PIPE BOMB!: Knockouts Leaving; What The F@CK TNA!

PIPE BOMB!: Knockouts Leaving; What The F@CK TNA!

With Billy James

Everyday just like most wrestling fans, I look at wrestling dirt sheet to see what was going on in the wrestling world. On my Facebook wall this past Monday, I notice a posting from “Women of Wrestling” that Rosita is possibly now gone from TNA as her picture gallery was taken down on the TNA website. This is usually the first sign that a TNA Knockouts is gone from the company. Ok, what the F@CK is going on TNA? First it was Angelina Love, then Velvet Sky followed by Winter and now Rosita is gone. So get ready TNA because I’m a PIPE BOMB! on your asses especially the man responsible for this bullshit; Bruce Prichard.

I just don’t get what is going through the minds of TNA management lately with these Knockouts releases. Yes I know that technically there not releases as their contracts expired but still why would you not resign these Knockouts? Yes, Angelina Love did ask for release but why? Was it because creative kept telling her that they had nothing for her to do? I could have come up with several ideas for Angelina like having Angelina feuding with Brooke Tessmacher or Angelina could turn face and feuded with Winter. Better yet, TNA could have reformed the Beautiful People with Angelina and Velvet Sky.

Speaking of Velvet Sky, what the biggest F@UCKING stupidest move TNA ever made in not resigning Velvet to a new TNA contract. I sure all wrestling fans know that money is what makes the world go around and like Vince McMahon once said; “It’s all about the MONEY!” However TNA spent a lot of time and effort to build Velvet up as the top face of the Knockouts division. Velvet was starting get huge pops whenever she wrestled on Impact Wrestling. I can’t believe that TNA couldn’t offer Velvet more money to resign with the company. In July, I dropped a PIPE BOMB! called “PIPE BOMB!: What The F@ck! Velvet Sky Gone From TNA!” which if you haven’t read then you should. Few weeks after that PIPE BOMB!, I dropped another PIPE BOMB! called “PIPE BOMB!: No Shit Dixie!  Dixie Carter Wants Velvet Sky Back In TNA” where I rant about Dixie Carter wanting Velvet back in TNA. Well it’s now the middle of September and I don’t see Velvet back in TNA so Dixie must have not wanted Velvet back in TNA badly as she claimed she did.

In the case of Winter, I think TNA made another huge mistake of not renewing Winter’s contract as Winter has the unique look that TNA could have capitalized on. Winter’s Goth look appealed to a demographic that TNA would have otherwise been unable to tap into. Winter would have also been a perfect opponent for Brooke Tessmacher. I think that you could have had a feud between Winter and Mickie James or Tara. Reports are that Winter fell into the politic pecking order in wrestling being on the short end of the stick as several reports on the website have stated that Bruce Prichard was not a fan of Winter. So don’t be surprised to see Winter AKA Katie Lea stuck on the independent scene for the rest of her career as the WWE most likely won’t hire her back.

Now the latest casualty in the string of TNA releases is Rosita. As I said earlier, Rosita’s picture gallery on TNA’s website has been taken down which is usually the clear sign that a Knockout has been released. While no official announcement has been made, I think that TNA is making another huge mistake in releasing Rosita. TNA had the opportunity to tap into the Puerto Rican demographic as Rosita is of Puerto Rican decent which wrestling is very popular in Puerto Rico. While Rosita isn’t on the same level as Tara or Mickie James, I do think that Rosita has improved through her teaming with Sarita and could have had some good feuds with either Mickie or Tara. I can’t wait to hear what the rationally is for releasing Rosita.

Now with the four Knockouts gone, it makes me wonder who will be the next Knockout to get her walking papers. Well if you look at the current roster, TNA has seven Knockouts that actually wrestle as I don’t count Christy Hemme, So Cal Val or Taryn Terrell. Unfortunately the Knockout who is most likely on the chopping block is Sarita. Sarita hasn’t appeared on Impact Wrestling since April and has been wrestling in Mexico during this time. Sarita has a great appeal to the Latino market as Sarita is well known from her time in Mexico and is also one of the best well rounded female wrestler. In many of my PIPE BOMBS!, I praised Sarita as a one of the greatest female wrestlers today which she has rightfully earned through hard work in the ring and her dedication to professional wrestling. Sarita is the perfect Knockout to feud with Brooke Tessmacher over the Knockouts title. To the best of my knowledge, Sarita’s contract with TNA ends in the beginning of 2013 which I hope that TNA resigns Sarita. If they do not resign Sarita then TNA will be making the biggest mistake concerning the future of the Knockouts division. Hopefully someone in TNA management will read this and get the message.

What I would love is for someone in TNA management to explain to me why they would be releasing or not renewing the contracts of these TNA Knockouts when the Knockout segments are one the highest rated segment of the entire Impact Wrestling broadcast. If Bruce Prichard is making all of these decisions on his own then Bruce Prichard is an idiot. If Janice Carter is the one making the calls to not renew these Knockouts contracts then she’s worse than Dixie Carter when it comes to the problems in TNA management. If Sarita is the next to leave TNA then I wouldn’t be surprise to see Mickie and Tara right behind her which will be the end of the Knockouts division.


On a side note, as many of you know this past Monday night on Raw, Jerry “The King” Lawler suffered a heart attack during the show. There’s a lot of concern about Jerry Lawler’s condition as I was searching for updates on Lawler while watching the rest of Raw. I may not like the character that Jerry Lawler has been portraying on TV lately as an announcer but I respect the man Jerry Lawler. Lawler help put wrestling into the main stream with his famous feud with Andy Kaufman. I don’t know if young wrestling realize what Jerry Lawler has accomplished in his 42 year career. Lawler has held more than anyone currently working WWE with 168 championships in his career. I had the chance back in 1994 to see Jerry Lawler live when Lawler wrestled “Dirty White Boy” Tony Anthony in Knoxville, TN. Lawler really had the crowd going booing him. So I’m glad to hear that Jerry Lawler looks like he’s going to be ok and hope that he gets better.

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