PIPE BOMB!: Random Thoughts!

PIPE BOMB!: Random Thoughts!

With Billy James

Hey there loyal followers of the Mayernation, Simply Sensational Billy James here dropping another PIPE BOMB! on you. Usually I go off about a specific subject but this week I’m going to giving my thoughts on things going on in the wrestling world. Work has been busy for me as everyone down here in the South has been keeping our eyes on Hurricane Isaac now Tropical Storm Isaac. Also I have an update from John Mayer, the leader of the Mayernation has let me know that he had gotten his internet issues resolved and will be back for this week’s Wrestling Debate podcast. John really appreciates your patience and helping making the site a success. So Mayernation get ready because it’s time for a PIPE BOMB!

CM Punk this past Monday night on Raw defeated Jerry “The King” Lawler inside a steel cage on Raw. After the match, Punk ruthlessly beat on Lawler to a few boos. Now everyone is saying that Punk has turned “Heel” but I say that Punk is a “Tweaker” not a full blown “Heel”. CM Punk has cut several “Heelish” promos in the past few weeks but Punk has made points during these promos which gets fans like me behind Punk. But hey, I’m a “CM Punk” type of guy. Punk is one of the best talkers on the mic and Punk can have a good match with just about anybody. For me to see CM Punk as a full “Heel”, Punk would have to beat on little kids. I think that one point that CM Punk made that I totally agree with is Jerry Lawler acting a “14 Year old.” Jerry Lawler has had an amazing career as an wrestler but he sucks as an annoucer. That’s why fans like me are tired of Lawler as an annoucer and love it when Punk kicked Lawer upside the head. I think CM Punk vs. John Cena at Night of Champions could be a possible “Match of the Year”. Considering their match from last year at Money in the Match.

Rumor has it that Andy Kaufman is going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as Wrestlemania 29. Lot of wrestling fans have bitch when a celebrity is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame who really didn’t do anything for Professional Wrestling. Whether it be Pete Rose, William Perry or Bob Uecker, these celebrities really didn’t do anything for Professional Wrestling. However, Andy Kaufman did lot for wrestling with his feud with Jerry Lawler. Anybody who is a fan of wrestling remembers when Jerry Lawler punched Kaufman on the David Letterman show. Kaufman would wrestle Lawler several times in the early 80’s which Kaufman got some great heat from the Memphis crowd. If the rumors are true then I expect Jerry Lawler to induct Kaufman in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Ariane Andrew AKA Cameron one of the Funkadactyls was arrested last Friday for DUI in N. Hillsborough County, FL. According to reports, Andrew took a breathalyzer test which she blew a 2.0 twice legal limit in Florida. Andrew also listed Wells Fargo as her employer. Andrew has to be really stupid to think that she’s going to get a DUI and WWE management not to find. Now TMZ is reporting that Andrew tried to bribe the officer with an offer of $10,000 saying that she was afraid of loosing her job. WWE released a statment saying the following “Ariane [Cameron] did not alert us to this matter, we are investigating and will take appropriate action.”  Hey Cameron, there’s this thing called the “Internet,” check into it. Should Cameron be fired for her DUI? Hell, Cameron should be fired just for listing Wells Fargo as her employer. All kidding aside, Driving Under the Influence is not cool and Andrew needs to face the consequences of her actions.

Moving to TNA, the Bound for Glory series is coming to an end as the top four with the highest scores will face off at No Surrender to determine who will face Austin Aries for the TNA title at Bound for Glory. Right now, it looks like it’s going to be “The Cowboy” James Storm, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray and Rob Van Dam going to No Surrender for the Bound for Glory Series finals. It’s possible for either Kurt Angle, AJ Styles or Jeff Hardy could make it the final four as they have a few matches in the series to go. I personally think that Samoa Joe is going to win and face Aries at Bound for Glory for the TNA title. I think that it would be a great match and be an awesome draw if TNA builds it up right.

Rosa Mendes in a recent interview with WWE Magazine stated that she wants to wrestle for the WWE Divas title which is currently held by Layla. Rosa was quoted as saying “I haven’t been given the opportunity yet, and the Divas division wouldn’t know what hit them.” Ok, Rosa you’re great valet but for God sakes, stay out of the ring. Rosa wrestling Layla for the Divas title would a F@cking train wreck and make Maxine vs. Kaitlyn from NXT Season 3 look like a five star match. Knowing WWE, they’ll put the Divas title on Rosa and then have Rosa team with Kelly Kelly to win the WWE Divas Tag Team titles. Oh wait, there is no WWE Divas Tag Team titles, thank God.

According to several reports, Michael Cole is in the “Shit House” as he missed his cue when CM Punk hit the “Rock Bottom” on Lawler during the Punk vs. Lawler match on this past Monday’s night Raw. Cole was supposed to hype up the fact that Punk was using the Rock’s finishing move. Does this really surprise anyone? Michael Cole is the worst announcer in the WWE and the WWE keeps shoving him down throats. Bring back Jim Ross or use William Regal as an announcer as he’s very good at the table plus he’s funny as hell. However, we’re stuck with Michael Cole as he’s Vince McMahon’s little B@tch.

On a side note, this Friday is the birthday of my favorite and one of the greatest female wrestlers in the world today; Mickie James. Mickie turns 33 this Friday and will be celebrating the night performing with her band at the Kingdom 10 in Richmond, Virginia. I’ve made no big secret that I’m a huge Mickie James fan and would love to see the video of her performance from her birthday party this Friday. Mickie has done a lot in her 13 year wrestling career winning 18 titles and becoming the only woman to date to have held the WWE Women’s, WWE Divas and the TNA Knockouts titles. If I had to pick my top five greatest female wrestlers of all time, I would have Mickie at number #1 tied with Trish Stratus as Trish has had one hell of a career too.

Ok, I’m done ranting for now. Don’t forget to check out past PIPE BOMBS! if you haven’t already then check out the Wrestling Debate podcasts. I’ll be back this Friday with “Making An Impact” so don’t forget to check that out too.  Take care and when someone is pissed off and yelling at you. Telling them, “Sorry About Your Damn Luck!”


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