Andrew B’s DVD Talk: Best of Raw 2010 DVD Review

Andrew B’s DVD Talk

With Andrew B.

Welcome everyone to the third and final part of the Best of Raw 2010 DVD Review. This time we will find out who will become the 2010 King of the Ring. Also we have the second best match on the set between Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan. Plus Sheamus will have tea time with Santino Marella. Plus we will have MITB cash in & Rowdy Piper returns to host Piper’s Pit so let’s start now.

 We start with a video package highlight everything from September 2010.

Segment 1: Poster Child – RAW 9/6/2010:

Miz is in the ring & says his name is Mike Mizanin & he has no right to be here. He says he was told 6 years ago when he started because he was a reality star. He says he started at the bottom as a competitor on Tough enough and he heard voices of fans, legends & superstars saying “why are you here & that you don’t belong here, go back to MTV.” He says he refused to leave & became the host of SmackDown but the voices got louder and he was being told to leave instead of asking him. He said he was told he didn’t belong here and that he had no talent. He then says he formed a tag team with John Morrison & he thought he made it but he was wrong because everyone said Morrison was the star and he was sidekick riding the coattails of Morrison. He says they split and he became the US Champ but that was not good enough for everyone as they called it a fluke. He says he then won MITB and it is his gateway ticket to the WWE Title. He then uncovers his WWE Magazine cover in the ring. Miz says as a kid he owned every WWE Magazine & he dreamed as a kid of being on the cover and he is on now. He says he wants everyone in the crowd to stand up & admit that they were wrong about him & that he made it. He says people can’t deny the fact everyone was wrong because he is the Miz & he earned the right to say he is AWESOME. Daniel Bryan then comes out & says his name is Daniel Bryan and he is here to congratulate Miz because they have a lot in common. He says nobody thought he would make it either but Miz says he did not make it because he has not done anything yet. Bryan agrees & says he comes out to generic rock music & a $10 haircut. Bryan says he has to wear his gear in the back & has to show ID 3 times so security does not throw him out. Bryan says if they have a match he can defeat Miz & Miz says he did pay $10 for that haircut but wants to know why he deserves a US Title shot. Bryan agrees & says that if they had a match the next WWE Magazine would read Miz taps & show a picture of Miz in the No Lock. Bryan says he is not going to rip Miz limb from limb but he can make Miz tap out and become the next US Champ. Miz says he doesn’t like Bryan and he never did. Bryan proposes a US Title match between the two & Miz says YES. Bryan thanks Miz & then Miz goes to hit him with the microphone but Bryan moves & locks Miz in the No Lock until Alex Riley saves Miz. Bryan throws Miz outside & locks Riley in the No Lock. Bryan then kicks the cover with Miz on it down off the stand.

Match 1: Sheamus vs. John Morrison in a Falls Count Anywhere Match – RAW 9/13/2010:

They lock up & Sheamus is in control but goes for a clothesline & misses as Morrison rolls up Sheamus for a near fall. Sheamus then regains control with stomps and punches. He throws Morrison into the ropes & Morrison slides under the legs of Sheamus & hits him with a dropkick for a near fall. Sheamus throws Morrison to the outside but he lands on his feet. Sheamus goes to the outside but Morrison slides in the ring & as Sheamus hops on the apron him baseball slides Sheamus. Morrison then hits a hurricanrana and a knee to the face on the outside for a near fall. Sheamus rams Morrison into the barricade & then charges but Morrison flips him into the crowd. Morrison then hops over the barricade & on to Sheamus for a near fall in the crowd. They brawl in the crowd as Sheamus hits Irish Curse & then drops him belly first onto a guardrail followed by a knee to the face for a near fall. Sheamus then goes for the Brogue Kick by Morrison moves & then hits Sheamus with punches & kicks but Sheamus takes control & they are on the stage. Sheamus goes to throw Morrison off the stage but Morrison flips & lands on his feet. Sheamus hops down by gets a dropkick to the knee followed by a beautiful disaster wit Morrison hoping of the stage for a near fall. Sheamus charges Morrison into the guardrail for a near fall. Sheamus goes for a suplex but Morrison counters but then disappears as Sheamus grabs a chair. Morrison is on top of the stage and hits a cross body for a near fall. Jericho then comes out & hits Morrison in the back with a chair & Sheamus pins Morrison for the win.

Winner: Sheamus

Match Rating: *** ½ out of 5

Match 2: Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho – RAW 9/27/2010:

Before the match Jericho cuts a promo saying after he wins he will be the next WWE Champion. He says Orton is dangerous but that does not scare him. He says Orton used to be the Legend Killer & he is the Viper Killer. He says Orton will join the list of people who lost to him. He starts listing people as we go to break & back from he is still going on until Orton comes out.

It starts with Y2J kicking Orton & attacking him in the corner. He throws Orton into another corner but Orton comes out with a clothesline. Orton fights back with punches & kicks. He then lays him on the apron and elbows him followed by an uppercut. In the ring Y2J slaps Orton in the face followed by kicks to the face and punches to the head. Orton fights back with punches and then clotheslines Y2J over the top rope. Y2J throws Orton to the barricade as we go to break.

Back from break & in the ring Orton is stomping on Y2J as Sheamus is watching from the ramp & distracts Orton as Y2J takes control.  Y2J puts Orton under the rope & slingshots him up. Jericho throws Orton in the corner & charges but misses & hits the ring post as Orton goes for the RKO but Jericho counters with a backslide for a near fall. Y2J locks in a chin lock but Orton fights out but runs into a dropkick & locks in the chin lock again but Orton fights out with a back suplex. Orton hits multiple clotheslines followed by a scoop slam. He throws Y2J into the corner but runs into the boots of Y2J. Jericho hits a bulldog & goes for the lionsault but lands on his feet but Orton hits a backbreaker.  He goes for the RKO but Y2J counters and hits the lionsault for a near fall. Y2J kicks Orton to the outside & goes for a springboard dropkick but Orton goes in the ring & Y2J lands on the apron but Orton goes for the hanging DDT but Y2J counters with the Walls of Jericho. Orton fights out & sends Y2J to the outside & as Y2J comes in he hits the hanging DDT. Sheamus runs in the ring as Orton goes for the RKO but Orton gains control & hits Sheamus with the hanging DDT. He goes to punt Sheamus but gets hit with a code breaker. Y2J gets a chair & swings but misses & Orton hits the RKO on Jericho. He then punts Jericho.

Winner: Randy Orton by DQ

Match Rating: *** ¼ out of 5

We then get a video package highlight everything from October 2010.

Segment 2: “You’re a Coward, Cena.” – RAW 10/11/2010:

A video package showing Miz vs. John  Cena & Wade Barrett calling John Cena a coward and a disgrace after taunting Cena to hit him.

Match 3: Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan – RAW10/25/2010:

Vickie Guerrero comes out & says Ziggler was screwed at Bragging Rights so tonight they will have a rematch & Ziggler will embarrass Bryan. Before the bell rings CM Punk comes out & joins Cole & Lawler at the announce table.

They feel each other out as Ziggler takes down & they chain wrestle for the opening & then Bryan shoulder blocks Ziggler. Bryan then levels Ziggler with kicks & locks on a rocking chair submission but Ziggler fights out. Dolph elbows Bryan in the head before rolling him up for a near fall. Dolph runs the ropes & gets leveled with a dropkick from Bryan. Dolph kicks Bryan in the stomach but Bryan throws Dolph to the outside. Bryan then hits a suicide dive as we go to break.

Back from break & Bryan levels Dolph with a clothesline followed by a dropkick in the corner for a near fall. Bryan then levels Dolph with kicks in the corner & then goes for a huge kick but Dolph ducks only to get hit with another big kick. Bryan goes for the No Lock but Dolph fights out. Both men are on the turnbuckle & Bryan hits a hurricanrana but Dolph rolls through with a sunset flip for a near fall. Dolph goes for the sleeper hold but Bryan escapes but gets hit with a super kick for a near fall. Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag but Bryan counters & they trade roll ups.  They trade punches on the ground & then they trade punches standing up & Ziggler hits a backwards exploder suplex for a near fall. Dolph locks in the sleeper hold but Bryan pushes him back into the corner & fights out & locks in the No Lock & Vickie puts Ziggler’s foot under the rope but the ref never saw it & Dolph ending up tapping out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Match Rating: *** ¾ out of 5

We then get a video package highlight everything from November 2010.

Segment 3: Tea Time with Sheamus – 11/8/2010:

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov come out dressed in suits. A chant for Santino starts & Marella says him and Kozlov blend in everywhere they go so to get ready for the UK they watched all the Austin Powers, Mr. Bean, Benny Hill & James Bond movies. He says he wants to make peace with a Superstar from Irish Land: Sheamus because he was anger to him. They all sit at the tea party & Marella says he started off on the wrong foot with Sheamus so to make it up they have green tea, ginger tea & then he stops but then says he has an autographed photo of Mr. T. Sheamus says Marella is not a bad fella just misunderstand like this fella in Ireland because they both have one friend. Sheamus says that fella had one friend that was a donkey & he was the village idiot & Marella is confused as to why they called the donkey the village idiot. Santino asks if he takes his tea dark or milky & then he stops & says he is not referring to the fact that Sheamus has no pigmentation. He says don’t make Sheamus anger because he does not like it when Sheamus is anger. Marella says he researched why Sheamus is so angry & it is because either he was overexposed to gamma rays or because when he was a kid he was excluded from the other kids because he is a ginger. Marella says he is not like that as he invited him to the tea party & he won’t treat Sheamus like a ghost but ghost are not that white. Sheamus said he forgot why he even hates Santino & Santino says he does not remember either. Kozlov says Sheamus hates Marella because he defeated Sheamus in the biggest upset in WWE History. Marella goes to pour more tea for Sheamus but ends up spilling it in his lap. The GM sends an email announcing Sheamus against Santino Marella RIGHT NOW.

The match starts with Marella on the outside & Sheamus goes to the outside & chases him into the crowd. The GM sends an email saying Santino has to fight or he will be suspended. Marella goes back in the ring & goes for the cobra but Sheamus plows him down & levels him with kicks. Santino low blows Sheamus giving Sheamus the win by DQ& then does the trumpet but turns around into a Brogue Kick. Sheamus attacks Marella with knees to the back & goes for the Irish Curse but Morrison saves Marella & attacks Sheamus with a Flash Kick.

Segment 4: John Cena & Randy Orton on Piper’s Pit – RAW 11/15/2010:

Piper says Old School is about a time when people manned up & stood up to the plate. He mentions how he didn’t like Captain Lou getting an award so he hit him with a gold record. He then mentions that he didn’t like Jimmy Snuka so he hit him with a coconut & then says if you had a problem you did something about it & then calls out John Cena. Piper says he is a Cena fan & that he has been competing for 30 years but he was never WWE Champion & it eats at him & Jimmy Snuka, Ted Dibiase & Mr. Perfect never held the belt either. He says that if Cena just gives Barrett the WWE Title without him deserving it is spitting in the face of every legend he respects. Piper tells Cena to do the right thing & Cena says it is not that easy. Cena says the winner will earn it as he is calling it down the middle no matter what happens & Wade Barrett comes out. Barrett says he does not need Cena’s help & Piper says if Cena hands him the title he won’t be a champion he will be a joke. Wade says here is a joke & it is that this is the final night on RAW in the Nexus & maybe forever. Wade says he will be free or fired on Sunday & then says it is time for Cena to wear the Nexus shirt. Cena puts the shirt on & then says after the match on Sunday whether Wade wins or loses him will destroy Wade. Barrett says as soon as the match ends Nexus will attack him & Orton comes out. He says ever since Cena counted 3 last week he was wondering if Cena would screw him on Sunday. Orton says he could take out Cena but then attacks Barrett but Cena stands between Orton & Barrett. Orton RKOs Cena & then throws Wade to the outside. Orton goes to punt Cena but he moves & hits Orton with the AA. Cena then hits Barrett with an AA 7& takes off the Nexus shirt.

Match 4: Miz Cashes In – RAW 11/22/2010:

We get a video package of Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title from the 11/22/2010 RAW.

The package ends & Miz comes out as he is cashing in his MITB briefcase. Miz goes for the injured leg of Orton & is in control. Miz slams the leg around the ring post. Orton fights back with a kick sending Miz into the barricade & then goes in the ring & get hit with a clothesline. Miz goes for SCF but Orton counters & goes the hanging DDT but Miz counters but runs into a scoop slam. Orton goes for the RKO but Miz counters & hits the SCF to win the WWE Title.

Winner: Miz wins the WWE Title:

Match Rating: ½ * out of 5

Match 5: Sheamus vs. John Morrison (KOTR Finals) – RAW 11/29/2010:

Miss USA Rima (from Tough enough) was the guest ring announcer.

They lock up & Morrison levels Sheamus with a punch but Sheamus take control & works on the left arm of Morrison. Morrison comes back with punches & then a kick to the face. He goes for the flash kick but Sheamus pushes him off the ropes but he lands on the apron. Sheamus then knocks Morrison off the apron to the outside as we go to break.

Back from break & Sheamus is in control working on the injured arm of Morrison. Morrison tries to fight back but Sheamus takes control again by working on the arm. It’s all Sheamus in control working on the arm & every time Morrison fights back it is to no avail. Eventually Morrison fights back with clotheslines & heel kick for a near fall. Sheamus goes for Brogue Kick but Morrison moves but still gets hit with a clothesline. Sheamus goes for the High Cross but Morrison counters & Morrison hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. Morrison goes for the running knee but Sheamus countered & Morrison rolls on the apron. Sheamus goes to ram him in the ring post but Morrison counters & goes to the top rope but Sheamus pulls him down & locks in the arm bar. Morrison fights out & hits a Pele kick & goes for starship pain but Sheamus gets the knees up & hits the Brogue Kick. Sheamus then hits High Cross for the win.

Sheamus then goes on the ramp & sits in the chair where Miss USA gives him the scepter & puts on his robe & crown. Sheamus then says long live the king.

Winner: Sheamus is the King of the Ring

Match Rating: *** out of 5

We then get a video package highlight everything from December 2010.

Final Match: Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu vs. the Usos vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel in a Elimination Fatal Four Way for the WWE Tag Team Titles – RAW 12/6/2010:

Gabriel & Tatsu start off with some chain wrestling & then Tatsu runs the ropes & Gabriel goes for a kick but Tatsu slides under and levels Gabriel with chops. Tatsu then hits a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Gabriel then tags in Slater but Slater runs into some arm drags & then Tatsu tags in Henry but Slater tags in a USO & he goes to the outside but Henry pulls him in by the hair & then uses his power to control the USO before tagging in Tatsu.  The USO tags in his brother & the twins work together on Tatsu before hitting Henry with a baseball slide.  Slater tags himself in on The USO & hits his finisher on Tatsu eliminating Tatsu & Henry.The USO then attacks Slater with punches in the corner before tagging in his partner as The USOS double team Slater.  Kozlov tags himself in on Slater & takes out everyone. He then hits his finisher on a member of the Usos & the Usos are eliminated. Tamina then tells the Usos she is staying with Santino. Gabriel is in control in the ring over Kozlov. Gabriel tags in Slater but Kozlov regains control & tags in Santino. Santino is in control over Slater but Slater fight back & tags in Gabriel who kicks Santino in the face. Gabriel locks Santino in a rear chin lock but Marella fights out but walks into a kick from Gabriel. Gabriel tags in Slater as Slater is in control as we go to break.

Back from break & Gabriel has a front head lock on Kozlov. Kozlov fights out & tags in Santino who does the split and then the hip toss on Gabriel followed by the head-butt & then a Santino Stunner. Slater breaks up a near fall & Kozlov clotheslines him to the outside. John Cena hops on the apron and distracts Gabriel. Marella hits Gabriel with the cobra to get the victory as Cena celebrates in the crowd. After the match Tamina kissed Santino & then they all did the Trumpet.

Winners: Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marella Win the Tag Titles

Match Rating: ** ½ out of 5

We then see Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole talk about how great 2010 & how excited they are for 2011. The set ends with a 2010 RAW Recap Music Video.


RAW towards the end was a mixture of promos & matches but was also not as strong as the months in the first 2 parts. The Miz promo was very good as he talks about all the hardships he faced & Bryan did well in the promo also talking about how average he was compared to Miz. The first match in Part 3 was a good fun match between Morrison & Sheamus that saw some very cool spots. The Ziggler vs. Bryan match was the 2nd best match on the set that I was talking about & the best match of Part 3. The Orton vs. Jericho match was good as there were 2 good workers in the ring. The Barrett & Cena video package was cool but I would have preferred a promo instead of just a video package. The Piper’s Pit Segment with Orton, Barrett & Cena was good as I felt everything Cena said seemed real. The Miz cash in was a huge shock at the time & was an AWESOME moment looking back. The Tea Time Segment was so funny & worth watching as Kozlov has the best part of the whole segment but the Sheamus vs. Marella match was trash. The FCA match between Morrison & Sheamus was better than the KOTR match but they were both good. The final match which was the Tag Team Title Match was an enjoyable and exciting match.

Overall Rating for the Best of RAW 2010 DVD Set: 8 out of 10

Videos from the post:

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho:

Sheamus vs. Morrison (FCA):

Tea Time With Santino:

Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan:

Miz Cashes In:

Morrison vs. Sheamus (KOTR):–oXcs

Piper’s Pit:

Tag Title Match:

That’s ALL & here is Part 1 or 2 In Case You Missed Those:

Join Me Next Time As We Look At An Early TNA PPV From 2005.

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