PIPE BOMB!: What The F@ck! Velvet Sky Gone From TNA?

PIPE BOMB!: What The F@ck! Velvet Sky Gone From TNA?

With Billy James

Most people who have read my work over the past few years know that I’m a huge Women’s Wrestling fan. Also for the past few years, I have been a big supporter of TNA as they have the better overall Women’s Division in the Knockouts. The Knockouts have been in main event matches including the famous “Street Fight” match between Gail Kim and Awesome Kong. Also there’s the “Steel Cage” match between Tara and Mickie James from December 2010 where Mickie came off the top of the cage with the Thesz Press. Well today, a big shock made its way around the internet as Velvet Sky, one of the original Knockouts is gone from TNA Wrestling, following a contract dispute.

When I heard this, my first thought was that TNA would be crazy to let gone one of their top Knockouts as Velvet has build herself a huge fan base. But after looking at several reliable web sites confirmed that Velvet was indeed gone TNA. Velvet looked like she was going to be pushed even more as she was in the recent Montgomery Gentry music video; “So Called Life”. On Impact Wrestling; when Velvet wrestles, Velvet gets one of the biggest pops of all of the Knockouts.

Velvet has been a part of the Knockouts division since its start in 2007 and is the only original Knockout who has never left TNA until now. Velvet with Angelina Love formed one of the famous Women’s group; The Beautiful People. But just a few weeks ago, it was announced that Angelina Love had been released from TNA. Now it’s looks like Velvet is now joining Angelina  However as I’m writing this PIPE BOMB!, there are conflicting reports as to whether Velvet is truly gone TNA. I went and checked TNA’s website and they put Velvet’s profile back up on the roster page but still yet to put her gallery up on the Knockouts Gallery page.

So being the investigative wrestling fan than I am, I did some more digging on the web. And this is what I found out according to ProWrestling.net.

“Bruce Prichard, who serves as Talent Relations for the organization, has reportedly asked numerous wrestlers to restructure their contracts. A company source says some talent who have time remaining on their deals are among those being asked to restructure, even if they’re due for raises. Many of those individuals believe they are being presented with “take it or leave it” type offers. Sky is not believed to be among those asked to restructure their contract, but rather, her contract is expiring. She has told colleagues that she is not happy with how the negotiations are going.”

The story behind these contract restructuring is that Bruce Prichard is restructuring contracts in order to save the company money. That may be a smart business play but TNA signed talent are apparently very unhappy about it which concerning that some of the talent especially Velvet Sky who has busted her asses off for TNA and deserve a raise. It’s a shame that it comes down to money but unfortunately that’s what is.

If Velvet is truly gone from TNA then TNA really F@CKED UP! Now for Velvet, I see her being able to draw bigger money on the independent circuit due to her name and there’s Ring of Honor and Shine Wrestling for her to work at. I don’t see the WWE as being a possibility because of Velvet’s look. What I mean by Velvet’s look is the tattoos as WWE isn’t too high on women with multiple tattoos. Yes, some of the current Divas have a few tattoos but they are covered up by their ring attire as their tattoos are in strategically hidden place. Velvet has some tattoos that can’t be easily cover up without Velvet having to wear a one piece bathing suit type of ring attire.

The bottom line is this, TNA is F@UCKING STUPID if they don’t pull their collective heads out of their asses and renew Velvet’s contract. Dixie Carter needs to grow a set of ball and give Velvet a decent raise in a new contract. I think that Velvet still has a lot to offer and can doing in the Knockouts division and could have some interesting feuds like with Mickie James for example. If TNA is reading this PIPE BOMB!; I respectively asked that TNA come to agreement to keep Velvet Sky in TNA.


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