An Important Message From The Leader of the Mayernation; John Mayer

An Important Message From The Leader of the Mayernation; John Mayer

Hey loyal followers of the Mayernation. Simply Sensational Billy James here with an important message from the Leader of the Mayernation; John Mayer. John wanted me to let everyone know that there won’t an “I Like It Raw” review this week. John is having some internet issues and is still working to them resolved. Also because of John’s internet issues, there will be no “Laying The Smackdown” review from Jillian this week. John wanted me to let all of you loyal followers of the Mayernation to know that he appreciates all of your support and for making the site a success. John is hoping to have his internet issue fixed soon.

I thought that also I would briefly give my thoughts about last night’s Raw. I loved the promos that CM Punk and John Cena cut last as both men made very great points. CM Punk while sounding like a heel made several points that I totally agree with. The WWE Champion should be the center piece of your PPVs since the title is supposed to be the most important thing in the WWE. I love it when Punk kicked Jerry Lawler upside the head. If you paid attention, you should have notice that Lawler shoulder bump Punk while leaving the ring. I’m sure the WWE is going to play it that Punk has turned on the WWE Universe but I don’t see it that way. Best match of the night was Ziggler vs. Jericho as those two stolen the show despite only having six to eight minutes for the match.

Cool to see Zack Ryder on Raw even if he got squashed by Kane. Rumor has it that WWE management is going to have Zack Ryder feud with the Miz which will be cool be in my opinion. The rest of Raw was ok as the Brock Lesnar segment was a decent promo. Thanks to Paul Heymen for saving the segment because Brock can’t cut a promo to save his life. The big disappointment of the night had to be the Divas Battle Royal to determine who will be next challenge Layla for the WWE Divas title.

This battle royal was a F@CKING train wreck. First there was no Beth Phoenix in the match which just blew my mind despite Beth being shown in the graphic before the match. Kelly Kelly was also shown in the graphic but I’m glad she wasn’t in the match. So there was only seven Divas in the match and out of the seven, only two can actually wrestle. I’m glad that Alicia Fox didn’t win because I have seen Alicia wrestle Layla and they don’t have great chemistry in the ring. I don’t know what to think about Kaitlyn winning the battle royal and getting the title shot against Layla. I kind of like Kaitlyn but I just don’t think that she’s ready for a title run.

I’ll talk more about this later in the week when I drop my latest PIPE BOMB! on the Mayernation. Also don’t forget to check back this Friday for the “Making An Impact” review and the Wrestling Debate podcast. Take care Mayernation and don’t kick anyone upside the head because they disrespected you unless of course you know that you can get away with it.

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