PIPE BOMB!: Random Thoughts

PIPE BOMB!: Random Thoughts

With Billy James

Hey there loyal followers of the Mayernation, Simply Sensational Billy James here dropping another PIPE BOMB! on you. Sorry for not giving you all a PIPE BOMB! last week but work was just crazy and I just didn’t have the time. Well it’s the same thing this week so instead of leaving you all hanging without a PIPE BOMB! I decided to drop one about random things going on in the wrestling world the past few weeks and boy do I have a lot to say. So ready it and put on your hard hats because it’s time for a PIPE BOMB!

As many of you know, Kelly Kelly was released from the WWE this past Friday. While a lot of pre-pubescence boys and girls were heartbroken at the news of Kelly’s release, I was not one of them. I make no secret that I was never a fan of Kelly as I thought and still do that Kelly had extremely poor skills in the ring and brought no personality to her character. It also didn’t help in my opinion for Kelly to copy the move sets and mannerisms of a release Diva in 2010 when the WWE decided to shove Kelly down our throats. If you don’t know which Diva that was released in 2010 that I’m talking about then I’ll give you a hint. This Diva was one of the most popular Divas in the past decade with only Trish Stratus slightly edging this Diva out. The rumors that I read about what caused the WWE cut Kelly loose is that Kelly did a calendar shoot which the WWE wasn’t happy about. According to the Wrestling Observer, the final straw came when Kelly refused to call off the calendar project.

During an advertisement campaign shoot last Thursday for Let It Fly Energy, an energy drink line, she received a text message from Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE Executive Vice President, Talent and Live Events. He informed her that by the terms of her contract, she needed to have a calendar that she planned to sell on her official website approved by the company. She had tweeted previews of some risqué lingerie pictures and the company demanded she take them down. She had no intention on calling off the project, which led company officials to cutting ties with her the next day.

Also the Wrestling Observer reported that there were other factors that lead to Kelly’s release.

Another factor in Kelly’s resistance to remaining in WWE for several more years could be tied to her health since she had been dealing with neck issues from wrestling. WWE officials requested that she see Dr. Joseph Maroon, the company’s medical director. She preferred to be examined by her own doctor. With the accumulated injuries, she wanted to stop wrestling full-time at the age of 25 rather than be physically broken down years later and too old to pursue entertainment opportunities. It is believed that she would have stayed with WWE had they allowed her to make occasional appearances.

I can see Kelly’s side of being concern for her health as the past has shown that professional wrestling does put wear and tear on the body. However I think that Kelly should have thought that though before becoming a wrestler. I think that it’s pretty clear that Kelly basically used the WWE as a stepping stone to further her career in the entertainment industry. For Kelly to think that the WWE would give her a contract where she would only have to make occasional appearances is crazy. Kelly didn’t and never will have the ability to draw crowds like Trish Stratus, Lita and Mickie James were able to do.

Moving on to another WWE Diva who is leaving, Beth Phoenix is leaving the WWE at the end of this month as her contract is up. This in my opinion is almost the death blow to the WWE Divas division. Beth is one of the two top talented Divas in the WWE as we speak with the other Diva being Natalya. Beth has some major pushes in her time in the WWE including her feud with Mickie. But the past six months has seen Beth being hardly used until the past few weeks. While Beth was gone for a few weeks due a death in the family, there’s several months were Beth wasn’t used. Another rumor going around as to why Beth is leaving is that she wants be with her boyfriend; Edge when he has neck surgery in November. So with Beth gone at the end of the month, who will step up to carry the Divas division?

Some would say Eve Torres but I don’t see Eve being the one to carry the division. I think that if Natalya was given that right push, Natalya could bring the Divas division back to the level that it used to be at. Also I think that the WWE needs to have AJ and Naomi in the ring wrestling instead of using them in non-wrestling roles. Both women proved that they can wrestle during the time on NXT season 3. While Layla is good in the ring considering that she a model who got into the business at 29, Layla is most likely leave whenever her contract is up. None of the other Divas have any real wrestling skills that would make me think that they could carry the Divas division. We had all hoped that Sara Del Rey would debut on the main roster and bring interest to the Divas division as Del Rey has a huge following on the independent circuit but that’s not happening as it was announced that Del Rey will be a trainer down in NXT. While I’m sure that future Divas will be better trained, Del Rey could have been the boost that the Divas division needed.

While on the subject of women’s wrestling, the TNA Knockouts are starting to see some problems in their division also. In the past six months, three Knockouts have either been released or their contracts have expired. Angelina Love, Winter and Velvet Sky are just three of the Knockouts to leave TNA with Velvet Sky being the biggest loss of the three. Velvet is developing a huge fan following and was becoming the top face of the Knockouts division. Velvet would have ever gotten more over as the top face when TNA teased a feud between Velvet and Mickie James. Of course when her contract was coming to an end, TNA refused to pay Velvet more which she should have gotten as Velvet had proved that she’s a top draw for the Knockouts division. TNA made a huge mistake in not resigning Velvet which I talked about in a previous PIPE BOMB!; What The F@ck! Velvet Sky Gone From TNA!

Speaking of Mickie James, why hasn’t TNA been using Mickie? I know that Mickie has been wrestling lot of the live house shows but why hasn’t TNA been using Mickie on TV? While Mickie is currently resting recovering from bruised ribs, Mickie should have been used on TV before her injury. What about Madison Rayne or Rosita as both of these Knockouts haven’t been on TV in 30 days. In Rosita’s case, it’s more than 30 days which the last we saw Rosita was at Lockdown back in April of this year. Sarita hasn’t been seen since Lockdown either but is currently on a wrestling tour in Japan. I keep hoping that Sarita will get a singles push for the Knockouts title but I’ m starting to think that Sarita won’t be around when her contract expires.

I have said this before and I’ll say it again; Bruce Prichard is the problem as to why the Knockouts division is having the issues that they are having. It’s been reported on multiple sites that Prichard is not a fan or believer in women’s wrestling which doesn’t make sense as the Knockouts are one of the highest segments of Impact Wrestling. But because Prichard over the creative direction of TNA, the Knockouts suffer. I would Dixie would see this problem and force Prichard to make the Knockouts division a top priory but I guess that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Bound for Glory, TNA’s biggest PPV is little over a week away and I can’t wait to watch the PPV. As TNA did last year, they partnering with Screenvision to air the Bound for Glory PPV in selected theaters on October 14th.  I will be going to Bound for Glory which is playing in the theater in my town. I can’t speak for other places but when I went to see Bound for Glory last year and Lockdown this year, I paid $15 to see the PPVs. Not a bad deal. Of course I spent $13 on popcorn and soda but still lot cheaper than paying $40 to watch it at home. I looking forward to just about all of the matches so far on the card. I’m expecting Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow to be added to the card either tonight or next Thursday but I think all main storyline matches have made which is a good thing on TNA’s part.

On a final note, I seen a lot of negative comments about CM Punk lately saying that in the past year Punk hasn’t had any outstanding moments. I’m sorry but what about this year’s Wrestlemania which Punk beat Chris Jericho in a 22 minute plus match? Or the fact that Punk beat Jericho in a Chicago Street Fight in his hometown of Chicago at Extreme Rules. I guess that these people also forgot Punk beat Daniel Bryan at Over The Limit, No Way Out and Money In The Bank this year. CM Punk has proven time and time again that he can put on quality matches with just about anyone and make them look good. Punk is also one of the best talkers in wrestling up there with the Rock, Ric Flair and Arn Anderson to name a few. I know that someone out there is going to say that I’m being bias because I’m a CM Punk fan. So what, I’m a “CM Punk” guy.


Well, that’s it for this week’s PIPE BOMB! I’ll be back tomorrow with “Making An Impact” review and on Saturday, myself and John Mayer will be doing the Wrestling Debate podcast. So you have any wrestling questions you like to have answered during the podcast, just email me at wrestlingdebate@hotmail.com. Also don’t forget to check out my Facebook where I have tons of pictures from live house of WWE and TNA at www.facebook.com/WrestlingDebate. Just remember, “I’m The Tag Team Champions!”

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  1. Riggs says:

    The problem with Punk is hes getting 20 30 min on mic time but saying same shit every week it gets old. He can go inring but i hit ff for his promos lately

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