Andrew B.’s Wrestling Rewind: TNA Turning Point 2005

Andrew B.’s Wrestling Rewind

With Andrew B.

Andrew B, here to welcome you to another edition of Wrestling Rewind. This time we will look at TNA Turning Point 2005. In the main event Rhino and Jeff Jarrett will battle for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Plus Samoa Joe and AJ Styles will battle for the X Division Title. Also Christian will have his first TNA PPV Match against Monty Brown. So let’s begin now.

We get the opening video package followed by the pyro as we are welcomed by Mike Tenay and Don West.

Match 1: Sabu vs. ‘The Monster” Abyss in a Barbed Wire Massacre Match:

The ropes have been replaced by barbed wire. Abyss attacks Sabu as he tries to get in the ring but Abyss prevents him from getting in. He comes back with a barbed wired baseball bat & swings but he hits the barbed wire ropes instead. They lock up & Abyss tries to get Sabu in barbed wire but Sabu counters. Sabu throws a chair in the face of Abyss multiple times. He then jumps off the chair but Abyss catches him & goes for power bomb but Sabu counters with a pin but Abyss pushes him off and he goes straight into the barbed wired ropes. Abyss then chokes Sabu but Sabu fights out. They trade punches& Sabu charges Abyss but Abyss catches him & drops him chest first on the barbed wire. Sabu then low blow Abyss & pull a nail from his boot & stabs Abyss in the arm with it multiple times & the blood is flowing from the arm of Abyss. Sabu sets up chair and jumps off but Abyss moves & he lands in barbed wire. Abyss then charges but Sabu connects with a drop toe hold & Abyss goes into barbed wire. Sabu then levels Abyss with a chair shot but then runs into a punch from Abyss. Abyss hits Sabu with a chokeslam on a chair for a near fall. James Mitchell throws in a chair wrapped in barbed wire. Abyss places in the chest of Abyss & runs up but Sabu counters it. Sabu then takes the barbed wire chair & hits Abyss in the head with it twice & Abyss rolls to the outside. Sabu sets up a chair & jumps off the chair over the barbed wire & on to Abyss on the outside. Abyss then front suplexes Sabu onto the barbed wire ropes & they are back in the ring. Abyss has a sheet of plywood with barbed wire on it. Abyss goes to power bomb Sabu on it but Sabu counters so Abyss goes for the chokeslam & Sabu counters but runs into a power slam & is dropped chest first on the barbed wire plywood. Abyss sets up another barbed wire ply wood in the corner. Abyss throws Sabu but he stops because of the ref & Abyss charges into the plywood. Abyss is stuck & Sabu kicks him into the other barbed wire plywood and then sits on it to get the win after 11 minutes.

Winner: Sabu

Match Rating: *** out of 5

Match Rating: *** out of 5

The refs help Abyss out & then Mike Tenay & Don West run down the card for later in the show. We then see a limo pull up & Jeff Jarrett comes out with AMW. We then see Rhino pull up in a pickup truck.

Backstage Shane Douglas is with the 4LK (R Truth, Konnan & VKM) and they talk about their match later in the night.

Match 2: Roderick Strong & Alex Shelley vs. Matt Bentley & Austin Aries:

Aries & Shelley start off chain wrestling & Aries gets Shelley in a headlock but Shelley fights out & Aries flips around the ring & locks Shelley back in the headlock. Shelley tries to fight out but Aries does the head stand into a dropkick. Aries goes for suplex but Shelley bites him & tags in Strong who runs into arm drags. Aries hits the pendulum elbow drop & tags in Bentley. They double suplex Strong & then kip up together. Strong hits Bentley with a jaw breaker. Shelley & Strong make quick tags double teaming Bentley.  Bentley fights back hitting Strong with a hurricanrana for a near fall. He then body slams Strong & tags in Aries who hits a corkscrew splash. Aries charges Strong but Strong moves & he lands on the apron. Shelley then clotheslines Aries back into the ring where Strong hits him with a back breaker & tags in Shelley. Shelley hits a double leg takedown followed by a lionsault. He then tags in Strong & they double team Aries. Strong & Shelley double team Aries & make frequent tags but Aries counters a double team move & rolls away to tag in Bentley, who takes out both heels. Bentley hits an elbow drop on Shelley for a near fall. Shelley hits a top rope Senton Splash for a near fall. Shelley runs into Strong on the apron by accident & then walks into a super kick from Bentley to end the match after 8 minutes.

Winners: Austin Aries & Matt Bentley

Match Rating: *** out of 5

Backstage Shane Douglas is with Monty Brown. Brown talks to a Bob the Builder action figure pretending he is Christian. Brown then talks about his match later & then Jeff Jarrett shows up & tells him that Monty does not get it. Jarrett says Management does not care because he is the “Flavor of the Month.” He asked Brown about the announcement Management will make but Brown says he will be the face of TNA but Jarrett just walks away.

Raven comes out & Larry Zbyszko tells Raven to quit or the punishment will continue. Raven laughs & says NO so Zbyszko brings out his opponent.

Match 3: Chris K (Kanyon) vs. Raven in a NO DQ Match:

Kanyon slides in the ring but Raven takes it to him right away. Chris K comes back with a neck breaker. They go to the outside where Chris K works on the arm & then hits a leg drop as Raven is on the turnbuckle. He throws Raven into the guardrail & then jumps off the steps but Raven moves & he hits the guardrail. Raven then hits a Russian leg sweep into the guardrail. He then kicks Chris K into the guardrail. Back in the ring Kanyon is in control. He hits a leg drop off the top rope. Kanyon misses a moonsault & Raven locks in the Ankle Lock. Chris K fights out but Raven levels him with punches.  Raven sends Chris K to the outside. They brawl on the stage & Raven arm drags Chris K down the ramp as the blood is over the mouth & chin of Raven. They go back in the ring where Raven punches a chair that Kanyon is holding but it hurt Raven more. Raven then power bombs Kanyon on the chair & hits the DDT for the win.

Winner: Raven

Match Rating: * ½ out of 5

Larry Zbyszko tells Raven to quit & Raven says No & slaps him & a brawl breaks out and security breaks them up.

Backstage Shane Douglas is with Team Canada & he asks about Bobby Roode & Eric Young flips out worrying but Petey Williams calms him down & goes to hit him but Scott D’Amore stops him so he can slap EY himself. Jeff Jarrett asks him about the Management announcement but D’Amore says they will get to the bottom of it & Roode tells Jarrett not to worry about it.

Match 4: Team Canada vs. 4LK in 8 Man Tag Match:

Kip James starts with Roode & they lock up with Kip in control using a headlock but Roode fights out only to get hit with a shoulder block & then an arm drag. Kip then hits a suplex for a near fall. Petey Williams runs in but gets press slammed. Kip tags in Konnan & Konnan throws his show at Williams. They then hold the legs of Petey open as Truth hits a leg drop. Truth takes it to EY in the ring with a kick to the face. Truth tags in BG & they dance & double team EY. BG takes it to EY with a boot to the face. EY throws BG into the corner & this allows Team Canada to take BG to the outside & attack him. Back in the ring A1 hits BG with a suplex. Roode gets tagged in & hangs BG in the Tree of Woe. Petey comes in & stands on BG but BG hits a double clothesline on Roode & Petey. BG tags in Kip who takes it to everyone on Team Canada. All 8 men come in and they all brawl. Roode is in the ring with Konnan & Kip. Kip hits the fame Asser as EY slides in a chair. Konnan grabs the chair & then hits Kip with it. Roode then pins Kip.

Winners: Team Canada

Match Rating: ** out of 5

After the match Konnan hits BG with a chair shot as Truth looks shocked. Konnan drops the chair & hugs Truth as Truth is shocked.

Backstage Shane Douglas is with Diamonds in the Rough & Skipper says it is Wrestling not Baseball while Simon Diamond says the White Sox were lucky in the World Series but they won’t be lucky tonight.

Bobby Heenan comes out to be the announcer for the next match.

Match 5: Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt & Dale Torborg vs. Diamonds in the Rough in a Base Brawl Match:

Skipper & Sabin start with highflying moves as they counter each other’s moves. They botch a move it looks like & Skipper lands on his head. He gets up though & takes control sending Sabin on the apron but Sabin comes back in the ring & sends Skipper to the outside. Skipper comes back in & tags David Young. Sabin hits him with a dropkick after he springboards off the ropes. Sabin tags in Dutt who hits a cross body off the top rope followed by a springboard leg drop. Dutt tags in Torborg who takes out all 3 men & then picks up Dutt & throws him on all 3 members of DITR. In the ring Dutt takes it to Young but Simon Diamond distracts Dutt allowing Young to take control & tag in Diamond who take control over Dutt. He tags in Skipper who takes control over Dutt. & then tags in Young who work over Dutt. Dutt fights back with a head scissors & Simon Diamond gets tagged in but Dutt tags in Torborg who takes out everyone & chokeslam Diamond. All 6 men fight & in the ring Dutt & Sabin double team Young. They then dive outside on Young & Skipper. In the ring Diamond low blows Torborg. Diamond hits Torborg with baseball gear but AJ Pierzynski of the White Sox pulls out the ref & Bobby Heenan runs over & Johnny Damon gives AJ home plate. AJ hits Diamond with it & Sabin hits Diamond with Cradle Shock & then Dutt hits the Hindu Press & they all pin Simon Diamond to get the win after 8 minutes.

Winners: Dale Torborg, Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt

Match Rating: ** ½ out of 5

After the match they all sign home plate & in the ring JB says they have something special to say. Dutt says they have a gift for Dale & AJ & Sabin gives them the gift. The gift was TNA Championship Rings & they all shake hands.

Backstage Shane Douglas is with Christian Cage & Christian says the noise they hear is the sound of all his peeps and talks about his match against Monty Brown.

Match 6: “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown vs. Christian:

They lock up & Brown throws Cage down. They trash talk & then Brown pushes Cage but Cage slaps Brown & then they trade punches & Brown throws Cage into the corner & levels him with punches. Cage fights back with chops but Brown goes for the Pounce & Christian rolls to the outside & then Brown goes to the outside. Cage goes back inside & mocks Brown. Brown hops on the apron but Christian slides through his legs & pulls him down & then throws him into the guardrail & then back in the ring. Christian goes to the top rope & jumps but Brown catches him & goes for a press slams but Cage counters & throws Brown to the outside.  Cage then jumps off the top turnbuckle onto Brown on the outside. Back in the ring they trade punches & Christian goes for the Kill switch but Brown counters & hits a press slam on the outside of the ring. Brown then jumps off the apron on Christian & levels him with punches. He then throws Cage back in the ring & kicks him in the head. Cage fights back but Brown regains control. Brown goes for T Bone Suplex but Cage counters but runs into belly to belly suplex. Cage comes back with punches but Brown fights it off. Christian grabs the turnbuckle but Brown pulls him & the pad comes off. Brown then stretches Cage’s body against the ring post. Brown then puts Cage on his shoulders but Cage counters & throws Brown into the guardrail. They go back in the ring & trade punches until Cage takes control. Brown fights back & puts Cage on top turnbuckle but Cage fights back with tornado DDT. Cage goes to the top rope But Brown tries to stop him by climbing up but Cage bites him & he falls. Cage then hits the frog splash for a near fall. Brown hits the Alpha Bomb for a near fall & then locks in full nelson. Cage fights out & Brown hits pad less turnbuckle & Cage hits Kill switch for the win.

Winner: Christian Cage

Match Rating: *** ½ out of 5

Backstage Shane Douglas is with Team 3D & they talk about the Table Match.

Match 7: Team 3D vs. AMW in an Elimination Tag Team Table Match:

3D runs up the ramp to attack AMW during their entrance & it starts as a brawl. Devon throws Harris into the ring post but Harris comes back by throwing Devon into the guardrail. Ray sets up a table on the stage as Devon & Harris brawl around the ring. Devon throws Harris into the guardrail as Ray throws Storm down the ramp. Ray slams Storm on the announcer’s table. In the ring Harris hits Devon with a suplex. Ray throws Harris into the guardrail & then 3D hits the Was Up on Storm. Ray then tells Devon to get the tables as a tables chant starts. Ray sets up a table in the ring. They go for 3D but Harris saves Storm. They put the table in the corner & go to throw Devon through the table but Ray saves him. Harris lays Devon on the table & goes to the top rope but Ray stops him & pushes Devon off the table. He hits Harris with a superplex but Storm moves the table. Ray then throws Storm over the top rope & on the outside on top of Harris & Devon. Ray then levels Strom with chops & throws him in the ring & on a table. Ray goes to the top rope but Storm crotches him & hits the hurricanrana but Devon moves the table. Storm then hits Devon with a super kick & then AMW goes to 3D Devon but Devon counters & then Team 3D hits Storm with the Death Sentence through a table & Storm is eliminated.Harris then takes out 3D with chair shots. Harris then attacks Devon up the ramp. Harris goes to suplex Devon through a table but Ray stops it & the 3D Harris through the table for the win.

Winners: Team 3D

Match Rating: ** ½ out of 5

In the ring James Storm is being helped out of the ring.

Match 8: Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles for the X Division Title:

As soon as the bell rings AJ charges Joe & attacks him with punches & then a suplex. AJ then levels Joe with kicks & then a snap mare with a kick to the back. He then gives Joe some punches & throws him into the ropes but Joe counters with a knee to the face. Joe then charges but AJ leapfrogs & then hits a dropkick. Joe then comes back with a chop & goes to kick AJ but AJ moves & he hits the ropes. They trade punches & slaps but Joe gains control with kicks & then kicks AJ to the outside. He then chops AJ on the outside & throws him in the ring. Joe goes on the apron & AJ grabs him & goes for a suplex but Joe counters so AJ drops down choking Joe. AJ then goes for a dive but Joe moves so he lands on the apron. Joe then kicks the leg of AJ & grabs him by the legs & throws him into the guardrail. Joe then throws AJ into the guardrail & then hits a running kick. Back in the ring Joe levels AJ with kicks & then a snap mare followed by a chop to the back then a kick to the chest & then drops a knee on the face of AJ. Joe then chops AJ but AJ comes back with kicks but Joe takes AJ down with a kick. Joe then hits a senton back splash for a near fall. Joe throws AJ in the corner & then hits a running knee. He then face washes him in the corner but AJ then counters one & fights back with punches but runs into a slap from Joe. Joe then hits multiple kicks& chops. AJ charges Joe but Joe throws him on the apron. AJ with a shoulder to the gut of Joe & then goes through the ropes but Joe levels him with a kick when he is between the ropes. AJ is on the apron & Joe punches him multiple times but then Joe walks into a Pele out of nowhere. He then goes for a springboard but Joe catches him into a power bomb & then locks in the Boston Crab but AJ grabs the ropes. Joe then pulls him back & locks it in again but AJ fights out. Joe throws AJ in the corner & then charges but AJ throws Joe out of the ring. AJ then hits the Fosbury Flop. Joe is in the ring & AJ hits a springboard punch to the back of Joe’s head for a near fall. Joe then goes for a German suplex but AJ lands on his feet & hits the springboard inverted DDT. AJ lands some punches but then runs into a scoop slam from Joe. Joe is bleeding on the lip as he levels AJ with kicks but AJ starts countering the punches but Joe traps him in the corner & just delivers kicks & slaps until AJ ducks & levels Joe with 2 kicks. AJ is now bleeding from the mouth but is able to hit a power bomb for a near fall. AJ then runs into a clothesline from Joe. Joe then hits a double under hook sit down power bomb. Joe goes for a clothesline but AJ ducks but Joe locks in the rear naked choked. AJ fights out & hits a Pele & then goes to give Joe a muscle buster but Joe counters so AJ climbs on the top turnbuckle but Joe pushes him down but AJ gives him a power bomb that he turns into a Styles Clash for a near fall. AJ goes to the top rope but Joe pushes the ref but AJ hops down but Joe locks him in the rear naked choke & AJ tries to fight out & grab the rope but taps after 19 minutes.

Winner: Samoa Joe Wins the X Division Title

Match Rating: **** ½ out of 5

After the match Joe helps AJ up but then hits AJ with the belt & then attacks Security. Joe grabs a chair & goes for the muscle buster but Christopher Daniels comes out & attacks Joe. Joe fights back with head-butts & kicks & then grabs a chair but Security stops it & Joe walks away.

We then get a promo for the next TNA PPV – Final Resolution 2006.

Shane Douglas is with Rhino who says his life & career are back on track & that Jarrett, AMW & Gail Kim stole the title from him but he is a champion to the fans & his daughter. He says he is going to cut Jarrett in half with a GORE.

Main Event: Rhino vs. Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Title:

They start with a test of strength but Jarrett kicks Rhino in the gut & works on the arm but Rhino takes control with a side headlock but Jeff fights out but walks into a shoulder block. Rhino throws Jeff in the ropes but Jeff slides under the legs of Rhino & hits a dropkick. He then hits an arm drag & locks Rhino in an arm bar but Rhino fights out & drops Jeff on the ropes. He then press slams Jeff & then drops him stomach first on the ropes & follows up with a kick to the head that sends Jarrett to the outside. Rhino then hits a cross body over the top rope. They brawl in the crowd & Rhino goes to suplex off like a wall but Jarrett fights out & pushes Rhino off the wall. He throws Rhino into the wall & then goes to do it again but Rhino counters & throws Jeff into the wall. They brawl by the stage but still in the crowd as Rhino throws Jarrett into a guardrail. They are now on the stage as Jarrett is bleeding & they are now by the ring as Rhino hits Jarrett with a chair. Rhino then rams the chair into the gut of Jarrett & follows with a shot to the back. He throws Jarrett into the wall in the crowd again. He then sets up a table & climbs up in the stands but Jarrett hits a low blow & they climb up a scaffold. Jarrett hits Rhino with chair shots & throws Rhino off the scaffold through a table. He then hits Rhino in the back with a chair shot & they are now on the ramp where Rhino hits Jarrett with a suplex. Rhino then grabs a table & sets it up in front of the entrance tunnel. He then Gores Jarrett through the table into the tunnel then Eric Young & Petey Williams attacks Rhino & through him into the ramp as the ref announces he is starting a count. EY & Petey then help Jarrett to the ring but Rhino comes back & takes it to Jeff with punches & a shoulder block. He then gives EY & Petey punches. He then clotheslines Jeff multiple times & then a spear into the corner. Petey & EY run in the ring but Rhino throws them both out. Rhino then hits Jeff with a spinebuster for a near fall. Rhino then goes to the top rope but Petey crotches Rhino & Jarrett hits a superplex for a near fall. Rhino then hits Jarrett with a Samoan Drop for a near fall. Rhino throws Jeff into the corner but he stops because the ref is there but Rhino charges Jeff but Jeff moves & Rhino gores the ref into the corner. Jarrett then goes for the stroke but Rhino counters with a belly to belly suplex. Roode runs into the ring but Rhino takes him out but A1 runs in the ring but gets gored. Roode hits a clothesline to the back of the head of Roode as Jeff pins Rhino for a near fall. Rhino then goes to the top rope as Jeff rolls to the outside. He then hits Rhino with the guitar & rolls up Rhino for a near fall. Jackie Gayda then comes down to the ring & slaps Jeff & Jeff walks into a gore. Security takes away Jackie as Rhino sets up 2 chairs in the ring & goes for a pile driver off the top rope but Scott D’Amore hits Rhino with a hockey stick & Jarrett hits Rhino with the stroke off the top rope onto the chairs for the win after 18 minutes.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett Retains the NWA World Heavyweight Title

Match Rating: *** ½ out of 5

After the match Jarrett & Scott D’Amore are celebrating but then the lights go out & a scorpion appears on the screen & in the ring there are a pair of black boots, a black baseball bat & a black trench coat as the lights go back on & Jarrett looks shocked.

 Videos from the Show: – Abyss vs. Sabu

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