Riley’s Corner: Smackdown Review for 09-28-12

Riley’s Corner

With Riley Ross

Welcome to Riley’s Corner where I breakdown the matches for this week’s SmackDown. At the end of the review I will grade the show. Please feel free to comment on my reviews on this site or look me up on Twitter @RileyRoss7 and or @dibiaseangel. Tonight’s Smackdown is live from Buffalo, NY.                 

The Big Show is out to open the show and declares that he wants the World Heavyweight Championship. Thank God for Randy Orton to come out and save us from the boring whining and crying from Big Show.  On a side note, I must get Orton’s new tee shirt.  Orton showed more personality in that promo to hype his match with Big Show than in any other promo he has cut. Of course it had to be ruined by Alberto Del Rio and his whining. Orton’s match with Big Show is for the number one contender for the WHC.

Santino Marella vs. Antonio Cesaro for the US Championship- Cesaro is coming out with Aksana since he dumped her last week. Match opens up with a lockup between the two. Cesaro starts off strong by dominating Marella. Nice turnaround by Santino but Cesaro blocked the pin. Cesaro hit the Neutralizer on Marella and got the victory.

Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya— My dream match. Match opens up with a handshake between the two and kicks off beautifully. The crowd is behind their hometown hero Beth Phoenix and she plays to the crowd. Natalya hooks Beth into the sharpshooter but the Glamazon gets to the ropes. Beth than hits the Glamslam on Natalya and goes for the pin, Nattie kicks out at two. Beth ends up getting the victory. Of course Eve has to come out to ruin the moment. Eve has announced that Beth is hereby suspended indefinitely due to the attack on Kaitlyn at Night of Champions. Booker T reverses this decision.

Booker T is proposing an 8 tag team single Elimination tournament to determine Team Hell No’s opponent’s at Hell In A Cell match. This is good news because it brings back relevancy to the tag teams.

Zack Ryder vs. Wade Barrett– Barrett totally dominated Ryder in this match up. Ryder tried to put up an aggressive front but Barrett’s offense took him down and Barrett got the win with the Souvenir. I am honestly glad that Barrett is back but putting him in a match against Ryder? I would have put him against someone else.

Miz TV is up next with Sheamus as the special guest.  I must say that any segment with the Miz is golden. Sheamus is funny as hell and will not let the Miz finish a sentence. Miz is plugging Mick Foley’s book and his upcoming movie Marine: Homefront all featuring the Miz of course. Lots of sparring between Miz and Sheamus and of course Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler come out to interrupt. Ziggler is guaranteeing that he will be the World Heavyweight Champion during HIAC. Sheamus threw the Miz and Ziggler out of the ring after a brief brawl in the ring.

The Usos vs. Cody Rhodes/Damien Sandow (Rhodes Scholars) Jimmy and Damien started the match up until both tagged in their respective partners. Jey Uso flew off the top ropes and landed onto Rhodes’ knees. Cody got the victory after hitting the Cross Rhodes.  Match was too short in my opinion.

Tensai vs. Ryback—Very impressive start from Ryback until Tensai gets him in the corner and pummels him. Ryback PICKED him up for a belly to belly suplex. Holy shit that was impressive until Tensai chokeslams Ryback. HOLY SHIT Ryback picked Tensai up and slammed him on the ground after marching around the ring with Tensai on his back. Ryback wins.

They show Orton walking backstage when ADR gets in the surprise attack. Really Del Rio, I hope the Viper destroys your boringly bland ass soon. As a fan of Orton’s I am hoping that he turns heel soon. In my opinion he is a better villain than as a face.

Big Show vs. Randy Orton for the #1 Contender match—Orton’s music hits and out comes ADR. He announces he will take Orton’s spot against Big Show. Orton attacks ADR from behind and leaves him writhing in pain at top of the ramp. Orton seems still kind of sore from the attack ADR delivered earlier. Yes Josh Matthews, you are truly a master of the obvious. Orton’s ribs seem to be hurting and now that the Big Show knows this he is going to go after Orton’s weakness. Randy keeps fighting back but he is obviously hurting as Show tosses Orton onto the guard rail. Holy SHIT Orton got the RKO on the Big Show. Show got the victory after delivering the chokeslam on Orton not once but twice. Once Randy was on his feet, Big Show felt the need to knock Orton out. Really Show? Really? Really? This is setting it up for a Sheamus/Big Show feud for HIAC. I am so happy about this feud. NOT!!!!

Overall tonight’s show was entertaining. It seemed to be a little too heavy on replays especially on the Kane/DB segments. All in all, I give it a B-. The match of the night belongs to Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Kudos to you ladies for showing the remaining DIVAS how it should be done from now on.  The only complaint about tonight is the lack of CM Punk and some of the matches could have been longer if there weren’t too many replays.

In closing, I wish you all a happy weekend. Thank you all for reading my reviews, please give me feedback. Looking forward to watching Raw on Monday with you all and doing my reviews.

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