Jillian Pfeifer: Laying The Smackdown For 8/3/12

Welcome to another edition of Laying the Smackdown! This week we will see the naming of a new GM for Smackdown. We will also see the return of Randy Orton. In the main event we will see Orton take on Del Rio. In other matches, Sheamus will take on Tensai and Darren Young will take on R-Truth. Let’s get to the Top 5 of this week!

Match Results:

  1. Sheamus def. Tensai (non-title)
  2. Antonio Cesaro def. Santino Marella (non-title)
  3. The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, and Daniel Bryan def. Chris Jericho, Christian, and Kane
  4. Ryback def. Jinder Mahal via DQ
  5. Darren Young def. R-Truth
  6. Randy Orton def. Alberto Del Rio via DQ

Top 5 of This Week:


Vince McMahon came out and introduced Booker T as the new GM of Smackdown. When Booker T comes down the ramp, Michael Cole says that his “prayers have been answered”. He is interrupted by Del Rio blabbing about stupid stuff. Sheamus comes out and congratulates Booker. Booker T tells Del Rio he is facing Randy Orton in the main event. I am pretty happy for Booker T. I feel he can do a lot with Smackdown. I am excited to see where he takes this in the next few weeks.


Backstage, Eve comes in and tells Booker what an asset she was to John Laurinitis and that she would make a great addition to his “team”. Teddy Long comes in to congratulate Booker and Booker tells him that he did a great job on Smackdown, and offers him a position on his staff. Long accepts, and Eve storms off. I am curious to see how much capacity Long will be used on Smackdown. I am glad that Long is still going to be present on Smackdown.


Daniel Bryan was in a backstage segment with Matt Striker and Bryan says that he is going to say NO! a lot more often. Bryan says that YES! was his catchphrase and that he can say it, but not anyone else. He doesn’t want another psych evaluation by a quack doctor. He has really flown off the deep end since AJ left him at the altar and became the new Raw GM. Bryan has become very agitated and violent since then. I have a feeling that until Summerslam, AJ will make Bryan’s life hell. I am interested to see where this goes and how it will carry over to Smackdown.


After Titus O’Neil defeated Kofi Kingston on Monday, tonight we see Young defeating R-Truth. This may lead to a tag team match at Summerslam. I think that the gimmick, the PTP, along with A. W. is so stupid. I don’t understand it at all. A. W. annoys the hell out of me everytime he opens his mouth. We all know it is the former Abraham Washington from 2 years ago who along with Tony Atlas had that lame interview show. The PTP really need to refine their skills, they seem so stiff everytime they wrestle. I am not so interested in this angle so it doesn’t matter to me where they go with this.


After a two- month absence due to injury and suspension, Randy Orton was back on WWE TV on Monday and faced Heath Slater. He is back on Smackdown tonight and facing Alberto Del Rio in the main event. He defeated Del Rio by DQ after Ricardo Rodriguez gets in the ring and hits Orton. I will be curious to see how Orton will be used in the coming weeks, and if he will get a main-event push or stay in the mid-card.
This week’s Smackdown gets an 5 from me. It was okay, only highlighted by Orton’s return and the naming of Booker T as GM. We have 3 weeks till Summerslam, and I can’t wait to see how these feuds will build up. See everyone next week for another edition of Laying the Smackdown.


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