Andrew B’s Laying The Smackdown For 9/14/12

Welcome everyone to the NEW Laying the SmackDown with Andrew B as I’m Back. Tonight we have Sin Cara battling the Miz. Also Tensai squares off against Randy Orton. Plus Sheamus & Daniel Bryan competes in the main event. So let’s begin now.

This review will be shorter as I have been busy with work so let’s just highlight the important stuff.

  1. The opening segment was decent as it got over the effect of the Brogue Kick. It was good & set up a match between Bryan & Sheamus in the main event. It was a damn good match & worth watching.


  1. Speaking of worth watching Miz vs. Sin Cara was not worth watching. Sin Cara messed up a lot & you could tell there were many botches in the match. Miz is a good worker but Sin Cara made him look bad.



  1. Wade Barrett didn’t have a match tonight but he cut a damn good promo about how next week somebody will pay. It has me looking forward to next week.


  1. I love the recent interaction between Bryan & Kane. This week we had an anger management segment that was basically about who had a bigger stress ball. It leads to a match between Kofi Kingston & Kane that was quite good even though it was short. After Kane hugged Kofi Kingston which made me laugh.


  1. Antonio Cesaro, a guy who I am a fan of cut a promo complaining about the pre-show battle royal & said outrage in 5 languages but was cut off by Tyson Kidd. Cesaro made short work of Kidd but was then attacked by Brodus Clay. I am hoping this leads to Kidd winning the battle royal.


  1. Kaitlyn vs. Beth Phoenix was a decent Divas Match but it was the same as every Diva’s match basically.


  1. Just like almost every member of the WWE Universe I don’t like Tensai but you have to give someone props when they deserve it & boy does he deserve it this week. Tensai had one hell of a match against Randy Orton & in fact I would give it *** out of 5. Possibly his best match since returned & it is up there with his RAW match a while back against Sheamus.





SmackDown was not that good but it was understandable as the day before it was taped Jerry Lawler had a heart attack & that was more important than they show. If you watch anything from this show, the opening promo, Orton vs. Tensai & Sheamus vs. Bryan other than that skip the show. Also the Cesaro promo is interesting & everything with Kane is also recommended. I’m interested to see what happened with Wade Barrett next week.


Rating for the 9/14/2012 SD: 4 out of 10


Andrew B’s Picks for NOC:


Tyson Kidd wins the Battle Royal


Antonio Cesaro defeats Tyson Kidd.


Kane & Daniel Bryan win the Tag Titles


Miz wins IC Title Fatal Four Way.


Layla defeats Kaitlyn to Retain the Divas Title.


Dolph Ziggler defeats Randy Orton.


Sheamus defeats Alberto Del Rio to Retain the World Title.


CM Punk defeats John Cena after help from Paul Heyman to Retain the WWE Title.


Guys I’m sorry it was shirt this week but next week I’ll give you a full review until the MayerNation likes this format. Let me know in the comments & until next time enjoy Punk vs. Cena at NOC.


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