Andrew B: Make Me A Superstar For 7/22/12

Welcome to Make Me a Superstar by Andrew B as we look at this week’s episode of Superstars. This week Jinder Mahal will battle Santino Marella. Plus Alex Riley will battle Cody Rhodes. Drew McIntyre will battle Sin Cara. Also the Usos are in tag team action. Let’s take a look at the good & bad of this week’s show.

The Bad

  1. Jinder Mahal vs. Santino Marella:

I do not like either person so I did not find the match enjoyable plus Mahal was in control for most of the match. The crowd was behind Santino but I could just not get in to it. I think it is a shame what Santino has done to the US Title after Ryder and Ziggler made it more prestigious. They were given about 7 minutes but I just could not get into Mahal’s offense. I would give the match about *.

  1. Derrick Bateman is a Heel for No Reason:

Last time we saw Derrick Bateman he was a face on NXT season 5 & even on this season of NXT he was a face defeating Johnny Curtis. So why would WWE team him up with Johnny Curtis who he does not like. There are other teams that the Usos could have faced like Hawkins & Reks. It makes no sense to team up Curtis and Bateman.


  1. Over 10 Minutes of Non Wrestling Matches:

This week Superstar was 55 minutes when the show is usually 45 minutes but it was because 10 minutes was used for promotions. Also we had to see Jerry Lawler’s favorite Raw Moment which was the same one we saw weeks ago on Raw. We had 2 raw rebounds with one about John Cena and CM Punk & the other about AJ and Daniel Bryan. Plus we saw the bar graph of the longest show with of course Raw as #1.Plus we had a commercial for 3 WWE DVDS and a promo for the Upcoming Summerslam. Those 10 minutes could have been a match right there featuring the Divas.


The Good

  1. Alex Riley vs. Cody Rhodes:

I am sure you all know as I say it every week that I am fan of Alex Riley but I am also a Cody Rhodes fan so the fact they had a match got me excited and it deliver. They were given 10 minutes and they did everything I was expecting. I knew Rhodes was going to win but there were times when it really looked like Riley could pull up an upset. I would give it **3/4 out of 5.

  1. Drew McIntyre Gives Sin Cara His Best Match:

WWE needs to rewatch this match before they keep sliding McIntyre down lower and lower. This was the match of the night and Sin Cara did not botch once. The only thing I did not like was the lights but it showed how much talent Drew has and why he should be back on TV as the “Chosen One.” They were also given 10 minutes and delivered I give it *** ½ out of 5.

  1. The Tag Team Match:

The tag match was good & got about 8 minutes. It was nice to hear Josh Matthews talk about the history between Bateman & Curtis. It was a good match and it showed that Curtis and Bateman had problems as they don’t team a lot. The result was the right choice as the Usos won.

Match Results:

Santino Marella defeated Jinder Mahal – * out of 5

Cody Rhodes defeated Alex Riley – ** ¾ out of 5

The Usos defeated Johnny Curtis & Derrick Bateman – ** ½ out of 5

Sin Cara defeated Drew McIntyre – *** ½ out of 5


Final Show Rating: 5.5 out of 10


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31 year old wrestling fan and writer
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