated Ryback. Primo doesn’t really stand a chance of getting the victory as Ryback brutally dominates him. Although points to Primo for getting in some defense but Ryback flings him around the ring. Rosa and Epico try to usher Primo to the back but they are stopped and Ryback gets his opponent into the ring. No surprise here that Ryback picks up the victory.

Layla vs Alicia Fox—Eve, the current DIVAS champion is on commentary. Layla picks up the victory. The match was decent but could have been better. Dear Ms. Fox please work on not botching moves. You could really hurt someone or yourself and that would be tragic. I am not trying to be mean but either hone your craft or leave.

CM Punk/Heyman run into Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler. After much bickering amongst the four Booker T interrupts them and makes a match between Ziggler and Punk. They will be the main event.

Wade Barrett vs  Local Guy — The opponent is a local jobber. Is there any doubt to who will win this match? I will agree with Cole the guy is outclassed by Barrett.  Barrett pretty much slaughtered the man. The Souvenir is delivered and Barrett’s Barrage is on a roll. Wade Barrett wins!!!!!!!!!

Miz vs Sheamus—Champion vs Champion match.  There are lots of back and forth action between the World Heavyweight Champion and the Intercontinental Champ. Sheamus hits the White Noise on the Miz and here comes the Big Show.  Show delivers a right hook to the Miz knocking him out. Miz gets the win via disqualification. Really Show? Really? Really?

David Otunga/Del Rio vs Team Hell No—This match came about after Otunga was bragging about helping Del Rio attack Orton last week. Well played Del Rio by coming out to Orton’s theme song and mocking his walk. However Orton has more talent then you ever will. Face it Del Rio, you are boring on the microphone and in the ring and I would like to see you gone from the WWE but leave Ricardo behind because he is more talented and more charismatic than you oh Droll One. Booker T came out and booked the tag match. The match opens up with Daniel Bryan taking on Otunga. David Otunga may be undefeated in the courtroom but he cannot claim that bragging right about his matches in the ring. Del Rio gets the tag and viciously kicks at DB while he is in their corner. DB finally gets in the tag so Kane comes in and brings the fight to Del Rio. Kane gets a boot to the side of the head courtesy of Del Boring and Otunga gets the tag and a near pinfall. Kane chokeslams Otunga to the mat and DB tags himself in to the match to score the victory. While this was going on Del Rio leaves his partner behind.

A backstage segment with Eve and Teddy Long. Mr. Long is saying that he knows Eve has something to do with the attack on Kaitlyn.  I am curious to see where this storyline is going; I can only hope that it ends better than the Anonymous RAW GM storyline.

Tensai vs The Big Show—Tensai is on the offense with some head butts and punches. Big Show throws Tensai out of the ring. While it is nice to the see two behemoths go at it but it’s like watching two glaciers roll down the hill in slow motion. This match seems like it was put together at the last minute. Just as Show was going to deliver his right hook to Tensai, Sheamus comes down and delivers the Brogue kick to Tensai. Tensai gets the victory.

CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler— The match starts off with trading insults and shoves between the two. Beautifully executed drop kick by Ziggler, the man can wrestle.  Punk awkwardly landed on the floor when they were fighting on the top rope. With a nice roundhouse kick to the head Punk almost got the victory but Ziggler kicked out at 2. Punk gets the victory with a GTS.  CM Punk says he will not step foot in the ring at Hell In A Cell to face John Cena.

In closing and with a smile firmly in place, I give tonight’s edition of SmackDown an A. It had some strong matches that were quick paced with the exception of Tensai vs Big Show but made up for it with less Raw replays.  Match of the night goes to CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler. They need more quality matches like this on all their shows.  Josh Matthews and Michael Cole’s commentary seemed to be lacking chemistry tonight but not all commentators can be awesome as JR. Cannot wait to see how Punk’s announcement will go over with Cena.  With that said have a good night and a better tomorrow.

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