Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 08-09-12

Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Last week, “The Cowboy” James Storm defeated Kurt Angle in hard fought Bound for Glory Series match and that tonight he will face Bully Ray in a Bound for Glory Series match. Will Storm be able to focus on the match while still being accused of being behind “Aces of Eights”? Will “Aces of Eights” show up tonight to cause chaos? Austin Aries and Booby Roode sign the contracts for their match at Hardcore Justice tonight. What will the former TNA champion have to say? In a non-title match, Brooke Tessmacher takes on former Knockouts Champion; Gail Kim. Will Brooke’s opponent this Sunday at Hardcore Justice; Madison Rayne interfere in the match? Also tonight in another Bound for Glory Series match; AJ Styles takes on Kurt Angle. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”



Rob Van Dam pins Magnus in a Bound for Glory Series match

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian defend Devon & Garrett Bischoff to retain the TNA Tag Team titles.

Kurt Angle pins AJ Styles in a Bound for Glory Series match

Brooke Tessmacher beats Gail Kim in a not-title match

Bully Ray pins “The Cowboy” James Storm in a Bound for Glory Series match

 No Impact

Hey gang, Devon actually wrestled a match on Impact Wrestling. Too bad that he wasn’t defending the TNA TV title. Instead Devon teamed with Garrett Bischoff to challenge Christopher Daniels and Kazarian for the TNA Tag Team titles. The match itself was not bad plus Bischoff and Devon worked good together as a team. I’m just not a fan of a Singles Champion wrestling for a Tag Team title especially with the current status of TNA’s tag team division.  TNA needs to bring in actual tag teams into TNA instead of putting to single wrestlers together.

TNA, please I’m begging you to kill this stupid “Claire\AJ Baby” drama. “Claire” is so bad of an actor that she makes Kelly Kelly look like an Academy Award winning actress.  The storyline is not getting better, it’s only getting worse. If Dixie Carter think this storyline makes great TV then she’s out of her damn mind. Please can’t one of the writers put a bullet into this storyline like Kristin shooting J.R. Ewing in Dallas?

Not to sound like a broken record but I’m not happy about this stupid romance angle between Madison Rayne and Earl Hebner. With Madison coming in the ring after Brooke’s match with Gail and kissing Hebner, TNA is leading me to believe that they are going to do a screw job at Hardcore Justice and Hebner is going to cost Brooke the Knockouts title. If TNA does go this route then they are getting a huge PIPE BOMB! dropped on their asses.

You’ve got to be kidding me TNA? Why do you keep shoving Joseph Park down our throats? The character is old, dry and just plain boring as listening to Eve Torres cut a promo. Just let Park go back to being the “Monster” Abyss which is a much better character in my opinion. This “Representing Talent” storyline isn’t going to work just like the Joseph Park\Bully Ray feud. I really hope that someone at TNA is reading this and ends this storyline quickly.

 High Impact

Wow, the Kurt Angle vs. AJ Style match was terrific and the best match of the night. I was saying “Holy Shit!” when Angle kicked out after AJ hit the Styles Clash. The same goes for when AJ was able to avoid the Angle Slam and roll out of the Angle Lock. This match kept you guessing who was going to win. This was one of the best Angle/Style matches that we have seen them wrestle. I look for Angle to be one of the final four in the finals of the Bound for Glory Series at No Surrender.

The James Storm vs. Bully Ray was interesting match as TNA hinted around as that “Aces of Eight” would interfere in the match. Fortunately “Aces of Eight” didn’t interfere and we got a very good match out of Storm and Bully Ray. I was surprised that Bully Ray got the win over Storm by hitting the Bully Cutter out of nowhere. This makes you wonder who will win the Tables match at Hardcore Justice as both Storm and Bully Ray are in the match.

Speaking of the Tables match, one of the other men in the match; Robbie E. cut a promo on how he’s going to win the tables match at Hardcore Justice. I had to laugh as Robbie E. bragging about having five points in the Bound for Glory Series. Hey Robbie, I wouldn’t be bragging if I was in last place in the Bound for Glory Series. Robbie egged on Jeff Hardy about the fact that Robbie beat him to earn his five points in the Bound for Glory Series. Robbie claims that he’s going to score the 20 points at Hardcore Justice and go on to win the Bound for Glory Series. When Hardy came to the ring to confront Robbie E. Hardy ended up being put through a table by Robbie T. Robbie T. could help Robbie E. win the tables match as there is no disqualification. We’ll just have to wait to see who will win the Tables match at Hardcore Justice.

The Bobby Roode\Austin Aries segment was the best segment of the entire night. Each man knows how to work the mic and their interaction with each other is just fantastic. I love the new stipulation for their match at Hardcore Justice where whoever loses the match will never get another title shot while other is the TNA Champion. This makes me want to see this match even more as their first match at Destination X was awesome.

Brooke Tessmacher again showed tonight why she deserves to be the TNA Knockouts Champion as Brooke took on Gail Kim. Brooke just keeps improving every week and her finishing move; the Tess-Shocker is great. It’s amazing that Brooke can wrestle with someone like Gail and keep up with her. I love it when Brooke hit the Asstastic on Gail for obvious reasons. As it stand right now, Brooke is my pick for Knockout of 2012.

Show Rating: 6 out of 10


Final Thoughts

Well, this was an average Impact Wrestling as it was not bad but it wasn’t great either. Two of the matches were just average and most of the promos were just ok. Even the “Aces of Eights” promos weren’t great as it was hard to understand what they were saying. Also I thought that TNA should have done more to hype Hardcore Justice which looks to be a great PPV on paper. It just blows my mind that TNA wasted the change to hype Hardcore Justice.  Hopefully, next week’s Impact Wrestling will be much better. Hey don’t forget to check the TNA Hardcore Justice podcast with predictions on the PPV from myself and John Mayer.

Star of the Night: Kurt Angle & AJ Styles


Bound for Glory Series Scoreboard

 “The Cowboy” James Storm: 66 Points

Samoa Joe: 53 Points

Kurt Angle: 48 Points

Mr. Anderson: 40 Points

Jeff Hardy: 35 Points

Rob Van Dam: 35 Points

Christopher Daniels: 33 Points

Bully Ray: 28 Points

Magnus: 21 Points

AJ Styles: 16 Points

D’Angelo Dinero: 7 Points

Robbie E.: 5 Points

Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly PIPE BOMB! And Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at

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