Andrew B’s Wrestling Rewind: TNA Bound for Glory 2010

Andrew B’s Wrestling Rewind

With Andrew B.

Welcome everybody to another Wrestling Rewind as this time we look at the 2010 bound for Glory. The date is 10/10/10 & “THEY” are coming but who are they? Also in the main event Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson & Kurt Angle battle in a Triple Threat Match for TNA Title. Also Abyss battles RVD in Monster’s Ball. Also Generation Me looks to take the TNA Tag Team Titles from the Motor City Machine Guns. So let’s begin right now.

We get our opening video package highlight everything up to the event with music in the background then Tazz & Mike Tenay welcome us to the event from the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Match 1: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me for the TNA Tag Team Titles:

Shelley starts with Max Buck & they lock up as Buck pushes Shelley into the corner & rocks him with kicks & punches but Shelley comes back with chops & locks in a side headlock but Max fights out & they trade moves until the Guns take turns punching Max. Shelley throws Max into the boots of Sabin & then they make quick tags & just use fast double team moves on Max. Jeremy bucks runs in but Shelley knocks him out & goes back to working on Max. Shelley runs the ropes but Jeremy trips him from the outside & then Max dropkicks Shelley & tags in Jeremy Buck. Jeremy takes it to Shelley but Shelley fights back so Jeremy goes to the outside but Sabin levels him with a kick. Max runs in the ring but Shelley hits him with an atomic drop & then Sabin & Shelley double team Max. They then hit a double suicide dive to the outside on Generation ME. Shelley then hits a cross body on Jeremy for a near fall in the ring. Shelley goes for Sliced Bread but Jeremy counters & puts Shelley on the apron but Shelley hangs Jeremy & then goes to the top rope but Max crotches him & they hit double DDT off the top turnbuckle. Jeremy & Shelley trade slaps until Jeremy hits a spinning kick & then tags in Max. They then hit a double drop kick to Shelley for a near fall. Generation Me than double teams Shelley & then Jeremy locks Shelley in a headlock but Shelley fights out but runs into a kick from Max. Jeremy puts Shelley on the top rope & goes for a superplex but Shelley pushes him off & then throws Max off the apron. Shelley then hits Jeremy with the double foot stomp. Shelley tags in Sabin while Jeremy tags in Max & Sabin takes it to Max & Jeremy with fast paced action. Sabin hits a springboard clothesline on Max for a near fall. Max goes to tag Jeremy bit Jeremy is not there so Sabin slaps Max & then they hit a double team move on Max. Jeremy is on the apron & Sabin jumps off Shelley’s back to take out Jeremy. Shelley then goes for a cross body to the outside but misses as Jeremy moves. Jeremy hits a springboard X Factor on Sabin & then jumps on Shelley on the outside. They then go to double DDT Sabin off the top rope but Shelley saves Sabin. They then go for their finisher but Generation ME stops it & Max takes out Sabin in the ring as Jeremy hits a diving flip on Shelley on the outside. Max lays Sabin on the rope & Jeremy hits a splash from the top rope or a near fall. Sabin then tags in Shelley & Shelley goes for the double foot stomp but Max moves & they hit Shelley with a double team move. Sabin clotheslines Jeremy but then gets thrown to the outside by Max. Shelley goes for the sliced bread but Max counters & spears him. Jeremy then hits a springboard splash as the same time Max hits a standing moonsault on Shelley for a near fall. Jeremy then hits a 450 splash for a near fall but then Sabin comes in & hits a German suplex off the top rope on Max. They hit the neck breaker splash combo on Jeremy for the win after 13 minutes.

Winner: Motor City Machine Guns Retain the TNA Tag Titles

Match Rating: **** ¼ out of 5

Backstage Christy Hemme is with Madison Rayne & Tara & Rayne calls Hemme a phony bitch & says she heard the rumors about Tara turning on her but it won’t happen because Tara is grateful for what she did for her. Rayne then says there is only 1 queen bee in TNA & it is Madison Rayne.

Match 2: Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara vs. Angelina Love for the TNA Knockouts Title with Mickie James as the Special Referee:

Like a tag match only 2 ladies in the ring at a time as Love & Sky start & they lockup with Love putting Sky in a headlock but she fights out but Love rolls up Sky for a near fall. Sky snap mares Love for a near fall but then Love leg sweeps Sky for a near fall & then they bang heads & they are both down. Rayne then tags herself in off Sky but runs in & gets tripped from Love but Rayne throws her in the corner. She charges but Love gets her feet up but Rayne grabs them & puts them between the ropes & then slams Love down to the mat head first. She then chokes Love in the corner with her boot. Love comes back with a front slam for a near fall. Love gets distracted by Tara but Rayne then runs into a flap jack. Rayne tags in Tara & Love tags in Sky who chops Tara & then hits Tara with a head scissors for a near fall. Velvet then locks in the octopus submission but Tara gets out & dropkicks Velvet. Tara then hits Sky with a suplex but Sky comes back with clotheslines & a chop followed by a bulldog for a near fall. Velvet runs the ropes but Rayne kicks Sky so Love knocks Rayne off the apron but then gets punches from Tara. Sky then clotheslines Tara & all 4 are brawling. Love hits her finisher on Tara & then Rayne hits her finisher on Love & then Sky hits her finisher on Rayne. Tara then goes for Widow’s Peak on Sky but Sky counters & pushes her into Rayne on the apron. Sky rolls up Tara but Tara rolls through for the win.

After the match Rayne yells at Tara & Mickie tries to break it up but Rayne pushes Mickie down but Mickie comes back with a punch taking Rayne out.

Winner: Tara wins the Knockouts Title

Match Rating: ** ¼ out of 5

Backstage Christy is with EY who drew tattoos all over his body. EY says Orlando thinks that EY is his dad & that he feels bad because OJ’s family disowned him because he is bipolar & Orlando comes over wearing a mask & EY flips out but OJ takes out the mask & says let’s go. He then offers Christy a lick of his lollipop but she says no so he eats it himself.

Match 3: Ink Inc. vs. Eric Young & Orlando Jordan:

EY comes out with the rule book & starts off high fiving Ink Inc. as OJ starts with Neal as EY puts the ref on the apron & counts as OJ gets a near fall on Neal. The ref comes in the ring & argues with EY over who is the ref as OJ takes it to Neal but Neal comes back with springboard cross body & tags in Moore. Moore dropkicks OJ but OJ comes back & tags in EY but Moore rolls him up for a near fall. EY then gives a high-five to Moore, Neal, the Ref & then finally OJ. EY then flips OJ into the ring as Moore hits OJ with a hurricanrana. Neal then squashes OJ in the corner & then Moore hits a running dropkick in the corner. EY then ask Ink Inc. to throw him in the corner & they do but OJ moves & he is planked on the top turnbuckle but Moore kicks him & he gets crotched on the top rope. Neal then drops OJ on the top rope crotching him & they moves the rope up & down. EY & OJ are on the outside but Ink Inc. throws OJ in the ring but OJ throws Moore in the corner & attacks him before dancing on him. Moore pushes OJ away but then runs into a spinebuster for a near fall. OJ hits Moore with a suplex & then throws Moore into corner but Moore then counters the charge with a sunset flip but OJ counters by grabbing the ropes. EY comes in the ring & kicks OJ’s arm allowing Moore to roll up OJ for a near fall & then they double clothesline each other. OJ knocks Neal off the apron & EY runs to the other corner where Neal was. Moore tags in EY as EY slaps OJ & then hits him with a dropkick & multiple clotheslines. EY then hits a backflip on OJ. Ink Inc. then hits their finisher for the win after 8 minutes. EY then raises the hands of Neal & Moore. EY then gives OJ a hug.

Winners: Ink Inc.

Match Rating: * ½ out of 5

Backstage Christy is with Jeff Hardy. Hardy says tonight is a new beginning for him & he is bound for glory.

Match 4: Douglas Williams vs. Jay Lethal for the X Division Title:

They lock up & Williams goes for the arm & grounds him but Lethal does flips to try & fight out but Williams grounds Lethal. Lethal does some flips & gets out & then gives Williams an arm drag & Williams’s pushes him to the corner & then gives him a kick. He then charges Lethal but Lethal gets a foot up but Williams slams his leg on the rope. Williams then clotheslines Lethal & then hits an uppercut. He then throws Lethal into the corner & charges but Lethal hops over Williams & goes for a German suplex but Williams’s counters & goes for Chaos Theory but Lethal counters & hits the Lethal Combination as Williams rolls to the outside. Lethal then hits a slingshot cross body & they go back in the ring as Lethal goes for a springboard dropkick but Williams moves & drop the knee on Lethal’s face for a near fall. He then hits Lethal with a knee to the face followed by a clothesline for a near fall. Lethal hits a back body drop after Williams was in control for a few minutes. Lethal levels Williams with punches & then a flying forearm followed by some clotheslines & dropkicks. He hits a springboard moonsault for a near fall & then goes for a back suplex but Williams’s counters but Lethal goes for a handstand elbow but Williams’s counters & hits a German suplex after the handstand. Williams then throws Lethal into the corner & hits a running knee followed by a suplex for a near fall. Lethal then hits an uppercut & goes for the gut wrench but Lethal counters. Williams hits Chaos Theory for a near fall. Williams then throws Lethal in the corner & puts him on the top turnbuckle. He then hits a hurricanrana off the top rope but Lethal rolls through for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal Retains the X Division Title

Match Rating: *** out of 5

After the match Lethal celebrates in the crowd & then gets attacked by Robbie E & Cookie. They bring Lethal back in the ring & attack him hitting a Diamond Cutter in the ring. He then cuts a promo saying Lethal is a disgrace to NJ & says after he wins the X Division Title he is bringing it back to NJ & brings class to it. Cookie then says Jersey is in the house bitches.

After the video package before the next match Abyss cuts a promo in the ring saying for months he promised about “They” & that they are coming tonight but first he must destroy Rob Van Dam & then they will take over TNA.

Match 5: “The Monster” Abyss vs. RVD in a Monster’s Ball Match:

RVD runs in the ring & takes it to Abyss with kicks & punches followed by a dropkick. He then lays Abyss on the apron & hits a slingshot leg drop. RVD then hits a kick off the top rope followed by the running dropkick with a chair to the face of Abyss. Abyss then rolls to the outside as RVD jumps on him. He then throws a board with barbwire & puts it in the ring. He then runs into a clothesline from Abyss. Abyss then levels RVD with punches & goes to chokeslam RVD on the board but RVD fights out but Abyss goes for a body slam on the board but RVD counters & bulldogs Abyss on the board with barbed wire on it. He then goes for rolling thunder but Abyss moves & RVD lands on the barbed wire board & then rolls to the outside. Abyss then puts a table between the apron & the guardrail. He then hits RVD with a trash can & then throws RVD into the ring post. Abyss then puts the barbed wire board between the guardrail & the apron & then they trade punches until Abyss hits RVD with a knee to the gut. RVD rolls in the ring & Abyss is on the apron as Abyss goes for a suplex but RVD lands on the table but Abyss clotheslines RVD into the ring. Abyss then knocks Abyss on the table & then hits rolling thunder over the top rope on Abyss through the table.  In the ring Abyss goes for a chair shot but RVD ducks & kicks the chair in the face of Abyss & then puts Abyss sitting down in the corner with a chair on his face & then goes for coast to coast but Abyss gets up & throws a chair into the face of Abyss & RVD crashes through the barb wire board on the outside. Abyss throws RVD in the ring as Abyss has another barb wire board & puts it in the corner. Abyss then goes to throw RVD into the board but RVD counters & throws Abyss into it. He then slams the board on the face of Abyss as he sits in the corner & RVD hits coast to coast on Abyss. RVD then hits the frog splash but Abyss moves as Abyss grabs his weapon “Janice” & goes to hit RVD but he moves & RVD throws a chair in the face of Abyss & then grabs “Janice” & hits Abyss with “Janice” in the belly with it. RVD then kicks Abyss in the head & hits the frog splash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Match Rating: *** ½ out of 5

After the match Abyss is bleeding from the mouth as he says get ready because “They” are coming on 10/10/10.

Match 6: Sting, The Pope & Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe & Jeff Jarrett in a Handicap Match:

Joe & Pope start as they lock up as Joe & Pope trade arm locks until Pope gets Joe in a side headlock but Joe fights out & hits a shoulder block. Pope goes for an arm drag but Joe counters but Pope hits a kick to the gut & then hits a flying shoulder block. Joe comes back with punches & then a throw. He then puts Pope in the corner & levels Pope with Punches but Pope throws Joe in the corner & levels him with punches. Joe comes back with the flying kick to the face. Pope tags in Sting & he attacks Jarrett but Joe saves Jeff & throws him in the corner but Joe misses the charge so Sting hits the Stinger Splash. He goes for a 2nd one but Joe catches him & slams him down. Sting then rolls to the outside & Joe follows slamming Sting into the guardrail & then huts a head butt but Sting comes back but gets thrown into the guardrail. Nash then hits Joe from behind & Sting hits Joe with a clothesline. Sting throws Joe into the guardrail & then they go back in the ring. Sting tags in Nash & Nash attacks Joe in the corner. Nash tags in Pope who continues the attack in the corner & then hits the running springboard handstand elbow off the top turnbuckle & then gives 2 middle fingers to the crowd. Joe comes back with chops but Pope hits an uppercut & tags in Sting. Joe hits them both with a clothesline but Nash comes in & attacks Joe. Nash charges Joe in the corner but Joe moves & kicks Nash. Joe goes to tag Jarrett but Jarrett hops off the apron & goes backstage. All 3 of them then attack Joe with punches & then Sting tags in Nash who hits the Jackknife for the win after 9 minutes.

Winners: Sting, Pope & Kevin Nash

Match Rating: ** out of 5

 Backstage Christy talks about the surprises tonight but Mr. Anderson shows up & says there will be no surprise tonight when he wins the TNA World Heavyweight Title. He says he had no problems with Angle until he punched him in the nuts & says that they both equally hurt.

Team 3D’s Major Announcement:

Team 3D comes out & Ray says that in South Philadelphia in February 1996 that him & Devon promised each other to be the best tag team ever & that they have busted their butts for 15 years to be the WCW, ECW, WWE, All Japan, New Japan & TNA Tag Team Champions for the fans. He says TNA has the best tag team division in the world. He says there comes a time when you ask what is there left to do and then he says Team 3D is retired but they want one more match for the TNA Tag Team Titles against the best tag team in the world today. He then says one more match against the Motor City Machine Guns & if they win they retire as champions but if they lose the MCMG can say they defeated Team 3D in their last match. Ray then thanks the fans & ends it by yelling “Devon Get the Tables” & Devon yells “Testify.” Team 3D then go over & shake hands with Tazz & Tenay.

Backstage Christy is with Fortune & Flair says excitement is in the air & that EV 2 is done & that Foley can kiss his ass. Kaz says they will bury EV 2.0 & Roode says that they will be embarrassed tonight. Morgan says they will get the beating over their life & Styles says tonight it is over never to return.

Before the match Foley & Flair brawl around the cage until they are separated.

Match 7: Fortune (Kaz, Beer Money, AJ Styles & Matt Morgan) with Ric Flair vs. EV2.0 (Rhino, Sabu, Raven, Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards) with Mick Foley in Lethal Lockdown:

Stevie Richards & Kaz start with a lock up & Kaz levels Stevie with punches. Kaz goes to throw Stevie into the cage but he counter with multiple neck breakers. Stevie slams the back of Kaz into the cage & then kicks Kaz in the back. Stevie goes for a dropkick but Kaz moves & takes control with a springboard leg drop. Kaz then goes to the top rope & goes for a leg drop but Stevie moves & chops Kaz in the corner & then does Flair strut. Stevie kicks Kaz in the face & then hits a suplex. AJ then comes in & hits Stevie with a dropkick followed by some chops & punches. Kaz & AJ hits a double clothesline on Stevie. They then double team Stevie until Dreamer comes in & takes it to AJ & Kaz. He hits them both with a double clothesline & then threw AJ into the cage. He then gives both of them chops followed by a pump handle suplex on AJ. Dreamer gives AJ a suplex & then body slams Stevie onto AJ. Stevie is going for a superplex on Kaz but AJ power bombs both of them. Roode comes in now & attacks Dreamer & then throws him into the cage. Roode then chops Stevie as AJ rams dreamer’s face into the cage & Dreamer is bleeding. Fortune is in control over EV 2.0 until Sabu comes in & evens it up. He takes out all 3 men with clotheslines, punches & a splashes in the corner. Sabu locks AJ in the camel clutch as Dreamer hits a power slam on Roode. Sabu locks Roode in the camel clutch as Dreamer locks AJ in the cross face. James Storm comes in next & attacks all the members of EV 2.0 as they all hit double team moves on every member of EV 2.0. Beer Money hits Dreamer with a double suplex. Stevie hits a super kick on Roode but then gets a super kick from Kaz. Raven comes in next & takes it to all the members of Fortune. Dreamer puts AJ in the tree of woe & steps on the groin of AJ. Roode is now bleeding as Morgan comes in now & takes it to everyone. Morgan power bombs Sabu into the cage. Raven & Sabu are now bleeding as Rhino comes in & gores Storm as the roof is lowered. Foley & Flair brawl on the outside as in the ring the members of EV 2.0 grabs weapons & Flair is bleeding as Flair & Foley brawl on the ramp. Rhino chokes Roode in the corner with a chair as Raven & Morgan trade shots as Raven has a trash can lid & Morgan has a kendo stick. Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint but Stevie moves & Morgan hits the door. Stevie throws Kaz into the door & it opens up. Stevie has a kendo stick on the outside as Kaz climbs the cage. Stevie then climbs up the top as Sabu dives through the door on Morgan. Stevie sets up a ladder & table on top of the cage. Kaz puts Stevie on the table & then climbs the ladder but Brian Kendrick under a cloak pushes the ladder over as in the ring AJ hits Dreamer with a Pele. On top of the cage Kendrick puts Kaz through the table. In the ring Dreamer hits a Dreamer Driver off the top rope on a chair for the win after 26 minutes.

Winners: EV 2.0

Match Rating: *** ¼ out of 5

Backstage Christy is with Kurt Angle & Kurt says if he loses he will retire. He says Wrestling is his life so he has to win.

Main Event: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson for the TNA Title:

They start the match by going after Anderson. Angle charges in the corner but Anderson moves & Angle hits the ring post & falls to the outside. Hardy goes for twist of fate but Anderson counters. Anderson then hits Hardy with a neck breaker & then Angle works on the knee of Anderson. Angle hits Anderson with a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Hardy throws Angle in the corner & levels him with punches. Hardy goes to German suplex Anderson but Angle comes behind Hardy & German Suplexes both of them. Angle uppercuts Hardy & then levels him with punches. Angle then charges Hardy but Hardy sends him over the top rope. Anderson takes Hardy down with punches. Anderson & Angle trade punches on the outside until Hardy hits a flip over the top rope taking both men out. In the ring Angle hits Hardy with a suplex for a near fall. Angle locks Hardy in a side headlock but Hardy fights out & takes both men out with clotheslines. He goes to the top rope but Angle runs up the ropes & throws Hardy off the top turnbuckle. Hardy goes to the top rope & goes for Swanton Bomb but Anderson rolls out of the way. Angle puts Hardy on the top rope & goes for a superplex but Anderson comes under & power bombs both men. Angle then hits Anderson with 3German suplexes. Angle then hits 3 German suplexes on Hardy. Angle locks the Ankle Lock on Hardy but Anderson breaks it up but Angle takes him down & grabs both men’s ankles & locks them both in the Ankle Lock but they both fight out. Angle goes to the top rope but Anderson stops him & hits the Green Bay Plunge off the top rope. Anderson pins Angle but Hardy breaks it up with a Swanton Bomb & pins them both together for a near fall. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Angle counters & hits the Angle Slam for a near fall. Angle hits Anderson with a back suplex off the top rope. Hardy hits Angle with the Whisper in the Wind & then hits Anderson with the Twist of Fate & Swanton Bomb but Angle then locks Hardy in the ankle lock but Hardy fights out & Anderson hits Angle with the Mic Check for a near fall. Angle hits Hardy with a moonsault for a near fall. Angle & Anderson go back & forth but Angle goes for Angle Slam but Anderson counters & goes or Angle Slam but Anderson counters & Angle goes for clothesline but Anderson ducks & Angle hits the ref as all 3 men are down. Eric Bischoff comes to the ring with a chair but the music of Hulk Hogan plays (DURING THE MATCH) & he comes out with crutches. Hogan & Bischoff argue in the ring with each holding a crutch but Hardy grabs a crutch & hits Angle with it. Bischoff then hands Hardys the other crutch & he hits Anderson with it. Hardy then hits Anderson with the Twist of Fate for the win after 19 minutes.

Winner: Jeff Hardy Wins the TNA World Heavyweight Title

Match Rating: *** ¾ out of 5

Bischoff then announces Hardy as the new World Champion as Jarrett & Abyss come to the ring to celebrate. The fans are throwing trash into the ring & RVD runs into the ring to confront Hardy but Hardy hits RVD with the title


Bound for Glory 2010 was good but not great compared to other Bound for Glory shows. The show opened with the match of the night for the Tag team titles. The tag title match was amazing & worth 13 minutes of your time. The Fatal 4 Way was good but I didn’t like the part about tagging in & out and it hurt the match a little. Also they only got 6 minutes which I feel they could have been given more time instead of the joke of EY & OJ vs. Ink Inc. EY & OJ vs. Ink Inc. was a waste of 8 minutes that could have went to another match or something better. It was basically a comedy match that was funny but unnecessary for the biggest TNA PPV of the year. The X Division Title Match was good as it didn’t need to be a spot fest to be a great match as Lethal & Williams put on a good match. The Monster’s Ball Match was a good match even though there was not a lot of Holy Shit Moments. The Handicap Match was decent as Jarrett didn’t get involved & Nash and Sting were limited making it mostly Joe & Pope doing all the work. The Team 3D Promo was good as I like Ray as a speaker & it felt real. The Lethal Lockdown was good but didn’t really pick up until everyone was in the ring. The main event was awesome & was the 2nd best match of the night. Jeff Hardy turning heel was a huge shock & a great way to end the event.

Overall Rating for the 2010 Bound for Glory: 7 ou

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