PIPE BOMB!: CMLL Blackballing Sarita is BULLSHIT!


PIPE BOMB!: CMLL Blackballing Sarita is BULLSHIT!

With Billy James

Coming off the Labor Day weekend, I was pounding my head trying to think of something to drop a PIPE BOMB! on. I’m never a one who’s at a loss of words went it comes to Professional Wrestling and I can talk about wrestling for hours to the dismay of my fiancé who tolerates it because she loves me. But this week was just so generic with no unique news that I was starting to think that I wouldn’t have something interesting to rant about. Then Tuesday, I read several articles on the web about one of my favorite female wrestlers (No, believe it or not it’s not Mickie James) “Dark Angel” Sarah Stock better known as TNA Knockout Sarita. It appears that the wrestling promotion CMLL (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre) is blackballing Stock and trying to ruin her reputation in the process because of Stock’s two month tour in Japan.

According to Steven H. Sims, who was recently on the Speaking to F4WOnline‘s Figure Four Daily show and also writes for the Super Luchas magazine in Mexico, reports that Sarita’s position with CMLL may be in jeopardy because she went to Japan for two months to work with the STARDOM promotion. It is reported that CMLL officials are unhappy with Stock for signing up for the tour with STARDOM, which has no ties to CMLL, as their official women’s wrestling partner in Japan is the REINA promotion. Additionally, it’s alleged that Stock arranged the booking on her own and not through CMLL, as is reportedly custom, thus shutting the company out of a percentage of her salary for the tour. CMLL may be falsely advertising Stock for show on purpose, knowing that she is in Japan, in order to sully her reputation in Mexico, and possibly release her.

Sims also said that this is CMLL’s MO when they are planning to get rid of someone as Sims would say during the show “As soon as they know stars who CMLL wants gone are not available for bookings they start listing them on their posters and assigning them bookings that they know they’ll miss; that way they get rid of them -– which appears to be their intention with Stock. They can then say, ‘Here’s the poster that we sent to the promoters. We said Dark Angel’s going to be there and she didn’t show up for work’.”

To make matters worse, Sims stated that Stock’s work visa in Mexico could very well be in jeopardy. Stock is originally from in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and has been living in Mexico since 2003 where she has also worked for AAA (Asistencia Asesoría y Administración) but right now in Mexico, Stock only works for CMLL. So if CMLL is the sponsor of her visa and they release (fire) her then Stock would be unable to work in Mexico until she obtain a new visa. Sims also made it clear that CMLL is trying to make an example out of Stock by teaching her a lesson that she can work in Japan but only if the CMLL office gets a cut of her bookings.

Unbelievable, CMLL is going to blackball Sarah Stock from Mexico just because they didn’t get a cut of her hard earn money. Well boys and girls, I’m not that knowledgeable when it comes to the Mexican legal system but I think even El Kabong would say this is blackmail and it’s BULLSHIT! (For those who don’t know who El Kabong is, then I’ve got three words for you; Quick Draw McGraw.) I know that major wrestling promotions all have some kind of clauses in the wrestler’s contracts but this is ridiculous. I’ve never heard of a promotion getting a percentage of whatever a wrestler makes even if it’s on the independent circuit.  I mean ever TNA who is known to be cheap skates don’t even stoop to that level. In case you’re wondering, here’s what’s TNA’s policy is for their contract wrestlers who work other promotions.

“TNA wrestlers are forbidden by contract from working for other companies with televised wrestling shows, but are free to perform non-televised work for any other independent wrestling promotions, domestic or international, as well as televised events held by foreign promotions that TNA is linked to or has a working relationship with such as Ring Ka King, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Noah, and Asistencia Asesoría y Administración. Many TNA wrestlers perform regularly for various promotions on the independent circuit in addition to TNA’s weekly shows. The top TNA stars have guaranteed contracts but the majority of TNA wrestlers are paid on a per appearance basis”

Now that seems to be a fair deal for wrestlers who make extra money when not being used by TNA. So why does CMLL see the need to ruin the reputation of Sarah Stock? Remember CMLL, you’re a wrestling promotion, not a Mexican drug cartel. Sarah Stock is one of the best international female wrestlers today. Stock is a well-rounded wrestler who has shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that she loves being a professional wrestler. Stock has proved her dedication when she kept wrestling despite suffering facial paralysis back in July 2011. Also Stock took a nasty fall during a match in late 2011 where she could have broken her neck.

So if CMLL follows through and gets Stock’s visa revoked then what’s next for Sarah Stock? Well she could go to Japan and work for a Japanese wrestling promotion. Stock could work the independent wrestling circuit here in the US like Shimmer or WSU. I think that this could be the chance for Stock to get a big push in TNA as Sarita. If anybody is more deserving of a title run with the Knockouts title, it’s Sarita. If TNA would give Sarita a big push, Sarita could very well become the best heel on the Knockouts roster.

So CMLL, the ball is in your court. Are you going act like you’re some big Mexican drug cartel trying to take a hit on someone by trying to ruin Sarah Stock’s reputation? Or you going to prove that that you’re a wrestling promotion who listen to the fans that you make money from? So if CMLL continues down this path of trying to ruin Sarah Stock’s reputation and try to blackball her from being able to wrestle in Mexico then CMLL will prove what total douches bags they really are.


Hey in case you didn’t know, the leader of the Mayernation; John Mayer is back. So got check out John’s latest “I Like It Raw” review. I’ll be back tomorrow with “Making An Impact” Impact Wrestling review. Also don’t forget to check the Wrestling Debate podcast this weekend plus the special TNA No Surrender Preview podcast where John and I will give our thoughts and predictions for this Sunday’s PPV

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