Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 09-20-12

Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Its Open Fight Night tonight where anybody can challenge anybody and challenges must answered. Last week, “The Cowboy” James Storm said that he would challenge Bobby Roode tonight. Will Bobby Roode answer the challenge? Also last week, Tara turned on her best friend Brooke Tessmacher, the TNA Knockouts Champion. How will Brooke Tessmacher respond to Tara’s actions? Tonight its Gut Check as Evan Markopoulos gets his chance to earn a TNA Development contract. How will Evan Markopoulos fair tonight in Gut Check. Plus Joseph Park promise Hulk Hogan that he would have evidence as to who is behind “Aces & Eights” tonight. Will we find out who is behind “Aces & Eights”?  So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”



AJ Styles & Kurt Angle wrestles Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez to a no contest

Doug Williams defeats Evan Markopoulos by submission in Gut Check

“The Cowboy” James Storm vs. Bobby Roode ends in a double disqualification

Bully Ray pins Austin Aries in a non title match


No Impact

The opening segment with Hulk Hogan and Shaquille O’Neal was terrible and should have been scrapped. Why TNA thought it was a good idea to use Shaq last night is beyond me. For the few that thinks that Shaq can act really need to rent Kazaam. I promise after just ten minutes, you’ll be wanting those ten minutes of your life back. And that’s all that I have to say about that.

Please TNA get rid of Brooke Hogan because she sucks! For someone who was supposed to be pissed at Tara for her actions in the prior segment, Brooke Hogan showed hardy any emotion. Do we really need someone to be the Executive in charge of the Knockouts Division? I’m sure Tara is really scared as to what Brooke Hogan is going to her next week; NOT!

What is TNA thinking having Austin Aries loose to Bully Ray in the main event last night? It makes no sense to have the TNA World Heavyweight Champion be pin by someone who is isn’t even in the TNA title picture. All this does is make Aries look weak. Yes, Bully Ray cheated to beat Aries but it still makes Aries look weak. I do see some logical as it causes more heat between Aires and Jeff Hardy but I think this could have been done without having Aries loosing to Bully Ray. The match itself was damn good but the ending just sucked.

Is Gut Check really worth having on Impact Wrestling? Seriously because not one Gut Check contestant has won a match. Yes, I know that there are other factors in deciding whether or not a Gut Check contestant has earned a TNA Development contract. Notice that I said TNA Development contract not TNA Contract because everyone who has won Gut Check are now in Ohio Valley Wrestling which is TNA’s development territory. Now I do think that Evan Markopoulos has potential being only 18 years old and having already five years of experience and should get a TNA Development contract. Also it was good to see Doug Williams back on TV and the fact that Taz really put over Williams during the match.

I don’t what was going on but the Dixie Carter\ Bruce Prichard segment was just terrible to watch. I don’t if this was my cable company or Spike TV feed itself but the audio was way out of synch with the video. It made the segment unwatchable and just made me almost wanting to change the channel. I think that the problem was on TNA’s end as Al Snow was going to find out what trouble he was in for his actions last week which was  not followed up as the segment ended when Snow came into the room. Maybe we’ll find out what trouble Snow is in next week.

High Impact

Styles & Angle vs. Guerrero & Hernandez was a great way to open up Open Fight Night. TNA actually used logical setting up this match with Angle and Styles wanting to prove that they are the Number #1 contenders to the TNA Tag Team titles. These two teams were great and they pulled out all the stops. I thought that Guerrero & Hernandez worked much better together in this match then in the previous matches. I just love it seeing Styles wrestling Guerrero and would love to see them wrestle one on one. I have no problem with this match ending a No Contest as it made neither team look weak. Last week I predicted that there would be a triple threat match for the TNA Tag Team titles at Bound for Glory which Hogan announced after Christopher Daniels and Kazarian interfered in this match.

I was surprised that TNA went with having Storm and Roode fighting on Impact Wrestling tonight as I thought that TNA would keep them apart until Bound for Glory but TNA actually made a smart move last night. By having Storm and Roode fighting each with the referee being pushed around leaving the referee disqualifying both men was brilliant. This pretty much will setup the big match between Storm and Roode at Bound for Glory where I expect the match to have a special stipulation like the match being in a steel cage or a falls count anywhere match. I thought that Storm and Roode did an awesome job selling the emotion and realism to the match. Storm vs. Roode at Bound for Glory will be the best non title match on the card in my opinion.

I like Tara’s heel turn as she was pulling all the right strings to get heat from the crowd in the Impact Zone. Tara gave an explanation for her action as she explained that her new “Boyfriend” from Hollywood showed her that she is the best Knockout on the roster and that Brooke Tessmacher is beneath her. I have read rumors that it’s John Morrison but that’s just a rumor. Tara even got more heat for challenging Christy Hemme which just added to her heel turn. I just wished that we had an actual Knockouts match but this works as its going to lead to a Knockouts title match between Tara and Brooke. I still think that we’ll see four way for the Knockouts title at Bound for Glory involving Brooke Tessmacher, Tara, Mickie James and possibly either Gail Kim or Madison Rayne. I really wish that TNA would give Sarita a title shot. The Knockouts title has been defended the past two years at Bound for Glory and I look for TNA to stick to that pattern. On an interesting note, the Knockouts Champion going into the four way match at Bound for Glory have been never been successful in retaining the title.

The Hulk Hogan\ “Aces & Eights” segment was interesting as the mystery as to is behind is kept going as “Aces & Eights” kidnapped Joseph Park as Park has the answers to who the mastermind really is. I’m really hoping that with Park being hit in the head with a hammer that we’ll see the end of the Joseph park character. I cringed when “Aces & Eights” smashed that nice laptop as I could use a new laptop. I like how TNA edited the “Aces & Eight” video as it makes it seem like the big guy and Joseph Park are in the same room. For who haven’t figured it out yet, the big guy is Abyss. Don’t be surprised if TNA roster vs. “Aces & Eights” in Lethal Lockdown at Bound for Glory is announced in the next few weeks.

Show Rating: 5 out of 10


Final Thoughts

Ok, for this being Open Fight Night, Impact Wrestling half way lived up to it. I thought the second hour was just going through the motions. I still believe that this issue is because TNA is running house shows at the same time Impact Wrestling is airing live. I know right now that there’s nothing that can be done about that but I’m hoping that TNA will not schedule any more house shows on Thursday if Impact Wrestling remains live after the new year. Another interesting note is TNA is going to finally address the TNA TV title as the title will be on the line next week. I look for it to be either a battle royal or a triple threat to determine a new TNA TV Champion. Also I hope that TNA will continue to build the card for Bound for Glory which that seems like what TNA is doing.


Star of the Night: AJ Styles & Kurt Angle


Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly PIPE BOMB! And Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at

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